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'Round Here Summer Means Music

The great Wisconsin summer is upon us, and in the Chippewa Valley that comes with a healthy dose of music. For decades now music has been a big tradition here in the summer, but this last decade has seen an explosion ...

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Opening Letters

Chronic Senioritis

planning Senior Skip Day gives high school students a taste of ‘real world’ complexity

For proof of how local young people have grown during their years in the Eau Claire Area School District, we only need to look at one piece of evidence: the planning of the annual Senior Skip Day ...

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The Rear End

Shrub Me the Wrong Way

What can one do when confronted with offensive hedgery?

When my wife and I moved into our little house on Eau Claire’s Eastside Hill, the place came with a few things in need of fixing up. The windows needed new paint. The attic needed extra insulation ...

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Cover Art
Opening Shots

Opening Shot | May 31, 2017

A GREAT SPOT TO TAKE IN THE RIVER. Along with many areas around the Chippewa Valley, Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire saw considerable flooding in mid-May as the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers swelled.

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5 Huge Local Festivals Bring the Heat With Musical Greats

Bluegrass, for being a somewhat niche genre, has a passionate, open, and fun-loving audience all over the globe. So it’s no surprise that the Blue Ox Music Festival, now in its third year, is quickly gaining fiery support in the area and reverberating across the country as one of the best ...

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2 Can't Miss Big Local Shows

Earlier this month, it was announced that The House of Rock, the long-running rock club staple of the Eau Claire music scene, will be shutting its doors for good. The venerable Water Street venue has long been home to Decadent Cabaret ...

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Short 'N Sweet

Pat Keen’s new collection packs a ton of punch in about 20 minutes

Pat Keen was looking to shoot some press photos to accompany his brand new debut LP, Albatross. The cover of his 2015 record Leaving showed him emerging from a hot tub with an uncomfortable grimace on his face. He wanted to keep the “wet” theme consistent ...

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Mother's Day Music

Bo Weber pens album Wendy for his late mother

This Mother’s Day, Minneapolis musician Bo Weber will skip out on the flowers and chocolate to give his mom something a little more personal – a self-produced album written in her memory ...

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Artistic Evolution

Eaux Claires Troix’s art program is focused on interaction

In the last two iterations of the Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival, the bands were good. OK, they were great. But what truly made the whole shebang unique and magical was the artists ...

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All Along the River

a journey down the Chippewa in time, space, and memory

For more than 40 years, the current of the Chippewa River has pulled at Richard Cornell’s mind – and at his heart. He first felt the tug on a February day in 1976 ...

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Visual Art

Elegantly Simple

key concepts connect work of Milwaukee painter, Eau Claire photographer

As I pored over paintings of quiet farms, I was taken back to my grandparents’ country home. Of the many memories nestled away in my heart, this is one that I’ll remember vividly for years to come ...

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Local Lit

Song for Discharming

Before this, I would not do or say what impulse / rushes in to say or do / what instinct burns within / I had learned to temper in my clever sick / while stars unlocked at dawn, anonymous as the speed of light / my gray mornings began as nothing, freed of geography / and stripped of any source or consequence ...

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Local Look

The Real McCoy

retiring chamber chief reflects on how EC has changed – and how it hasn’t

Just as the economic climate in cities such as Eau Claire has evolved over the past few decades, so have the ways in which civic leaders attempt to recruit and retain businesses ...

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Get in Gear for Bike Week 2017

pedal-powered events include baseball, brewery rides

Biking is more than a mode of transportation. It’s a way to explore and connect with the community, and also take things a little easier on the environment ...

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RDA Outlining Block 7 Vision

The Eau Claire Redevelopment Authority is developing its own vision for one of the last vacant pieces of property in the North Barstow Street neighborhood. At its May 17 meeting, the RDA voted to hire SDS Architects ...

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Big Beard Bash

Bunyan Camp rolls out the barrel for facial hair soiree

Calling all beer lovers and beard lovers! Grab your beer mugs and ’stache wax to attend the first-ever Northwoods Beer’d Fest hosted by the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum in Carson Park on June 23 ...

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Cinder City Heats Up

Altoona kicks off summer with annual festival

The one and only Cinder City Days, one of the first of the area summer festivals, runs June 8-11 in Altoona’s Cinder City Park. The festival, put on annually by the Altoona Lions Club, has been a draw for locals for more than four decades, offering a little something for everyone ...

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Food / Drink

Sweet Inspiration

Ramone’s Ice Cream Parlor opens in downtown Eau Claire

A cold, rainy, Wisconsin afternoon doesn’t sound like the ideal conditions for opening an ice cream shop. But on Saturday, May 20, despite her best efforts, not even Mother Nature could dampen the opening ...

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Did Someone Call the Hambulance?

food trailer brings an out-of-body BBQ experience

The Valley’s newest mobile food business is hitting the streets and promises to be finger-licking good. With his passion for barbecue and serving people, Ryan Jean-Baptiste teamed up with his wife ...

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