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Note from the Editor | Sept. 7, 2016

With this issue, we officially declare the transition into fall – everyone’s favorite (or at least second favorite?) time of the year. The summer is long gone, kids are back at school, and routines are setting in. Soon leaves will be turning, evenings will get a little cooler ...

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The Rear End

Trailing Off

chasing shadows along an old Wisconsin railway

They say the crews of men who built the railroad tracks running through Northwestern Wisconsin would dance. As the legend goes, their hand tools were manufactured down in Chicago ...

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Cover Art
Opening Shots

Bon Iver Just Hosted a Secret Worldwide Press Event in Eau Claire

local, national, and overseas journalists converge inside forthcoming Oxbow Hotel to discuss the new 22, A Million record

Journalists from the U.K., Scandinavia, Japan, Australia, Germany, New York, Los Angeles, La Crosse, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, Eau Claire, and even Chetek all converged in downtown Eau Claire ...

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Barely Alive, Kicking Hard

Arms Aloft’s new album a pessimistic tribute to how ugly the world can be

Up until this point, it was commonplace to find local punk band Arms Aloft, playing loud, sweaty, charged-up songs to sweaty kids in a basement. It’s what they know. This is a band that has sweat it out touring ...

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Hushed, Worldly Sounds

Yohuna embraces her new life with a stunning LP

As she blossomed outside of the Chippewa Valley, traveled the world, met knew friends, tried new things, and started writing new songs, Johanne Swanson invented a mantra for herself: “Patientness.” ...

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Faux Fab Four

1964 The Tribute bringing Beatles to life at the State

Short of inventing a time machine, I’m resigned to the sad fact that I’m never going to see the Beatles live in concert. My last chance was when they climbed onto to the roof of the Apple Corps building ...

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Blazing the Stage

Perry’s breakout book gets theatrical treatment

Don’t panic just yet if you missed two sold-out previews at UW-Eau Claire, or the canvas-wrapped Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua stage adaptation of Michael Perry’s best-selling book ...

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A Second Tale of Second Sight

Eau Claire writer continues tale of 18th-century London girl

Delaney Green’s just-released Jem, a Fugitive from London follows an orphan girl growing up in 18th-century London who has a big problem: She has inherited magic ...

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Visual Art

A Name to Remember

donations will ensure that Confluence art collection is named for Laurie Bieze

For years, Laurie Bieze was the living embodiment of the Chippewa Valley’s artistic spirit. A talented stained-glass artist, a visionary community leader, and a warm-hearted friend to countless people ...

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A Record of the River

photographer seeks to document Chippewa River and its surrounding towns

Eau Claire photographer Travis Dewitz is working on a new project featuring the Chippewa River and many of the communities along the river, big and small, called ...

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Game On!

community TV preps a new gaming-focused program

As a child, Wyatt Biegel dreamed of playing video games for a living. His younger self would definitely be proud of him today. Biegel is on staff at Chippewa Valley Community Television. Starting the month, they will be airing a new gaming show called ...

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Local Look

A Name to Remember

donations will ensure that Confluence art collection is named for Laurie Bieze

For years, Laurie Bieze was the living embodiment of the Chippewa Valley’s artistic spirit. A talented stained-glass artist, a visionary community leader, and a warm-hearted friend to countless people ...

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Ready for Referendums

Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls school boards seek funding boost from voters on Nov. 8

Voters in two of the Chippewa Valley’s largest school districts will decide whether to increase school funding via referendums on the Nov. 8 election ballot ...

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YMCA Honors Duax With Program Name

For most of his life, Dave Duax’s name was synonymous with public service in his beloved hometown of Eau Claire. Now, thanks to the Eau Claire YMCA, that association will last long into the future. The YMCA recently announced that it was renaming ...

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Step One: Register. Step Two: Vote.

citizen group holds voter registration sessions around Eau Claire County

On the unbelievably slim chance that you missed all the commotion, there’s an election coming up. And not just any election: On Tuesday, Nov. 8, Wisconsin voters will be selecting a new president ...

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Making an Eco-Friendly Valley

leave the planet in better shape with this local festival

Every action has a consequence, and the Chippewa Valley Sustainable Future Festival is designed to help residents in the Valley use their actions to leave the world better place. Through speakers and workshops ...

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Food / Drink

Planning for Preservation

safety steps can help you preserve Wisconsin’s bounty

Spaghetti sauce full of the flavor of garden-fresh tomatoes. Strawberry jam bursting with fruit at the peak of ripeness. With the proper equipment and up-do-date recipes, these and other family favorites can be safely canned at home ...

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Cart and Soul

Soul Brewed mobile coffee finds a home in downtown Eau Claire

The beans are sealed in an unbleached, soft brown envelope of a bag. The company name, Soul Brewed Coffee Roasters, is scrawled in a seemingly quill-inked print. An evergreen stands tall beside the name, as if nature ...

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Ready for Kickoff

season outlook is pretty strong for the Packers, while Vikings, Blugolds are expected to struggle

Regardless of any given team’s realistic chances for success in a given season, all teams have a degree of hope as training camp begins. Some are picked to go all the way, some to make the playoffs, some to be “on the clock” for next year’s draft before this season is done ...

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New-Look Blugolds

UWEC launches new era with redesigned football uniforms

Most sports fans base their excitement for a coming season upon new player acquisitions, a new coach, or a potential for a breakthrough to a championship. For me – resident uniform/logo geek ...

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