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Opening Shot | Dec. 14, 2016

HOLIDAY WHIMSY. On Saturday, December 10, Down to Earth Garden Center hosted it’s annual Whimsical Winter Miniature Garden Tea Party, complete with mini-sandwiches, dessert, and a fairy garden.

Rejection Letters From Santa 2016

colorful correspondence between area folks and the big, bearded guy

"Did you know that in some of these fancy new hotels I can charge my phone right from the nightstand? That’s unbelievable. The days of moving the dresser and having to unplug a lamp are long gone. ..."

'Happy Holiday to You'

now that we’ve slogged through election season, let Andy Williams bring us together

As I sat down to work on Volume One’s annual Holiday Handbook, it was inevitable that a seasonal song would emerge from my mental playlist and get stuck in my head ...

Counting With Your Feet

losing the rhythm but staying on track

I used to count how many steps I took within each sidewalk panel. Because walking home from school was so boring. The counting became a chant inside my head, and sometimes this chant fell down into a whisper, tumbling from between my lips as if I’d stuffed too many sugar cubes into my mouth ...

Ducking Fame

Once, for a split second in 2002, I thought I was famous. My ego first began to swell when I did a book signing in Nashville and more than thirty people showed up. Yessir, I thought to myself as I drove away from the bookstore that evening, the Mike train is rolling ...

Markt Your Calendars

Lazy Monk brings Bavarian Christmas market to town

A Christkindlmarkt (that’s the southern Bavarian word for “Christmas Market”) featuring local makers selling their goods to shoppers will debut at Lazy Monk Brewing on the first three Saturdays ...

Yankee Pride

an old name in a new place, Yankee Jack’s Public House caters to many tastes

The newest chapter of Eau Claire’s culinary revolution opened its doors Nov. 1. Yankee Jack’s Public House, owned and managed by Jack Schulte, has located to a freshly renovated venue ...

Statewide Writing Contests Looking for Your Words

If you’ve got a short story or poem that you’re particularly proud of, Wisconsin People & Ideas magazine may have some cash, prizes, and even space in its pages for you. The Madison-based publication ...

Xcel Digs in on Solar Garden

Work has begun to turn an abandoned Eau Claire landfill into a solar energy garden. Officials from Xcel Energy, the City of Eau Claire, and Pristine Sun, a California-based solar developer, broke ground ...

Election Postscript

Trump wave touches the Chippewa Valley

In the feature story titled “Red, Blue, or Purple?” in the Nov. 2 issue of Volume One, we examined the voting tendencies and characteristics of Eau Claire and the Chippewa Valley. Having just gone through a general election, what new traits and trends, if any, do we now see?

Opening Shot | Nov. 16, 2016

GETTING HIGH ON WATER STREET. Work is well underway for the $12 million, four-story mixed-use redevelopment project on the 200 block of Water Street. Initial plans for the building feature a 12,000 square foot grocery store and 87 apartments.

We're Hiring & We're Thankful

I’m excited to announce we’re adding another full-time position at Volume One. We are now hiring a Bookkeeper/Office Manager to add to our business team. The basics are this: We need a financially and administratively ...

On the Cover | Nov. 16, 2016

learn more about V1's cover art from Ellen B. Nelson

“‘Raven-ous’ is a mixed media art work inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven. I generally work and am more comfortable with fiber art, embroidery, art quilting, and sewing. However, I wanted to stretch my borders in order to bring back ..."

Fireball Focus

road rally TV series will come to Eau Claire next fall

A TV adventure series in which participants race from city to city across the American landscape in a “2,000-mile, life-sized trivia game” will begin its next season by highlighting the city of Eau Claire ...

Real Photos, Faux Stories

Fauxtography exhibit blends the real with the imaginary

Fauxtography, an exhibit co-curated by Greg Kochen, Jyl Kelley, and B.J. Hollars, features historical photos combined with contemporary vignettes written by Hollars, a UW-Eau Claire English professor ...

P • PL Just Like Us

former locals’ new MPLS band spits out intricate psych-rock cassette

Freak funk has new face, and it’s strangely familiar. Back in February, five Midwestern musicians merged to form P • PL. The band is based in the Twin Cities, but some of its roots lie in the Chippewa Valley ...

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

The Giants of Midgard let it rip on new album Beware

Giants of Midgard are about to release their new album Beware, a hyper-local telltale collection of songs with creative and comical titles. The band originated in 2013 with Jodi Hanson on vocals and ...

Red Letter Campaign aimed at encouraging women entrepreneurs

Last year, Red’s Mercantile brought new life to the corner of Dewey and Galloway streets. The shop, owned by Eau Claire native Rebecca Cooke, is quaint and classy. Its shelves feature artful displays of artisan goods – many locally sourced – including natural cosmetics, homemade purses, and soy candles ...

So, What Makes a Craft Cocktail?

Let’s cut to the chase here: We’re going to spend a lot of time here just talking about booze. But booze plays an important role in our culture. We gather in bars to watch sports and talk politics and go on first dates and celebrate our lives ...

Breaking Down the Old Fashioned

it’s one of the greatest cocktails in the world, and no one does it like we do in Wisconsin

If there were a drink to define Wisconsin, it has to be the Brandy Old Fashioned. The simple, classic drink is easy to find around the country, but for some reason the Wisconsin variation takes a peculiar and unique turn towards complexity and sweetness.

Truly Stacked Cocktail Menu

a Menomonie eatery’s ambitious dive into specialty cocktails

"I had Pop Rocks all over in my hair for Cinco de Mayo. They exploded in the drink, then they were just all over the place."

From Farm to Glass

the freshest ingredients make the freshest cocktails

'A bar shouldn’t be considered any different from a kitchen,” Megan Arts – the manager at Dive and The Informalist – told me. “You have a series of ingredients and it’s how you use them to create the drinks.”

Your Top 3 Favorite Local Libations

the brand new ‘best cocktail’ category in Volume One's annual reader poll yielded some crafty results

Infinity Beverages recently moved from Banbury Place to 3460 Mall Drive, and like their new space, their passion for good drinks and cozy vibes stretches to infinity and beyond. Summer Heat is no exception ...

Dive Deeper Into Craft Cocktails

local and not-so-local craft cocktail resources

Chippewa River Distillery – The new distillery and brewery in Chippewa Falls creates mid-range spirits perfect for any occasion. They also have a small tasting room to give you some inspiration.