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Can’t Stop the Music

for 50 years, the Eau Claire Jazz Festival has attracted and inspired top musical talent

Teaching at what was then known as the Wisconsin State College-Eau Claire, professor Joe Casey hosted the first Eau Claire Jazz Festival. Five decades and hundreds of performances later, it is still going strong ...

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Opening Letters

A Huge Chunk of the Audience

house show a reminder that life on the road is a challenge

Living-room concert? Canadian singer-songwriter? 7 o’clock Sunday night? While that sounded great, I gave my standard answer: I’ll try.

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The Rear End

The Spurn Lane

lessons learned on the cold, harsh highway of life

Like most people who have just narrowly avoided a car accident with one or more idiot drivers, I got huffy. Very huffy. The people I wanted to yell at were well on their way down the road, happily clueless to the rage they’d induced. I felt so helpless ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | April 6, 2016

learn more about our cover art from Christopher Bartlett

“Weston Valley was taken in the middle of December before the snow had fallen. An overcast day perfectly complimented the fading autumn colors. The trees would lose their leaves shortly thereafter.”

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | April 6, 2016

On April 2 and 3, all four frontrunners for the 2016 presidential primary race visited Eau Claire to rally support ahead of state elections on April 5. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump ...

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Putting the 'Clear' Back in 'Clear Water'

a coalition is working to improve the quality of the Eau Claire River – and you can help

This is a story about a city that decided to throw a party down along the river, but forgot to ask if the river was in a party mood ...

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Harmony Within

all new music from flute virtuoso Phippen

It was by accident that a flute caught Peter Phippen’s eye while shopping at a furniture store back in 1987, and after deciding to purchase it, the instrument captured his curiosity and ignited a new passion ...

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Baby Blanket's New Gem

Eau Claire/Minneapolis pop crooner Baby Blanket released his second single last week – an infectious tune called “i tried so hard to sleep away the sad,” produced by Eau Claire beatmaker North House ...

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Of the North

local folksters Reservoir release new EP

You may have noticed the band Reservoir making its mark on Eau Claire’s indie/folk scene this past year ...

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A Windy New Film From Kalispell

Shane Leonard’s folk project is finally ready for round two with a new record in June

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Shane Leonard, the driving force behind Kalispell, an Eau Claire-based folk band. Kalispell’s first record ...

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Can’t Stop the Music

for 50 years, the Eau Claire Jazz Festival has attracted and inspired top musical talent

Teaching at what was then known as the Wisconsin State College-Eau Claire, professor Joe Casey hosted the first Eau Claire Jazz Festival. Five decades and hundreds of performances later, it is still going strong ...

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Swan Song, American Style

Lunde to conduct final concert with chamber orchestra

Ivar Lunde Jr.’s finale concert with the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, which he has led for more than a decade, will focus on music evoking the native Norwegian’s adopted homeland. Join our community on April 16 for ...

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On (and Off) the Rails

circus train crash inspires experimental play at UWEC

The theater department at UW-Eau claire is breaking out of its comfort zone to bring some creative, experimental theater to Eau Claire audiences. ...

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Double Duty

Wisco native, a decorated California cop, pens second realistic police thriller

Midwestern Noir could be that savory aged cheddar from the local dairy or a pint of a dark lager at the local brewery. However, it is, in fact, a fresh new genre ...

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A Month of Poems

this National Poetry Month, turn your eyes to local verse

April is National Poetry Month, a month-long national celebration of poetry established in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States ...

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Wakanda Whooper

whooping cranes find the spotlight in local writer’s new children’s book

Sandia Kosmo has always been a writer. Even in high school, she wrote articles for the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and several of her family members have become writers and editors, too ...

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Visual Art

Sparking Regional Art

Sculpture Tour EC attracts more Midwestern artists

Like the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire and the city that hosts it, Mel Sundby and Mark Blaskey make a good team – albeit a slightly unlikely one ...

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Heart for Art

teacher has been inspiring Altoona kids for 28 years

Donna Walther, an art teacher for the past 28 years at Pederson Elementary School in Altoona and perhaps best known for her memorable large-scale creations and beautiful and unique classroom, is ready to begin a new ...

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Passion Towards Fashion

UW-Stout show spotlights togs made without fabric

The place to be on April 16 is UW-Stout’s annual Fashion Without Fabric show. Students enrolled in UW-Stout’s School of Art and Design will debut their eclectic ...

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Local Lit

Sonnet for My Father

Imprint in snow of a diving hawks’ wings / My tiny mittened hand clings to your glove / You kneel down, focusing clear eyes above / The tree line, searching for the bird-like thing

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Local Look

LIST: Local Community Gardens

check out the Chippewa Valley's community gardens

Chippewa Valley residents are whipping out their shovels, rolling up their sleeves, and getting down in the soil this season to brush up on their growing expertise ...

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Food / Drink

Augusta Bakery Nabs Big Award

Out of four nominees, Augusta Bakery stood alone as the winner of Wisconsin’s 2016 Bakery Operation of the Year award. Augusta Bakery, a bakery in – you guessed it – Augusta, won over the judges for the annual competition ...

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Supper Club Science

meal with UW-Madison profs explores culinary culture

A brandy old fashioned sweet, a prime rib the size of the plate it’s served on, a buttery baked potato, and let’s not forget the relish tray. Ah, the supper club: an establishment that’s usually family-operated and only open for supper ...

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Wizards on Wheels

CV Roller Girls’ latest bout has Harry Potter theme

The Chippewa Valley Roller Girls are presenting a double-header Harry Potter inspired event called Hit It and Quidditch on April 9. The bout at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center starts ...

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On the Fast Track

up-and-coming Wisconsin NASCAR driver is also a UW-Stout student

The college years are a time of career setting: Your life has led to this point to establish your plan for adulthood. For Paige Decker of Eagle River, the path to UW-Stout and ...

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The Speed Started Here

Menomonie native Harry Miller’s innovative engines dominated the Indy 500 for decades

One of the greatest innovators in the history of auto racing was born right here in the Chippewa Valley. Unless you’re a devoted student of the history of early racing, you probably haven’t heard of Harry Miller ...

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Must Be a Volkswagen

Chippewa Valley Volkswagen Club president talks all things VW

Many people know Volkswagens by some of their more unique models such as the Beetle or the classic VW Bus. But for a group of a few dozen Chippewa Valley folks ...

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