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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Sweatier

making peace with exercise on the other side of 40

Wherever you go in Eau Claire these lovely autumn days, you see them: exercisers. It seems to be sort of an Eau Claire thing, along with music festivals, awesome cheese, and brew pubs ...

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The Rear End

Store Is Hell

lessons learned from grocery adventures

It has come to my attention that many of my most vivid childhood memories happened in a grocery store. Grocery stores just seem to hold a special significance in my life. Is that weird?

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Oct. 4, 2017

learn more about V1's cover art from Grace Fechner

“This piece is from a series of seven I made while at an artist residency in Stodvarfjordur, Iceland. The series explores humans as social animals. Child-like materials and techniques ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Oct. 4, 2017

THE NETS ARE COMING. Construction on the $10 million Menard Family YMCA Tennis Center in Eau Claire is well underway at the corner of Menomonie Street and Carson Park Drive ...

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Finding That Someone

Sarah Lou Richards releases fourth studio album

UW-Eau Claire graduate Sarah Lou Richards is releasing not her first, not her second, not even her third, but her fourth album of spellbinding folk pop tunes. Now based in Nashville ...

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Can't Keep a Good Song Down

releasing She Do Voodoo’s unpublished album

Sometimes we get lucky: we find a $20 bill in a jeans pocket, the doctor tells us test results came back negative, or we are allowed a second chance to make good on a youthful dream ...

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Stanton Stands Tall

Stout grad continues to leave mark in Nashville

As a young man Johnny Stanton hoped to make a living someday playing music. Stanton cut his musical teeth in middle school garage bands in Eau Claire with classmate Justin Vernon ...

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Master Singers Celebrate Silver

2017-18 season marks 25th anniversary of the renowned local choral group

Many musical happenings take place in our lovely Eau Claire, however this year marks the Silver Anniversary of the Master Singers. Happy 25 years guys! Director and Conductor Gary Schwartzhoff ...

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River Reads

Chippewa Valley Book Festival features fiction, food, and fun

Hey there bookworms! The 18th Annual Chippewa Valley Book Festival is almost here. Starting Monday, Oct. 16, and running through Thursday Oct. 26, the festival will feature 30 authors ...

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Reading to a Baby Adds Up

sharing 1,000 books before kindergarten encourages future literacy

Your baby may not be old enough for their own library card, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy books. Everyone is welcome at your local public library ...

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Visual Art

A Force of Artists

Artisan Forge Studios goes all in on ambitious art event

When you drive down Clairemont Avenue in Eau Claire, you pass universities, hospitals, restaurants, chain stores, banks, hotels, and a plethora of businesses tucked in front of an expanse ...

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The World Is a Gallery

artist has grand plans for local pop-up art galleries

Kelsey Wenberg, instructor and fiber/macramé artist in residence at Blue Boxer Arts, is bringing a whole new way to experience art to Eau Claire through ArtFly, which offers pop-up art shows right ...

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Cool Air, Fresh Art

let annual fall art tour ease you into autumn

For some, autumn’s arrival comes by way of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. For others, it’s the day they can comfortably pull of that fabulous pair of riding boots. While I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love ...

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Tiny Moments

tips on capturing newborns from a top local baby photographer

If you think nervous brides and grooms are finicky photo subjects, have you ever tried photographing a temperamental baby?

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Local Look

Harley Rose: The Dog on a Hog

motorcycle loving pooch rides to Sturgis, stars in YouTube vids

Dogs. There’s a reason why we call them man’s best friend. Dogs provide unconditional love and companionship. Sometimes they even enter your life and change you for the better ...

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Lending a Hand to Help a Paw

Many organizations throughout the community donate food and money to feed people in need of a helping hand. What many donors don’t realize is that these people frequently have pets ...

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How Tiny Chips Save Lives

microchipping is quick, easy, and invaluable if fido runs away

At the Eau Claire County Humane Association, we microchip and register every single cat and dog that gets adopted. We also scan every single stray cat and dog that comes in with a microchip scanner ...

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Picking Your New Pet

dog trainer offers advice on selecting pet, breeder

Selecting a pet for your family is a major life decision. And as with any major life decision, it warrants some planning, family discussion, and thoughtfulness. Here’s a quick guide to get you on your way ...

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Back to the Future

The Metro could be a new hope for concert-goers and the local music scene

Before it was The Boys & Girls Club of the Greater Chippewa Valley, the building at 210 E. Lake St. was well known for bringing in a variety of talented musicians. Benny Haas, the new owner of this spot ...

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New Name, Same Games

Eau Claire Games and Arcade rebrands itself because of similarly named restaurant

What happens when two local businesses within two blocks of each other have essentially the same name? Well, definitely confusion … but eventually, a positive solution. ...

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Hope Fades for Pagoda

fundraising plans to restore landmark end, museum intends to salvage only top of structure

A fundraising effort to restore the architectural icon that once topped Woo’s Pagoda restaurant in Eau Claire has fallen short, likely signaling the end of ...

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Food / Drink

Shanghai: The Return

owner of local favorite Shanghai Bistro wants to reopen

According to Shanghai Bistro owner Henry Chan, “When Shanghai opened in 2004 sushi was not mainstream. Sushi was very new and exotic in Eau Claire. As Eau Claire’s first sushi bar, we talked ...

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Rolling out a Pétanque Scene

French game now has permanent home in Eau Claire’s Wilson Park

If Anne-Marie Bittner, a French national, plays her pétanque balls right, she stands to bring awareness of and participation in this fun French game ...

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There's No Escaping History

Schlegelmilch House becomes spooky Halloween puzzle

Think back to the early 2000s: You have questionable highlights and you’re on your Dell computer, viciously pounding on the arrow keys on your keyboard. There’s a timer in the upper right-hand corner ...

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Other Stuff

Choosing Home Birth

some women discover that delivering at home is an empowering option

Parenthood is full of decisions that must be made. Today, parents have several choices as to where they will deliver their babies, and what skilled care providers ...

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Fertility 101

what to expect when you’re not expecting … yet

It’s time to have a baby and birth control gets left behind. Months go by and nothing has happened. One period after another and no pregnancy or even a positive pregnancy test. It’s a scenario ...

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Beer the Walking Dead

drag yourself out on the town for EC’s Zombie Crawl

Don’t get too ahead of yourself. It isn’t quite the Christmas season, but it is time to haul out fake spider webs, drink gallons of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and watch those classic 1980s slasher movies ...

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A Healing Journey

issues, approaches, and timing to post-partum rehab

There is a growing awareness in the U.S. for childbearing women to seek help in adjusting to their post-baby body. This is not to be confused with the celebrity magazine headlines of “How I Got My Body Back” The goal is not to return ...

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