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Street Corner Kids

Every third weekend in May my neighborhood (the Eastside Hill in Eau Claire) holds a massive, neighborhood-wide thrift sale event. This year, more than 140 homes ...

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Opening Letters

Sticking It Out

After one year in Eau Claire, I wanted to leave. After 30 years, I’m happy I stayed.

My wife Jayne and I moved our family to Eau Claire 30 years ago this spring. We both recently turned 60 years of age. That means we have lived half of our lives in Eau Claire ...

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The Rear End

Second-Hand War Stories

how I sold a chunk of my childhood for seventy bucks

Like many men my age, as a boy, I was required by federal law to love Star Wars. For those of you who are too young to remember these laws, it’s time for a history lesson ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | June 1, 2016

learn more about this issue's cover art by Marc Anderson

“It is important for artists to flex different muscles – from time to time –stylistically, with mediums, and subject matter. This heron was a fun departure from the more serious illustration ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | June 1, 2016

PINE TIMES. Just one little stretch of the great trails to be strolled in Eau Claire’s Fairfax Park (yep, there’s a lot more there than Fairfax Pool), accessible from either Golf Road or Fairfax Street.

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9 Ways to up Your Thrift Sale Game

it's quality over quantity; sometimes a little extra work can pay off big time if you're having a rummage sale

Summer is a great time to enjoy the best of what life has to offer: sunshine, ice cream, beaches, sleeping with the windows open, and, of course, the most important thing: Rummaging ...

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2016 Music Festivals

take some of the biggest names in the music industry, and make a weekend of it

Last year’s Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival (pictured above) was shrouded in mystery all spring. “Is Kanye West gonna be there?” “The name seems kinda confusing...” “What’s all this art stuff all about?” “Seriously, WHERE’S KANYE?!” It wasn’t until they opened the gates on the first day of the festival that we could get the full scope of everything ...

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2016 Concert Series

here in the Valley, we like our tunes outside

Life in the north isn’t for the faint of heart. We endure lengthy winters, and our summer skies are short-lived. Our northern lifestyle looks like toughness, but it’s not just being tough. We believe hard work leads to good times ...

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One Night Only

a couple of summer one-off shows to which we're really looking forward

Swedish-born indie folk artist The Tallest Man On Earth will play The State Theatre in Eau Claire on July 16. Kristian Mattson’s once-sparse solo folk project has now bloomed into a full band experience ...

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2016 Summer Music Schedule

all the wheres and whens for summer music in the Chippewa Valley

The Sounds Like Summer Concert Series is Volume One’s Thursday night gig in downtown Eau Claire’s Phoenix Park. Local bands play to crowds each night on the banks of the Chippewa ...

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Keep Your Defenses Up

new group Stare Across comes with major heaviness

The bar is milling with people out on a warm, mid-May Tuesday night, so we (bassist Jackson McMahon, guitarist Rich Till, and drummer Joseph Gunderson) follow Tony Stamm (vocals) ...

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Train-Hopping Band Resonates

Menomonie native Keith Smith returns with his band

The Mabel Tainter’s little jewel box theater has hosted some real performance gems, so it’s especially fun when a local boy brings his dynamic and talented band back for a visit ...

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One Woman, Many Voices

one-woman show examines shooting at Amish school

Eau Claire’s stage scene is teeming with musical and comedic excellence. What it’s less known for producing, though, is true-to-form drama. ...

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Gem of a Story

fantasy princess tale tackles issue of anger

Eau Claire author Debra Manzella is back with her second book, a fantasy tale for children titled Dragon’s Breath. While her first book, The Dwarf’s Treasure, served as an introduction ...

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Visual Art

Take a Deep Breath of Fresh Art

Feeling cooped up? Some fresh air – and fresh art – might do you some good. You’ll find both as part of the annual Fresh Art Spring Tour, which features 16 galleries and studios on a route ...

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Local Lit

Lucid Dreams

despite setbacks, young apparel designer sets his sights on the future

So I hear about this story pitch for a young man named Michael and his apparel business called Lucid Life Apparel, I get excited to be doing this story on Michael and his business ...

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Local Look

Confluence Gets a Jolt

Xcel pledges 250K for performing arts center

Xcel Energy is helping charge up the Confluence Project with a $250,000 grant toward the downtown performing arts center. Ben Fowke, CEO of the Minneapolis-based ...

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Wisconsin Bike Week Is Gonna Be Off the Chain

June 4–11 will be a wheelie good time to get out your cycle

With Wisconsin as the ninth-most bicycle-friendly state in the nation and Eau Claire as one of the state’s top bicycle-friendly communities, it’s no surprise that Wisconsin Bike Week ...

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Food / Drink

So Very Dairy

Breakfast in the Valley marks 20 years of hearty helpings

If you’re an early bird who loves a good breakfast, then you’re in luck! The Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 20th annual Breakfast in the Valley on Friday ...

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