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A Man in the Woods Critiques a Man of the Woods

Justin Timberlake’s new brand of woodsy aesthetic feels a little shallow

On Feb. 2, Justin Timberlake drops Man of the Woods, his fifth studio album. In a one-minute promotional video for Man of the Woods that has the aesthetic of a Woolrich catalogue combined ...

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The Rear End

Blinking at the Dashboard

it’s cold outside and that makes all the difference

I sit here blinking at the dashboard because I can’t believe my engine started. It’s something to smile about. On a Friday morning while the sky is dark and the temperature is 16 degrees below zero and ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 10, 2018

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Angie Linneman

"This piece was taken at the Devil’s Punch Bowl near Menomonie. I love all the detail in the photo and the variations in light and color. What I find most fascinating is how the photo captured the delicate make-up and the separateness ..."

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Opening Shots

Music Quick Hits | Jan. 2018

A rare treat from the northwoods of Minnesota is coming to Eau Claire for a one-night-only concert with some of the richest folk music ever to tingle your heartstrings. Classically trained violinist ...

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High Time for a Ragtime Revival

jaunty genre warms up winter for a good cause

The final chord from the final Eau Claire Ragtime Festival may have reverberated four years ago, but affection for this uniquely American musical genre remains strong in the Chippewa Valley. At its center is Eau Claire’s own ...

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Off-Kilter Genius of Rory Scovel

comedian’s gleefully absurd act comes to Eau Claire

One of my favorite late-night standup appearances was seven years ago on Conan. Yeah, I still remember it. To introduce it, Conan flatly tells the camera that the show made a mistake and they accidentally ...

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Visual Art

'We Can Do This, Right?'

EC natives band together to create ambitious web series

Ben Beckley (Kreibich), a schizophrenic, and her friend Alex Aldin (Alex Raney), a recovering pill addict, are sharing a moment both fresh out of treatment and therapy. The unlikely duo bond over their shared ...

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Local Lit

New Year's Kiss

I have a clock in my kitchen stopped / a few minutes short of midnight. Even though / it’s broken beyond hope, I keep it there by the sink / to remind me—not of the ever-impending end ...

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Local Look

Winning Formula

low-profile networking firm grows, buys former college

In a region sometimes dubbed “Wisconsin’s Silicon Valley,” WIN has been inconspicuous for most of its nearly 20-year history. Tucked away inside Banbury Place, the networking and IT services ...

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Event Will Celebrate King Day

Several Eau Claire organizations have come together to host a commemoration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, Jan. 15. The ceremony will take place at 6pm at St. James the Greater ...

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Food / Drink

Murder and a Meal

Fun, murder, and food? Sign me up! (Especially because nobody actually gets murdered.) Deb’s Café in Chippewa Falls is hosting a 1960s-themed murder mystery dinner party on Jan. 13. This dinner ...

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Kid Culture

Teaching Folks to Fish

get all the anglers’ tricks while you fish for free

A Free Fishing Weekend event hosted by the Chippewa Family YMCA, Chippewa Rod and Gun Club, and the DNR will take place Jan. 20, from 1-3 pm on the Glen Loch Lake Reservoir directly below ...

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Indoors or Out, Just Keep Moving

how to keep your family active when winter weather drives you indoors

School, homework, holidays, shorter daylight hours, and an ever-increasing pile of essential cold-weather gear become a nearly insurmountable obstacle in the way of staying active during ...

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In the New Year, Focus on the Moving Chains

when working on improving your health, small steps can ADVANCE you toward ultimate goal

The New Year is here! Were you one of the millions of people who set some new goal or resolution to work on in 2018? If so, to help you reach it, I think you should watch some football. I’m serious! ...

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Going Yoga? How to Find A Teacher

Hot? Cold? Fast? Slow? The Valley offers a vast array of yoga options

Having grown up around here in the 1980s and ’90s, I think I can safely say that the alternative health boom of the ’90s was only distantly echoed in the Valley. Practitioners of yoga, for instance ...

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3 Summery Games With a Wintery Spin

It’s easy to find oneself battling cabin fever after solstice, when the days grow longer but somehow also colder. But frigid air is not a prison sentence, nor should it be seen that way. A good pair of wool socks and a ...

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