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The Rear End

Dark Fields

when we used to shine a beam into the night

We used to see 40 of them, sometimes more, out in the fields under the deep, starless sky. My shoulder aching, my fingers freezing, I leaned out the truck window and held the spotlight as high as I could. Every year ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Nov. 15, 2017

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Leah Fargo

“My paintings are a manner of exploring ideas and interpreting them through a language which is unique to the process of painting. Most recently I have become interested in abstraction and discovering ways in which paint application alone can function as an idea ..."

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Opening Shots

A Synthy New Aero Flynn Single

It’s been two years since we last heard recordings from Aero Flynn, the Minneapolis-based band made up Eau Clairians Josh Scott, Ben Lester, Dave Power, and more. After the release of 2015’s self-titled record ...

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Feminine Melodies

Menomonie Singers to feature compositions by women

“Woman up” with powerful pieces by female composers presented by the Menomonie Singers on Nov. 19 at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Menomonie. Enjoy the music ...

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Orphan's Final Curtain

ECCT to perform Annie for last time at State Theatre

The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre is bringing the family classic Annie to the State Theatre for the last time on that historic stage. “It’s a feel-good musical with a positive message and has all the elements ...

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Facing Down Monsters

Eau Claire native explores his own experiences in fictionalized murder tale

Monsters in the Hallway, released Oct. 27, is based on events from author Jim Kosmo’s childhood in Eau Claire in the 1950s and ’60s. The predominant storylines of his book open windows into his life ...

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short fiction from Barstow & Grand

Lucy had just fallen asleep when her ears picked up the unmistakable din of her husband and Rick caterwauling up the drive. Despite the late hour, the two belted out the Willie and Waylon tune, "I Can Get Off on You," her husband singing Waylon's baritone, and Rick taking Willie's tenor ...

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Visual Art
Local Lit

Tonight at Dad's

My seven siblings and I meet at our parent’s house to prep a photo board for Mom’s funeral tomorrow ...

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Furnishing Fixture

Economy Furniture opens new location in its 75th year in business

Economy Furniture has been giving Chippewa Valley residents the opportunity to shop with their senses for 67 years from their current Chippewa Falls location and 75 years in total. Buster Pregent opened it under the name Pregent’s Furniture on Spring Street in Chippewa Falls in 1942.

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Quintessential Shopping

Foreign 5 is one-of-a-kind special occasion store

Foreign 5 has an array of women’s clothing and a seasonal gifts section. With racks featuring everything from carefully matched, earth-tone ensembles to blingy Green Bay gear, the fashion-forward will feel right at home. The gift department offers puzzles, magnets, and plenty of wall hangings with inspirational quotes.

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A Light Touch

Bed, Bath, & Drapery puts a spotlight on making your home beautiful

For Larry Kleist, the goal has always been to offer something you can’t find anywhere else in Eau Claire. Sure, you can find blinds, curtains, and other such items around town, but at Bed, Bath & Drapery, Kleist endeavors to carry high-quality products no one else is selling.

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Clarity of Purpose

Williams Diamond Center takes a personal approach to customers’ jewelry needs

Since its inception, Williams Diamond Center has specialized in fine jewelry, catering to customers who want cutting-edge trends as well as classics. In recent years, the store has added a focus on custom jewelry, thanks to in-house designer Teva Dekel, who works with customers to create personalized treasures.

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Brand New Brand Book

Menomonie marketing guru wants to grab your attention in 8 seconds or less

"You don’t have time to blow it." The first sentence in international branding expert David Brier’s newly published hard copy and e-book, Brand Intervention: 33 Steps to Transform the Brand You Have into the Brand You Need, is prophetic.

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