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Think Libraries Are Passé? Think Again

despite claims to the contrary, libraries are still vital to our communities

If your image of public libraries is like that new Jennifer Garner “What’s in your wallet?” commercial – the one where the librarian is shushed by disgruntled library patrons trying to read – then you probably ...

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The Rear End
Cover Art
Opening Shots

Opening Shot | March 21, 2018

IT’S GETTING A LITTLE S. CAREY OUT HERE. Eau Claire’s S. Carey (of Bon Iver) released his third full-length album – Hundred Acres – this month, which included a special backstage show at The State Theatre in Eau Claire on March 16.

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Blast From the Past

museum fundraiser will twist you back to the ’60s

Get a ticket for a night in the past to benefit the Chippewa Valley Museum. On Saturday, April 7, the museum will be holding a ’60s Dance Revival at the Florian Gardens Conference Center in Eau Claire ...

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Are U-Ghana Come to the Show?

annual benefit at Memorial showcases student bands

High school band means more than trumpets, trombones, and football halftime shows. It also means talented teens exercising their musical chops with guitars, amps, and drums in basements and ...

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Music Quick Hits | Mar. 21, 2018

It was only last fall when we heard the most recent output from Chippewa Valley duo DeKam & Johnson who make acoustic upbeat pop songs in the area. Their string of EPs caught on nicely, and now they’re back ...

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Give It up for Funny Women

catch a hilarious touring show that “keeps comedy female”

Lady Laughs Comedy presents “I <3 Funny Women,” a show touring all over the Midwest that brings together some of the best comedians in the region to make you bust out some huge laughs in the face of a male-dominated ...

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Visual Art

Wrapped up in the Process

Gorski takes home Best In Show at ArtsWest 39

Shopping carts and rag rugs didn’t mean much to Paula Gorski as a young girl. It wasn’t until years later when she was alone in her studio that she realized just how much the seemingly inconsequential ...

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Local Lit

Of Mice and Men

We’d made it most the summer without the air, but at last we break. It’s August, and rather than another night spent sweating in sheets, I reach toward the register, flick the switch from “Off” to “Cool” and wait for the welcome hum of the air conditioner ...

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Local Look


A slew of candidates are competing for seats on the Eau Claire City Council. Here’s who they are and what they think.

Autumn elections – the ones we use to pick presidents and governors – tend to get a ton of attention, sometimes at the expense of lower-profile spring elections. But these races are critical, too, and on Tuesday, April 3 ...

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Food / Drink

From Stories to Sammies

Erbert and Gerbert’s – launched in Eau Claire – celebrates 30 years of success and sandwiches

A trip out of town doesn’t mean you can’t eat local! With more than 100 locations in 16 states, Erbert and Gerbert’s is a good bet for a taste of the Valley when you’re far from home ...

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Other Stuff

25 Must-Haves for the Amateur Adult

band-aids, batteries, and other stuff you’ll kick yourself for forgetting

When you move into your first place, or even your second place, you’re in for 99 trips to the store. After that 99th trip, you’ll pop a DiGiorno into the oven, drag your Craigslist mattress into the coziest corner ...

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10 Maintenance Musts

keep your clunker chugging with this car-care advice

I’m the last person you’d want to text in the middle of the night to help when your car has broken down. Mechanical, I’m not. Know, though, that your car might not have broken down had you taken the energy ...

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The Wisco Four-Way

pondering the conundrum of polite Midwesterners at stop signs

My daughter’s boyfriend was telling me a story the other day. In the middle, he used the phrase “A Wisconsin Four-Way.” I think from my furrowed brow he sensed I’d jumped to the wrong conclusion and quickly ...

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