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Looking Backward & Forward

It’s the time of year when many of us often pause to look both backward and forward as we contemplate the year behind us and lay plans for the one ahead. It’s in this final issue of the year that the gang here ...

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Opening Letters

Function Over Fashion

the onset of winter allows Wisconsinites to forego stylishness in favor of staying warm

One of the very best things about winter is winter clothes. Winter allows one to liberate one’s inner fashion outlaw. Cold weather eliminates or overrules the dictates of style all in the name of keeping warm ...

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The Rear End

When Push Comes to Shovel

this winter, I bid adieu to my favorite inanimate friend

I never gave it a name. And the name of a thing is so very important. It was just always there, hanging in the garage, year after year, patiently waiting in reverse hibernation for winter to come. It came alive in cold weather. It lived for the snow ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Dec. 27, 2017

learn more about Volume One's cover art from KaoLee Vang

"I often find myself complicating everything I make and find myself always going back to the basics and creating something that’s influenced by nature ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Dec. 27, 2017

SNOWBODY GETS IN OUR WAY. The 14th Annual WinterDaze Parade paraded through historic downtown Menomonie on the night of December 14, culminating in a winter fireworks show over Lake Menomin.

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The Signs are Clear, But the Response Isn't

Panhandlers prompt a range of emotions in passersby, but how should we really react?

The sign said, “Homeless: Need $168 for a bus ticket to family in Fargo.” The holder of the sign looked sad and frozen to the bone. I drove past and then turned into the Aldi’s parking lot next to where he was standing ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Cheering For the Enemy

the inside story of how a Packer backer ended up rah-rahing for the Vikings

lly in life, we don’t face a dichotomy of personal preference and career choice. For most of us, it is a matter of what is fun versus what gets us a paycheck. Imagine a different example: you support the Packers, but you have an opportunity ...

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Songs Unspoken

Xavly’s first album Exit mixes personal struggles with electronic tones

One day in 2015 a friendship ended. The next day, Austin Steinke found himself writing about it in the Books a Million parking lot. This day was just the beginning of Steinke’s music project, Xavly, and his first album ...

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Elemental Evolution

UWEC a cappella group adds first female singer, drops album of ’80s classics

Entering their 20th year, UW-Eau Claire’s very own a capella group, Fifth Element, has embraced change. With the debut of their most recent album, Neon, and the addition of the group’s first female singer ...

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Visual Art

Fame in Vain

UW-Stout faculty produce award-winning short film

Vanitá, a film directed by former UW-Stout professor Kevin Pontuti and starring former Menomonie resident Alexandra Loreth, won two awards at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival on ...

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Local Look

Nature School Considered for Little Red

Could more project-based learning opportunities be coming to the Chippewa Valley? That’s the hope of a group of Eau Claire parents who have banded together to propose transforming the former Little Red Elementary School ...

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Food / Drink

Grandma’s Coffee Pot

a story of family, loss, and how we grow up without even realizing it

love coffee, so it’s easy for me to forget that I used to abhor the stuff. I started drinking it in my early 20s, as a way to cope with being a night owl in an early bird’s world. I had previously worked ...

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Chippewa Roasters Keep it Fresh

Have you heard of coffee? Did you drink some this morning? Probably. Do not worry. You and I are among hundreds of millions of people globally who do. We are talking about one of the most consumed beverages ever.

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Other Stuff

Tag Team For the Table

top chefs pair up to support The Community Table

Tis the season of giving, and throughout Eau Claire, not all residents have food to spare. To spread a little joy to families in need, The Community Table is teaming up with local chefs for a fundraising event ...

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Party With the Fam

New Year’s celebrations offer fun for the whole gang

For one day out of the year, people around the world throw parties with confetti, champagne, and screenings of the ball dropping in Times Square to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. However, for those who have procreated ...

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