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Teaching Kindness

At the Northwest Reading Clinic, Ruth Harris has brought 50 years of life-changing gifts to the Chippewa Valley.

Kindness is essential. But what is it that marks the difference between a good teacher and one who serves for 50 years, helping more than 5,000 students overcome personal, emotional, and physical difficulties to improve their literacy and lives?

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Opening Letters

Wheel of Misfortune

tripping her way into the puzzle of retirement

Thirteen below zero, with wind chills lower still, as I scrape scraps from the hearty casserole we’ve just eaten into the disposal. The recipe claims it’s just what we need to keep the cold outside ...

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The Rear End

Chain of Reasoning

Why do we take things that don’t belong to us?

Back in third or maybe fourth grade, I had a chain. It was about 30 feet long. Small links, maybe one inch each. I went outside and played with it when I got bored ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 23, 2019

learn more about this issue's cover art from Andrew Ritchie

“With this piece I wanted to visit the post-apocalyptic literature and art of the 70s & 80s, but put an updated spin on it by changing out the typical characters.”

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Jan. 23, 2019

EMBERS TO REMEMBER. A bonfire on a frigid day was well-received at the 133rd Silver Mine Invitational ski competition, held Friday and Saturday, January 18 and 19, just outside of Eau Claire. The Silver Mine complex celebrated its 50th anniversary of hosting the event, as locals enjoyed the ski jumpers, food, drink, and more.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Unique Uniformity

the NBA’s foray into creative jersey design inspires ideas for prep hoop teams

If you have caught part of a Bucks or Timberwolves game over the past year-plus – or even just some highlights – you may have come away a bit confused. Home teams wearing colored uniforms and road teams in white ...

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Opening Davey J’s Garage

Spontaneity commonly sparks quirky haircuts, weekend getaways, and – in the case of UW-Eau Claire English Professor David Jones – a creative space for original, independent music. After his lease ...

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EllieMay Kay Benefit Gig

Nashville country artist EllieMay Kay is coming back to her roots for a Chippewa Valley Habitat for Humanity benefit concert. Known for her true country style with a mix of 70s classic rock instruments ...

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Spoken Word Showcase Starting Up

A new showcase for those whose talents fall into the category of spoken word is starting soon, and it’s destined for great things. Presented by Clear Water Comedy and hosted at The Plus, Loud Secrets Open Mic will begin on Feb. 4 ...

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Visual Art

Rallying for the Valley

more than 100 Chippewa Valley residents will bend lawmakers’ ears on Jan. 30

More than 100 Chippewa Valley residents will caravan to the state Capitol on Jan. 30 as part of the 25th annual Chippewa Valley Rally, a unique gathering that offers an opportunity to speak directly ...

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Local Look

Affordable Housing Slated for Cannery District

plan would create as many as 121 apartments

One component to addressing the Chippewa Valley’s identified shortage of affordable housing may come in the form of a new apartment building in the Cannery District on Eau Claire’s near west side ...

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Still Tangled After All These Years

Back in 2009, Jamie Kyser and Erin Klaus opened a downtown art collective called Tangled Up in Hue, a communal space where members of the Valley’s burgeoning artistic scene – from potters to painters ...

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Food / Drink

The Art of Slow Cooking

Karl’s Bar-B-Q Express gives catering success a Chippewa Falls home

Karl Hartkemeyer isn’t just a barbecue chef; he’s a barbecue artist. While attending school for engineering, he became a restaurant cook to pay for his schooling. Hartkemeyer honed his culinary skills ...

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Other Stuff

Big Day Reflections

Chippewa Valley locals offer insight in planning a great wedding

Without experience in the wedding planning process, it can be overwhelming to muddle through choices from colors to cake flavors.Some details are set in stone from the beginning, but when deciding ...

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Divine Consignment

bridal consignment shop expands local offerings

August marked the opening of a new bridal consignment shop in Eau Claire. Off the Rack Bridal Consignment & One of a Kind Boutique, 1813 Brackett Ave., offers a range of gently-used wedding ...

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Love Grows Like a Garden

photos by Leslie Duffy Photography

An emotional first look in a picturesque setting made Chris and Alex Jaenke's wedding one of the most treasured days of their lives. The couple tied the knot at the Florian Gardens in Eau Claire ...

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