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An Old Story and a New Story

we can’t pretend the Chippewa Valley is free of bigotry and racism, but we can decide to be on the right side of history

In 1999, when my wife and I moved to Eau Claire, we arrived knowing almost nothing about the city we now call home. We joked about the inordinate number of large fiberglass animals seemingly lurking around every corner ...

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The Rear End

Sod Goals

just one more reason autumn makes me happy

I spent seven summers working for a local landscape and excavation company. They start you out laying sod. My first day on the job, I walked up to my boss – standing there in his work boots ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Sept. 6, 2017

learn more about V1's cover art from Jean Arneson

“Irvine Park Revisited – The Duck Pond” is one of a series of seven oil paintings of Irvine Park in Jean’s hometown of Chippewa Falls. (Northwestern Bank – owner.) The Chippewa Valley provides the perfect canvas for her original oil paintings ...

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Sept. 6, 2017

QUALITY TIME AT THE CONFLUENCE. There’s so much talk about the future of the land around the Confluence of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Rivers one might forget how beautiful it is in the present.

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Artful Noises

Chamber Noise builds oscilloscopes & startlingly good psych-rock tunes

For a band with only a few shows under its belt, a handful of psych-rock tunes, and a bunch of old TVs, the new Eau Claire trio Chamber Noise is laying the foundation for what could be an immensely cool project for years to come ...

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Thrice as Nice

Sawdust City Limits is back with a powerful local lineup

Serving up a genre-bending eight-act sampler platter of local music, the third-ever Sawdust City Limits concert will bring the scene together yet again for one night only at The Plus on Sept. 16 at 7pm. Jon Olstadt of rock band Drunk Drivers is the mind behind the madness – and one of the performers ...

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Music Quick Hits | Sept. 2017

A super exciting show was announced last week featuring Hiss Golden Messenger, the project of North Carolina-based songwriter and Bon Iver collaborator MC Taylor. The show’s happening at The Lismore Hotel in downtown Eau Claire on Friday, Oct. 27, in support of HGM’s forthcoming ...

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In It Together

couple’s book of devotionals aimed at stronger marriages

When you meet Matt and Suzie Kendziera, you can instantly sense that they share a genuinely unique connection. After 19 years of marriage, the Eau Claire pair are still as excited to share their lives together ...

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Writing History

veteran journalist Buckli will be honored for career covering ski jumping

For decades, Ron Buckli has been writing sports stories for the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. A former football coach and longtime runner, Buckli has kept us informed about prep football and foot races ...

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Dining on Wobegon

have dinner with Prairie Home Companion writer Holly Harden

At Forage this month, A Prairie Home Companion writer and cookbook author Holly Harden will join guests for a special dinner to benefit the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild. “Suppertime in Lake Wobegon” will feature ...

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Visual Art

What's the Buzz?

Govin’s latest corn maze is un-bee-lievable

With so much focus on summer and winter in Wisconsin, it’s easy to forget about autumn until it’s almost upon us. But after summer’s final days pass by, we can expect to see crisp, vibrantly-colored leaves falling peacefully ...

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Choosing Inspiration

Fechner taps outsider art, UWEC education in show

‘Angels don’t descend from the heavens and whisper ideas into my ears,” explains artist Grace Fechner. For a writer struggling to explain Fechner’s work on paper – everything filling my mind seems too simple ...

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Local Look

Public TV Wants Input on Eau Claire Episode

Wisconsin Public Television wants to explore the history of Eau Claire, and it’s looking for local input about what stories it should tell. As part of its series Wisconsin Hometown Stories, WPT will produce an episode about Eau Claire ...

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Diversity Discussion Effort Seeks Participants

UW-Eau Claire has partnered with several community groups to work toward a more racially and ethnically diverse and inclusive environment in the Chippewa Valley by creating Circles of Change, a project that connects residents from a wide range of backgrounds for in-depth discussions ...

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Paws for a Cause

dress up your doggo and walk for the Humane Association

Do you ever wish there were more events and activities you could bring your four-legged friends along to? Or, you don’t have a dog, but really love them and just want to be surrounded by a bunch of tail wagging ...

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Food / Drink

Pull up a Seat & Let's Eat

Around the Farm Table returns for fifth season on WPT

We’ve watched Inga Witscher interview a wide variety of farmers and small-scale food production experts across Wisconsin – and create amazing dishes from their ingredients – for the past four seasons of Around the Farm Table on Wisconsin Public Television ...

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If You Plan It, You Can Can It

find trustworthy sources to prepare for food preservation season

When it comes to flavor and taste, few things compare to home-canned produce fresh from the garden. The home canning and preserving season is now upon us, so it’s time to get your gear and recipes ready ...

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Apple Season

birds, bees, and neighbor kids are all after the fruit of the fall

The Cortland apples are turning red. Some will be wormy since I raise them without pesticides. My treatment is an empty gallon milk or water bottle with a small hole cut out near the top. I mix cider vinegar, brown sugar, water ...

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First Taste Culinary Crawl

the exclusive and tasty kick-off party for Restaurant Week

You’ve never been to a party quite like this. And you’ve never seen Banbury Place set up like this, either. Centered around Forage, the food-focused event space inside Banbury Place building 13, The First Taste Culinary Crawl ...

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Dining on Wobegon

have dinner with Prairie Home Companion writer Holly Harden

At Forage this month, A Prairie Home Companion writer and cookbook author Holly Harden will join guests for a special dinner to benefit the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild. “Suppertime in Lake Wobegon” will feature ...

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Pop the Cork!

Arc fundraiser features art, beverages, and music

Want to enjoy local art and locally-made beverages? The Third Annual Corks, Canvas, & Brews fundraising event for the Arc of Dunn County will be Tuesday, Sept. 12, from 5-7pm at Lucette Brewing Company, in Menomonie ...

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Could They Go All the Way?

Packers, Badgers poised for big successes … if they can play defense

One could make the case that the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers are on the cusp of historic football seasons. With a roster full of receiving talent and a future Hall Of Famer to throw the ball to said talent ...

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Forward Passed: How Dorais Field Got Its Name

more than a century ago, Gus Dorais – a future Notre Dame star and NFL coach – got his first taste of football stardom in Chippewa Falls

Over the last four decades thousands of football players have played at Dorais Field in Chippewa Falls. So, who exactly was Gus Dorais? In short, he was one of the most important figures of football in the first half of the 1900s ...

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