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Heroics on (And Off) the Tundra

can legendary Lambeau Field compete with the “best night” of teens’ lives?

On a recent visit to Green Bay, we do what is required of us: pay our respects to the hallowed ground of Lambeau Field. I am accompanied by my 6-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter, neither of whom ...

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The Rear End

List Connections

putting the stress in summertime fun

Each summer, my kids make a list of all the Super Summertime Fun Stuff they’d like to do after school lets out. I’m sure you’ve seen, heard of, or perhaps made a list like this at some point in your life ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | May 30, 2018

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Michael Iver Jacobsen

“My illustrations tend to focus on figures and their environments. This particular illustration shows the connection of the (very fancy) cyclist and nature. It was also an excuse to draw ..."

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Athletic Aesthetic

Two for the Ages

in their own ways, Billy Noss and Glenn St. Arnault shaped Eau Claire baseball for decades

One month, two baseball legends, both no longer of this planet. Two of the most-present fixtures in the baseball section of Carson Park were Billy Noss and Glenn St. Arnault, both in their late 70s ...

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The Young and the Restless

high school rockers The Third Ward unleash their debut

The Third Ward’s drummer Anthony Allen had only been a part of the band for a week or two when on a whim, the local metal band submitted a video of themselves to a statewide garage band contest ...

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Policeman With a Pen

law-enforcement career inspires crime novelist

Neal Griffin, an Eau Claire native, entered the crime-writing world three years ago with his debut novel, Benefit of the Doubt. His new release, By His Own Hand, set in the Eau Claire-inspired city ...

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Visual Art

To the Valley and Beyond

Oxbow mural program hopes to inspire artistic diversity

The vast blank canvas on the side of the Eau Claire Printing Co. building on the corner of Galloway and Farwell streets in downtown Eau Claire gleams with whitewash today, but on June 3 ...

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Local Look

All Systems Go for Air Show

Blue Angels, rare B-29 among highlights

In terms of air traffic, EAU is no MSP, let alone JFK or LAX. But for one summer weekend every few years, the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport (that’s EAU to those of you who are familiar with three-letter airport codes) ...

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All Gussied up for Viral Laughs

Gus Johnson’s videos have garnered over a billion views

Breaking stuff can be fun. Absolutely destroying a kitchen table and getting shards of wood all over the living room, on the other hand, is a great time. That’s what YouTuber Gus Johnson thought about his ...

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Food / Drink

Keys to Success

piano bar cocktail joint offers music and Mules

Tucked away in a discreet location on Golf Road is the Ivory Piano Bar, a new place to spend the evening with just the right atmosphere. With a much different feel than existing bars, you will be greeted with a warm ...

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Sweet Treats in the Shade

There’s a whole lot less competition for your favorite step or leaning spot at Ramone’s Ice Cream Parlor now that the owners have installed a new patio and pergola out back. This new ...

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A Chef to Watch

The Informalist, adjacent to the Lismore Hotel in downtown Eau Claire, recently announced A new executive chef, Joseph “Joey” Sieg. Originally from Osseo, Sieg has 16 years of experience ...

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The Most Important Meal

free breakfast for nearly 3,000 hungry Chippewa Vallians

The Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce welcomes community members to the 22nd annual Breakfast in the Valley. Multitudes of delicious breakfast foods, including eggs served on four-foot griddles crafted by students of the Chippewa Valley Technical College, will be prepared ...

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Timeless Northwoods Memories

for those who’ve been there, ‘Up North’ is as much a place as a state of mind

“I grew up swimming in the lakes of northwestern Wisconsin, in the lakes up around my family’s little cabin near a town called Webster. We’d drive up north on a Friday evening, unpack the car, and after enough begging/pleading/crying, my dad would take us down to the beach at Devil’s Lake ..."

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Raised by the Northwoods

the path between childhood and adulthood passes through the family cabin

Last September, as the sunset washed over me on a weathered dock whose cracks and folds I know like those on the bottom of my heels, I considered the notion that the Northwoods helped raise me ...

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5 Cabins for Your Escape to the Lake

cool family cabins in Northern Wisconsin

For adults, vacations to the lake promise relaxation – a chance to leave work behind, let the kids run free, and get back to who you are without all the hustle and bustle. For kids, it means ...

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