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The Rear End
Cover Art

On the Cover | May 2, 2018

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Joe Maurer

“Manoonmin is the Ojibwe name for wild rice. Looking at Lake Menomin as an impoundment for sediment and phosphorus and looking at the ‘Wetlands Bill’ which does not value these landscapes, I decided it would be worthy, or at least therapeutic, to imagine an alternate future ..."

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Prep Sports Were Snow Fun This Spring

extended winter conditions wreak havoc with high school schedules

You probably know the common saying about the western Wisconsin climate: We have nine months of winter, and three months of bad sledding. Sure, in most years this seems like hyperbole, but 2018 ...

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Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready for the Hullabaloo!

Chippewa Valley Family & Prevea offer music series

For three Saturday mornings this summer – during the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market and the Artist Market of Eau Claire – Chippewa Valley Family will host FREE live music on the Phoenix Park labyrinth ...

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Regis Ready to Play

teacher spearheads community theater group

Regis Catholic Schools is launching a new organization, the Regis Community Theatre, this year. The theater will put on three shows with religious themes annually at the auditorium at Regis High School ...

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‘What Would You Get on the Bus For?’

author records personal stories of Civil Rights-era Freedom Riders

Throughout the summer of 1961, groups of volunteers – black and white, young and old, men and women – boarded busses. They were doing the unthinkable: testing a pair of U.S. Supreme Court rulings ...

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Doors of Diversity

professor’s book chronicles how community centers help immigrant families

More than half of U.S. school children are now people of color, many from immigrant and refugee families. These students have a variety of issues to deal with as they traverse from school to family life ...

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Life and Death Reflections

Eau Claire undertaker’s daughter pens memoir

It’s dawn. The sun is rising over the Eastside Hill, touching the towers of Sacred Heart Church. Shades of orange, red, and coral erupt against the dark gray-blue sky. Moving slowly over where the two rivers ...

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Fanfare for Forgotten Veterans

Chippewa Falls poet’s two volumes focus on PTSD, Vietnam experience

Consider, for a moment (and may that moment stretch like your shadow in the day’s decline), humanity’s affinity for armed conflict. Consider, too, its reluctance to attend to the fragmented aftermath beyond hollow slogans ...

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Visual Art

Pablo Center Seeks Artists for First Exhibit

Years of planning, millions of dollars, and countless hours of labor have raised a gleaming palace on the banks where the Chippewa and Eau Claire rivers meet. Now, it’s time for artists to breathe life into the Pablo Center at the Confluence ...

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Artisan Forge Hosts Spring Art Market

The work of dozens of artisans – including 25 in-house artists and 10 outside collaborators – will be on display at the Springtime Uptown Artisan Market from 9am-6pm Saturday, May 5, at Artisan Forge Studios, 1106 Mondovi Road. Artisan Forge Studios is a unique community ...

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It’s a Big World out There

UWEC professor creates award-winning short film

Jyl Kelley ignores dimensions and transforms still photos into a sensory experience. The UW-Eau Claire professor leans on technology and nature in her creative process. As an intermedia artist, Kelley plays with these distinctions ...

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Strength in Numbers

local women launch fundraising collective

100 Women Who Care, a national giving organization with hundreds of chapters, will launch an Eau Claire Chapter on May 8 ...

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Red Letter Gets Better

grant program for women-owned businesses has big plans

Nearly a year after the first Red Letter Grants were awarded to Chippewa Valley women to aid in starting their businesses, the program is stepping up its game again. In the past month, the program ...

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Local Look
Food / Drink
Kid Culture

It Keeps You Running

EC Marathon turns 10 with no plans of slowing down

This year marks the 10th anniversary of one of Eau Claire’s most exciting events: the Eau Claire Marathon. On Sunday, May 6, entire streets will be shut down and taken over by a flash mob of over 4,700 ...

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Taking a Drink in Stride

World Beer Races combine running, brew-fest

The 2018 World Beer Races are here to put some extra hops in your stride. The timed races will kick off Saturday, May 19, in Altoona. Runners have the option of completing a 5K or 10K and will receive ...

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Other Stuff

Everyone Loves a Parade

annual Parade of Homes offers diverse price ranges, options for potential home-buyers

you can’t buy it, then you’ll have to build it. That seems to be the lesson the red-hot local housing market is giving to potential homebuyers, who are frequently finding their would-be new dwellings snatched ...

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Natural Vibes

don’t go chasin’ waterfalls – bring one to your own backyard

This stunning backyard waterfall completed by Green Oasis is a full outdoor living space. The flagstone patio is bordered with natural landscaping to fit in with the surrounding environment ...

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Bye-Bye, Bluegrass!

three low-maintenance alternatives to the traditional lawn

Mowing got you down? Or are you looking to add a little diversity to your yard? There are a number of plants that make for excellent alternatives to your traditional grass lawn. You might have to sacrifice ...

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Ash Borer 101

The Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive species of beetle that infests and kills ash trees, was discovered in Eau Claire County in December of 2017. It’s been a slow crawl across the United States from Michigan ...

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The Place for Waste

here’s your guide to spring clean up disposal

The snow is finally gone, but we haven’t found our lovely lawns under all the leaves, thatch, and brush just yet. It’s time to break out the rake and get the yard into tip-top shape for hosting barbeques ...

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