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A Passion - Not a Hobby

president of Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club talks the future of Midwest car collectors

A car might be just a car to some people, something to get them to work, to home, and to places in-between, but to the president of the Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club, Alex Martinez, cars ...

Chasing Tail Lights

when I was in fifth grade, my brother’s muscle car was the coolest ride in town

At age 17, circa 1981, my brother Don set his sights on a Midnight Blue 1964 Chevelle SS Malibu.

Shark Attack!

an Eau Claire man’s dream car is now one of the show circuit’s hottest hot rods

Like its aquatic namesake, the Shark is impressive to read about. And, like its namesake, it’s even more impressive when you’re face to fin with it ...

Grand Little Bridge

some things you may not think about when crossing the river

A patchy, crumbling concrete strip stretches from one side of the Chippewa River to the other. You can walk out on it, scuffling over loose pebbles as you go ...

Be the Most Fun Triathlete

why can’t all triathlons be like Float Fly Pie?

A fantastic evening of fun awaits teams and families alike at the 2nd annual Float Fly Pie Triathlon and Beacon House Fundraiser on April 23 at Action City. The Beacon House (also called Family Promise of the Chippewa Valley) ...

"An Evil Gal Who Wants to Rule the World..."

Mystery Science Theater 3000 star slings jokes and stories

“Pursued by a woman whose name is Pearl / an evil gal who wants to rule the world…” Fans of the television cult favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 will know the above song lyric reference to Pearl Forrester ...

Transatlantic Brew

for big anniversary, Leinie’s goes back to its German roots

The new Leinenkugel’s 150th Anniversary Lager has been described as a “marriage” made in beer heaven. Chippewa Valley beer connoisseurs can taste this specially crafted beer at a local launch open to the public on Friday, April 7, from 5 to 8pm at the Leinie Lodge in Chippewa Falls ...

The Hunt Is On

if you look hard enough, you can find some amazing wild mushrooms with these helpful tips from the experts

April showers bring May … mushrooms? It’s true. As the weather warms and the snow melts, hundreds of fungi are preparing to break through the forest floor. For Tavis Lynch, a Wisconsin-based mycologist ...

What's Your Alibi?

The Alibi Lounge, formerly Shots Bar, has big ideas and cold drinks

Get ready Eau Claire – there’s a new bar open in town and it’s got big plans, The Alibi Lounge, formerly known as Shots Bar, hopes to be the place the community goes for good company and great drinks ...

Bullfrog Up for Grabs

quirky local fish farm’s “soul proprietor” considers retirement and looks for a new owner to take the reins

Bullfrog “Eat My Fish” Farm, a local and well-loved fish farm/family fun destination, is looking for a new owner to take over the business and breathe new life into it ...

Amorous Broadway Comedy to Premiere at The Venue

istory evolves into modernity in Venus in Fur, a contemporary theatrical interpretation of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s eponymous 1870 novel. The book revolves around Sacher-Masoch’s fetishist ...

Awkward & Uncovered

Found Footage Festival returns for two special shows

The Found Footage Festival – two UW-Eau Claire grads Nick Preuher and Joe Pickett – scour the country’s thrift stores and flea markets for obscure, gut-busting, sometimes troubling ...

Good Book Gone Wild

Eau Claire native paints Old Testament with psychedelic flair

‘I’m bridging the gap between ancient times and the modern era. Creating something that also reflects how society has changed since it has been written ...

Music Quick Hits | April 2017

Just a short hike away from the Chippewa Valley is one of the coolest music festivals in the state, the Mid West Music Fest, happening in La Crosse on April 14 and 15, then across the river two weeks later in Winona, Minn. ...

Korea in Eau Claire

Kgam Studio hopes to create art across cultures and help us dance together

The dance community in the Chippewa Valley is always growing, and its newest resource comes in the form of Kgam Studio, a Korean cross-cultural dance studio, which opened ...

Opening Shot | April 5, 2017

HIGH IMPACT SILLINESS. The Volume One April Fool’s Day Pillow Fight returned in a fantastic five minutes of feathery on April 1 in the courtyard of The Oxbow Hotel in downtown Eau Claire. Pictured: The winner of the adult costume award, pillow fighting like a hunk of burnin’ love.

On the Cover | April 5, 2017

learn more about V1's cover art from Holli Jacobson

“While a canvas and brush are tools in my repertoire, I often find myself transforming found pieces of paper or printed materials for my drawings and paintings ..."

Note from the Editor | April 5, 2016

Last weekend, after a five-year hiatus, Volume One brought back our April Fools’ Day Pillow Fight, this time in the courtyard of the new Oxbow Hotel in Eau Claire. It was a gorgeous, sunny, 60-degree day ...

Pedaling Compassion

EC native biking from coast to coast to raise funds for Syrian kids

Matthew Boelter doesn’t consider himself to be an avid biker. He took an overnight bike tour trip one weekend out in Washington, if that counts ...

How Do You Make a Town Strong?

public event on sustainable city growth coming April 20

How do we make our cities and towns as financially strong, resilient, and prosperous as they can be? That’s the challenge that the aptly named Strong Towns – a Minnesota-based, nationwide ...

Cameras Considered to Stop Sculpture Swiping

Over the years, artworks from the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire have occasionally gone missing. The most recent theft was of a sculpture named “Farm Fireball,” which vanished March 24 ...