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FEATURE: Finishing Strong in the Race for Home

Ambitious local effort to help the chronically homeless finds some success

A 100 day effort dubbed the Eau Claire Sprint - began in April and ended July 31. The approach focused on identifying which homeless residents are most in need of housing, how to work more effectively with landlords ...

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The Rear End

Take Your Seats

What does high school really teach us?

Everyone reading this loved high school, right? High school was one long pizza party, correct? None of you were awkward or stressed out or plagued by a string of social embarrassments broken up by occasional cannon blasts ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Sept. 4, 2019

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Rosalie Mattair

“The reason I create art is to tell a story through visual images. It may be a complete story with a beginning, middle, and end – or simply an image that conveys a certain mood and hints at a story that could possibly exist under its surface ..."

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Opening Shots

Let the Cats Out of the Bag

Whale House prepares to release debut album

A decade-long musical brotherhood is ready to take the next step in its musical journey by offering up its largest collection of songs to date. Whale House is the local musical ...

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Young Writers: Submit Your Words!

The Chippewa Valley Book Festival – always an autumn highlight chock full of awesome events for readers and writers alike – is happening this year Oct. 21-27 at venues all over the Valley. One of the fest’s many ...

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award-winner Minnesota novelist among highlights of upcoming literary fest

Among the highlights of the annual Chippewa Valley Book Festival is hearing from regional writers whose talents have attracted national attention. This year, public radio reporter-turned-novelist ...

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Short Stuff

Eau Claire natives host original short film program

An awkward, thoughtful second date. A look at love at first sight. An escape. An obsession. A robbery. An imagined night out with friends … On Sept. 5 and 6, four filmmakers from ...

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Growing a Community

Chippewa Chamber launches workforce attraction website

Three months after launching a landing page that boasts the many benefits of living in Chippewa Falls, the Chippewa Falls Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its digital marketing ...

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Local Look

Taking Steps Toward Safety

community effort identifies safe ways for kids to walk to school

Like they have for generations, children are returning to school in the Chippewa Valley this fall with new sneakers, smiling faces, and backpacks stuffed with spiral notebooks, No. 2 pencils, ...

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Food / Drink

Petting Pups & Pounding Pints

Fur-kin Fest to raise money for humane society

What is a “Fur-kin,” you may very well ask? Well, “fur kin” are our furry companions such as dogs and cats, but a “firkin” is a small keg where cask ale is fermented. At the Fur-kin Fest in Menomonie ...

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Witness the Fitness

third annual expo will promote fit lifestyles

The small yet mighty powerhouse behind the Sept. 21 FITNESS EXPO Eau Claire is Kim Larsen, a native of central Wisconsin. Working out has always been a part of Kim’s lifestyle, ...

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Packing for the Playoffs?

prediction puts Green Bay in post-season after two-year drought

One of the usual presumptions in the annual Athletic Aesthetic Chippewa Valley Sports Media Football Poll is a playoff appearance for the Green Bay Packers....

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Snap Judgement

Eau Claire’s Kyle Stelter helps elite long snappers — from high school to the NFL — master the game

The long snapper may be the most underrated position in football. An errant snap to the side can throw off a field goal attempt or a punt, giving the opposing team a sudden advantage. Essentially, the long snapper is a quarterback who throws backwards ...

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Other Stuff

Planting a Community

a bird’s eye view of a local community garden & the people that make it grow

Gardening in a porch pot can be satisfying and yield an acceptable harvest, but there’s nothing like sinking your hands into the earth itself, sowing seeds, and watching green things ...

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What’s the Buzz?

local beekeepers keep bees in business

According to Don Hauser, the president of the Chippewa Valley Beekeepers Association, the Chippewa Valley is a “sweet spot” for beekeepers, since folks ...

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Stitching for the Stars

Menomonie tailor gives celebrity service to locals, stars alike

Erin Hogan-Braker was calm as could be, snacking on a slice of chocolate chip banana bread and sipping coffee at Acoustic Cafe in Menomonie. Her phone, on the other hand, was ...

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The Power of the Scrunchie

UW-Eau Claire student brings scrunchies back in business

Popular hairdos of the 1980s can sometimes seem a little cringey in retrospect. From long mullets and poofy perms to frizzy crimped locks and hairspray up the wazoo, it can be tough ...

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Fashion Focus

fashion-forward individuals talk about their unique style

What are you wearing? I am wearing a black romper probably from Kohl’s as well as my fun little shoes. My black boots are from Kohl’s. My earrings, these are super old. I got from a little boutique ...

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One for All and All for One

Downtown Menomonie hosts community cookout

Food has the power to bring people together. When it comes to the the Great Community Cookout in Menomonie, this couldn’t be more true. The cookout, now in its 14th year, will be 4-8pm on Thursday, Sept. 12, behind the Visitors Center in Menomonie ...

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Walking Hopefully

Sharing Hope Walk raises funds for suicide prevention

Looking for an awesome cause with a local focus? Get involved with this year’s second annual Sharing Hope Walk to Prevent Suicide. The National Alliance on Mental Illness-Chippewa Valley ...

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