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Fearful Thinking

a small collection of scary thoughts

I used to imagine people picking up the brooms my mother left behind at every house in which we had ever lived, maybe wondering why they were there, leaning up against a counter or standing silent in the closet ...

He Was Wrong, but That's All Right

Brewers, Twins exceed expectations of subpar performance in recently ended season

When you make predictions, you ideally want your prediction to be proven correct; this is a point of personal pride, perhaps an indicator of clairvoyance or a badge of expertise ...


Many nights it held us aloft. / We knew each other’s weight as surely / as we knew each other’s lightness ...

A Taste of Literature

Kitchens of the Great Midwest author headed to book fest

J. Ryan Stradal has a true knack for the literary arts. His first novel, Kitchens of the Great Midwest, earned a spot on the New York Times Bestseller list in 2015. This novel is filled with foodie culture ...

Four New Fast Food Spots on the Menu for Eau Claire

Eau Claire is about to get a fry of a lot better, with the expected opening of four new fast food chains in the next couple weeks! From hamburgers to coffee and from donuts to sandwiches ...

Whys Radio 96.3 Throws Extra Kinky Tribute Show

Clear your calendar this November 3rd, because things are about to get Kinda Kinky. You may be familiar with one of the most influential British Rock Bands, The Kinks, who’ve sold millions of records ...

Growing From the Ground Up

female-led Dunn County farmsteads produce unique products

In the more remote environs of the Chippewa Valley, out of earshot of recording studios and far off the beaten bike trails, another kind of renaissance is growing. A loosely knit community of gritty entrepreneurs, dedicated to producing retail products ...

New Southside Hotel Will Be Totally Suite

A hotel scheduled to open on Eau Claire’s far south side next year will be composed entirely of suites aimed at longer-stay travelers. The Candlewood Suites Hotel will be built on Bullis Farm Road, not far from the Holiday Inn Eau Claire. Candlewood Suites is being developed ...

Opening Shot | Oct. 18, 2017

OVER THE RAINBOW. The unveiling of the River Lights at Phoenix Park took place on Thursday evening, Oct. 12. The lights are scheduled to be lit every night from sunset until 11pm and to turn back on at 5am until sunrise for an early-morning display ...

On the Cover | Oct. 18, 2017

learn more about Volume One's cover art from Mark Lone

“The art is a handcrafted response to chronic pain, and the feelings one goes through while experiencing such pain for prolonged times. A true nod to invisible disease ..."

Fresh Ideas, New Businesses Prove We've Got Something Going Here

It’s been a strong year for new business ideas in downtown Eau Claire, and it looks like 2018 could shape up nicely as well as momentum continues to build. One metric to watch is the annual Jump-Start Downtown Business Competition. Each year Downtown Eau Claire Incorporated (DECI) ...

Downtown Frights: Have a spooky stay at The Haunted Hotel

The amazing Ski Sprites waterski organization is gearing up to scare locals at its annual haunted house fundraiser. This year’s theme is The Haunted Hotel, and there are plenty of exciting new features.

5 Fearful Wisconsin Creatures that Will Keep You Up at Night

Paranormal investigator Chad Lewis details the eerie beings that stalk our state.

With Halloween fast approaching, many believe that the veil between worlds gets thinner and thinner, allowing us to see a glimpse of the other side. Of course that also means the other side can grab a look at us, too! Here are a few of my favorite Wisconsin monsters to watch out for this Halloween season.

Meet Dunn County’s Restless Spirits

Minnesota paranormal group to present findings from Menomonie ghost hunt

‘Tis the season for fun – and a little fright. You’ll get both – as well as a healthy dose of history – during the Halloween-themed Ghosts of Dunn County event Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Rassbach Heritage Museum in Menomonie.

The Star Wars Guy

Episodes from the life of a lifelong fan who embraced his inner Vader

Episode I - After school one day, a colleague came into my classroom with a question: “You’re the Star Wars Guy, right?”

Getting Ready to Get Active

to get fit, treat exercise more like play and less like a chore

People in our world are becoming more and more sedentary. No matter what age we are, we seem to be spending more time in front of televisions and computers. We rarely walk or ride a bike to get around, and ...

Living a Life of Purpose

finding meaning in what you do is essential at every age and stage

As we grow up and move through the stages of life, that purpose changes and at times, may get lost.

4 Steps to Start Downsizing

how to find what’s truly valuable and important in your life - and how to get rid of the rest

Unless we are already minimalists, all of us at one time or another will be faced with cleaning out a home and deciding what to do with all the stuff in it. Whether you are taking early retirement or you are a caregiver for ...

Leaving a Living Legacy

tips on sharing stories and skills gathered over the course of a lifetime

As we age, it is normal to become reflective. As humans, we have a need to know that our lives made an impact on those who will come after us. We want to know that we will be remembered, and that our legacy will live on.

Sharing Pearls of Wisdom

mark your calendar for UW-Eau Claire’s annual Senior Americans Day, where next year’s focus is on fun

Smartphones. Zumba. Social media. None are topics that one might immediately associate with senior citizens – or, to be more specific, with the stereotype of seniors as knitting grandmas and whittling ...

Letting Their Lights Shine

choir for Chippewa Valley seniors dealing with dementia lifts spirits, makes memories

The heads of the performers, gray and not-so-gray, bob in anticipation above their music-filled spiral notebooks as they prepare to sing. This selection for the Stand in the Light Choir is an arrangement ...

The Making of a Maze

Chippewa Valley farmers invite locals to lose themselves

You are winding your way through the maze, considering your options, bracing yourself for what’s around the bend. Your world has become very small and uncertain. Its contents are the mottled brown ...

Oh, the Horror (Show)

ECCT encourages participation at Rocky Horror show

When I say “Rocky,” you say “Horror!” Don your best fishnets, squeeze into some gold booty shorts, and break out those binding bustiers to embrace your inner “Sweet Transvestite.” The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre is producing a campy classic, The Rocky Horror Show, which opens Oct. 19 ...

Coloring Perceptions

exhibit, events explore science and art of color

It’s a well-worn cliché that artists and scientists have different ways of viewing the world. Ask an artist about color, for example, and the response might be practical (the challenges of mixing pigments) or profound (the feelings produced in a viewer ...

When 'Local' News Is Owned From Afar

an only slightly biased view of the local media landscape as ownership gets more corporatized

Ideally, local news outlets are genuinely local – that is to say they’re independently owned outfits closely tied to the community from top to bottom. They develop local management perspectives, make decisions locally, and maintain the strongest ratio of revenue kept in the markets they cover ...