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FEATURE: Getting to Know Eau Claire One Sketch at a Time

after living all over the world, Nishant Jain uses a sketchpad to familiarize himself with the people and places in his new home

Nishant Jain could’ve been a mechanical engineer or a neuroscientist, but his true passion lies in his artwork. He’s been all over the world: Born, raised, and educated in India, he moved to Europe and got his master’s degree in the Netherlands ...

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Editor's Notes

Barstow & Grand Comes at the Write Time

As I write this in my office at Volume One, the literary event of the year is taking place inside the gallery in The Local Store below me. It’s the Chippewa Valley Book Festival, and on this night it features the release event for Barstow & Grand, a new literary journal whose first peer-reviewed ...

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Opening Letters

Surviving Another Tick Season

walking in the woods while (mostly) avoiding the creepiest of creepy-crawlies

A few weeks ago, I got out of the shower and jumped a mile in the air when I felt a tick crawling on my ankle. Turned out, the tick was a just drop of water ...

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The Rear End

Booked on a Feeling

an ode to local libraries and the people who love them

It smelled weird, I can tell you that. Today the Internet has labeled this particular odor “old book smell,” and book lovers love it. But when I was young, it was just weird. ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Nov. 1, 2017

learn more about Volume One's cover art from April Moriah

“I was born and raised here in downtown, Eau Claire. Every time I go somewhere I have a rush of memories connected to my location, as most Eau Clairians do. Over the years, my work has always been primarily unorganized and spontaneous, but when I ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Nov. 1, 2017

HEY, CAN WE GET A BIGGER SAXOPHONE OVER HERE? Sax gods with amazing horns were just part of the show when the Violent Femmes came to the State Theatre on Wednesday, October 25 ...

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My Father, My Hero

veteran’s gallantry at a distant time in a distant war still resonates with his son

As we plan our Veteran’s Day ceremony at Menomonie Middle School, I am almost giddy having just confirmed with my father, David Dolan – former Marine and Vietnam veteran ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Get a Ticket for the Greek Show

The Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo is poised for NBA superstardom. Will Wisconsin sports fans notice?

It’s pronounced “AHN-TEH-to-KOONM-poh.” Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you now know how to explain the topic of this column to your friend/significant other/child. The topic at hand ...

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Loud Whispers

The Jaggernauts are back with a fierce new record

They lure you in with short and sweet, grungy alt rock songs. Lyrics reflecting experiences at bars and concerts. Local favorite The Jaggernauts are here to party! It’s been a few years since their last album ...

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River Prairie Event Center Hosts First Ever Concert

The Chippewa Valley is proud of our local music talents, and Altoona City Administrator Mike Golat couldn’t agree more. “Part of the greater Prairie vision, music has always been an integral part,” he said. The River Prairie Center is hosting its very own and very first concert, River Prairie Revelry ...

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Visual Art

Video Game Nostalgia Leads to Father-Son Business

Some people want their two front teeth for Christmas. Stuart Sandler of Eau Claire wanted a Pitfall! shadowbox. “I’m a child of the ’80s. I grew up during the height of Atari and Nintendo (the first NES), and I loved the game Pitfall,” he reminisced. “I wanted to be like David Crane, the guy who programmed the game.”

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Red's Dresses to Impress

carefully selected, American-made threads at Red’s Mercantile

Red’s Mercantile, a locally owned boutique in Eau Claire that offers a variety high-quality, American-made household items, is expanding its offering to women’s clothing and footwear ...

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Flair for Your Hair

Chip’s makes local hair products for men

Do you need help taming your hair? Well, you’re in luck – there’s a local line of men’s hair products coming out called Chip’s High Maintenance, and it’s sure to do just the trick. Chip’s High Maintenance is ...

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Cold One and a Cut

The Dapper Man makes looking sharp a leisurely affair

I sat down in the barber chair after what felt like a long day at work, and heard, “would you like a beer?” Heck yea! Martha Benitez is bringing a new grooming sensation to the Chippewa Valley ...

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Local Look

City Council Vote Grabs National Headlines

Council rule impacting nursing moms, kids stirs controversy

After months of positive press coverage concerning Eau Claire’s economic and cultural growth, we find ourselves in the beam of national attention once again – but for something far more divisive. Through The Associated Press, hundreds of outlets, including the New York Times and Washington Post ...

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Creating the Future

initiative will set goals for growth of Valley’s creative economy

The rise in prominence of music and other creative arts in the Chippewa Valley is yesterday’s news. So what does the future hold for the creative economy in the Eau Claire area?

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Paragon Awards Seek Best in the Biz

Do you know of a local business that’s risen to the top of the class – one that’s a model for others because of its growth, innovation, and job-creation prowess? If so, you’ve got a potential Paragon Award winner on your hands ...

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Food / Drink

Catering to Your Needs

when a party gets big, it’s time to call a professional

So you decided to throw a holiday party – a BIG one. This year, you’re inviting all your friends/relatives/customers/clients/random strangers to eat/drink/be merry in the celebration of the holiday of your choice ...

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Nacho Average Chip and Dip

Together Farms and Chip Magnet pair up for cheesy gig

What’s better than Taco Tuesday? Nacho Friday! Join local companies Together Farms and Chip Magnet for a nacho-filled event, Nacho Night Six Ways Cooking Demo. Release yourself from your Netflix ...

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Other Stuff

Valley Honors Veterans

Volunteer, gather, and BBQ to thank veterans for service

The Chippewa Valley is gearing up to honor former service members with several Veteran’s Day events the weekend of Nov. 11. Begin at Minnesota Wire as they host their 10th annual ...

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Fashion Focus

we scoured a few local hotspots for the most fashion-forward individuals we could find to talk about their unique style

We scoured a few local hotspots for the most fashion-forward individuals we could find to talk about their unique style.

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