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The Rear End

The Horror

without VHS tapes and HBO, my childhood would have been a lot less traumatic

For a moment, allow yourself to consider the noble VHS tape – the bygone ruler of home entertainment. The black plastic exterior of this rectangular icon has housed a collective eon of visual delight ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Oct. 31, 2018

learn more about this week's cover art from Matthew Bergs

“Did you know that moose are called ‘elk’ in Europe and Asia? It’s true. The scientific name for moose is ‘alces alces,’ which is simply Latin for ‘moose.’ The word moose itself is borrowed from Algonquian languages ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Oct. 31, 2018

REALLY NEW ON THE SCENE. After forming to learn songs over two days of workshops at the Girls Rock Band Experience, two bands took to the stage at The Metro to perform at Sawdust City Limits No. 5. The high school rock band above – Histrionic Creature – plans to make more songs, and they’ve already got a Facebook page ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

There Are Reasons to Hold Onto Brewer Fever

despite loss to Dodgers, the Brew Crew’s unexpected success could extend into 2019

The feeling of a World Series win in this region of the country has become something of a foreign concept. Twenty-seven years have passed since the Brewers or Twins made the Fall Classic; 36 years have come ...

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Spreading Kristmas Cheer for All to Hear

Pull out your woolen sweaters and Santa hats, because the Kristmas Kookies are coming to town! Feed your frostbitten ears some Christmas cheer as five retired educators come together to provide four-part harmony originals, featuring your favorite holiday traditions ...

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Five Years of Gatsby

UW-Eau Claire Gatsby’s Gala takes guests to the ’20s

Gatsby’s Gala is returning to UW-Eau Claire to provide folks with an authentic 1920s party experience, courtesy of Eau Claire Jazz Inc. The fifth annual gala promises a musical and visual experience ...

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Visual Art

Gallery Get-Together

CF gallery hosts grand re-opening after renovation

The Valley Art Gallery at 304 Bridge St. in Chippewa Falls will host a grand re-opening event Saturday, Nov. 3 from 10am-5pm to show off a newly renovated gallery space. The Valley Art Association co-op features ...

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A Familiar Feeling

Jaywalking screening features local director, actors, settings

We all get a little rush out of seeing something familiar on the television screen. Be it a glimpse of a friend on local news, or a film scene set in a location we’ve been to, it gives us a sense of “knowing,” and ...

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Grab a Drink, Catch a Film

Pablo Center introduces film screenings with specialty cocktails

The brand-new Pablo Center at the Confluence is launching a movie and cocktail series that is sure to be a hit! Films are lined up through spring of next year, boasting titles that are all over the board in genre and era ...

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Local Look

A Place to Remember

county funding expected for planned Eau Claire Veterans Park

An effort to create a park, trail, and plaza dedicated to veterans is likely to get a big boost this month when the Eau Claire County Board votes on its annual budget. Mark Beckfield, a member of the County Board ...

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Let’s Get It Started!

Startup Wisconsin Week comes to Eau Claire with entrepreneurial activities

When he moved to Eau Claire about a year ago, Nick O’Brien noticed a great deal of entrepreneurial activity going on. Yet to the rest of Wisconsin, he realized, Eau Claire seemed to be on its own little ...

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Prevea’s Big Plans

healthcare group plans new office in Altoona’s River Prairie

Prevea Health and City of Altoona leaders announced two new developments in the city’s new River Prairie development on Oct. 26 ...

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Food / Drink

Red Coal BBQ Burns Hot at New Location

Eau Claire barbecue spot moves to Mall Drive

Red Coal BBQ is praised around the community for dishing up hot (and dangerously addictive) Midwest-inspired meats. Now, they’ll tempt even more customers at their new location. On Oct. 12 ...

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Other Stuff

To Post or Not to Post

local parents share their approach to baby social media

Kristen Bell, actress of Veronica Mars and The Good Place fame, has two children and one social media policy: no pictures of the kids online until they’re old enough to choose. The Midwest-born momma chose to refrain from sharing information about her children to protect them from paparazzi ...

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Caring Pregnancy Community

She got ready to leave the house without the diaper bags, strollers, and bottles – for once. She said goodbye to her three-year-old and nine-month-old twins. She was feeling a little queasy and was looking forward ...

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A Hippity Hoppy Time

canine training facility hosts monthly bunny socials

A fantastic newly hopped up event has started taking place in Eau Claire at the EmBark Canine Training Center. But before wagging your tails and anticipating that car ride, dog lovers, let me tell you ...

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Dogged Determination

Eau Claire draws national competitors with Dock Dog competitions

Every year, Scheels in Eau Claire becomes host to “Dog Town.” This tiny town features numerous canine amenities, from battery-powered fans, aluminum shade netting and EZ-up tents to crate pads and co ...

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An Opportunity for Every Animal

Eau Claire County Humane Association welcomes new executive director

The Eau Claire County Humane Association (ECCHA) shook paws with its new executive director, Shelley Janke, in June. Janke served for seven years as the executive director of Memorial Medical Hospital in Neillsville. Notably, this position was fur-free; however, that’s not to say ...

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Global Market Feeds Souls

pre-holiday sale features fair trade goods

Ask anyone who’s just returned from an international trip about their favorite memories, and most likely the conversation will turn to food. Organizers of the third annual Eau Claire Global Market ...

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