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Celebrating 300 Issues of People, Place, & Passion

Ideas have birthdays. Just like people and events and even buildings. They have anniversaries. The largest of these milestones tend to come in big, round numbers. Like 300. That’s the number of issues, as of today, that Volume One and our nearly 14 years worth of staff, contributors, advertisers, and collaborators ...

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Opening Letters

Small City, Big Laughs

whenever they tour, Peoria comic and friends make it a point to stop in Eau Claire

In my hometown of Peoria, Ill., I’ve logged dozens of hours on stage at the Jukebox Comedy Club. I started doing standup there the week I turned 17. In addition to performing across the Midwest, I’ve continued to do comedy locally not just at the Jukebox, but also in a friend’s basement, a brewery, a karaoke saloon, a coffeeshop, a biker festival ...

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The Rear End

Sinking to New Levels

some men have greatness thrust upon them in the bathroom

My bathroom tried to kill me last week. And by “kill me” I mean “bludgeon me right in the face.” And by “bathroom” I mean “an old cast iron sink basin.” And by “tried” I mean “I narrowly escaped a trip to the ER.” And by “to” I mean “to.” Basically ...

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A Long Wait For Cake

patience is key for those whose birthday is on the rarest of all days: February 29

We all love our birthdays. Even if you’re the kind of person who hates getting older and constantly lies about your age, you still love and celebrate your birthday. And why not? It’s the day when you become the center of attention and get showered with cake and presents. But for someone like me, birthdays don’t come every year ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Is Losing a Winning Strategy?

Brewers are foregoing short-term success in the hope of long-term gains

You play to win the game. That is the most-famous quote spoken by former NFL coach Herm Edwards, taken from a 2002 press conference. It is oft-mocked, though it did become the title of his memoir ...

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Sleep Signals Debuting Sophomore Album, Tour(s)

New tunes are on the way from Minneapolis-based rock outfit Sleep Signals (with members from the Eau Claire area) in the form of their sophomore LP Transitions. Known for their Midwestern brand of modern metal, their high-energy live shows, and their “how-do-they-do-that” relentless touring schedule, the dudes are ready to show their second work to the world ...

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S. Carey Featured on New Netflix Series Soundtrack

S. Carey has a track on the official soundtrack for a new Netflix series called Flaked starring Will Arnett (Arrested Development, The LEGO Movie) as a furniture maker and self-help guru who moves to Venice, Calif., to overcome alcoholism. It already sounds like a wonderful dramedy from some super talented folks ...

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Fast, Fuzzy Punk Tunes

The Yuuzhan Vong go big and loud on new effort

The Yuuzhan Vong – a new Eau Claire-based band comprised of Mitch Smuhl (lead vocals/guitar), Jon Buxton (vocals/bass), and Morgan McCandless (vocals/drums) – make music that does not fit cleanly into just one particular box. Their tunes are fast, fuzzy, raucous, and they exist somewhere in between the margins of traditional and easily definable genres ...

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Saying It In 38 Tracks

an expansive LP by URF explores tons of different types of electronic music

Most albums nowadays have 10 songs if you’re lucky, 12 or 13 if you want to splurge on a deluxe edition. For local electronic musician Keith Anderson, though, funneling his ideas down into a handful of songs is impossible. His head is bursting with beats and experimental electronic textures for his project URF, so when it came down to putting an album together, he couldn’t do it in less than 38 tracks ...

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Going for Baroque

chamber orchestra, guest conductor take on 18th-century Italian works

Guest conductor Frank A. Watkins of UW-Eau Claire will pick up the baton for the “Masterpieces from the Italian Baroque” performance of the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra on Saturday, March 5, at 7:30pm at Grace Lutheran Church, 202 W. Grand Avenue. “The baroque style music will showcase what is unique about a chamber orchestra ...

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Are You Ready For Some V-Ball?

annual UWEC party/concert gears up for year 42

Get ready to dance the night away at the 42nd annual Viennese Ball at UWEC. The fancy music fundraiser is the largest Viennese Ball presented outside of the actual city of Vienna and offers an opportunity for the community to experience the excellence of the university’s music program. The event was inspired by the historic ...

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troupe stages beloved tale of gamblers and their dames

Like a craps game, taking on a beloved musical theater classic is a roll of the dice: You can win big or fall short of expectations. The Menomonie Theater Guild is gambling on the latter ...

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Summers in the Spotlight

a former UWEC professor takes a nostalgic look back at Baraboo theater

A former UW-Eau Claire professor is telling the raw and unfiltered story of life on the stage with the recently published Curtain Up, Light the Lights! A History of the Green Ram Summer Theatre ...

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Prolific Thrillers

Alexi Venice cranked out three installments of her series in under a year

Like most writers, local author Alexi Venice loves books. She typically reads 20-30 books each year, perusing action/adventure books alongside novels from the romance genre. In her reading experience, she noticed that there seemed to be a gap between the writings of male and female authors. On the male end of the spectrum ...

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Visual Art

Statewide Showcase

works by UW-Stout prof, student selected for Wisconsin Artists Biennial

a UW-Stout professor and student are two of the artists whose works have been chosen for the Wisconsin Artists Biennial exhibit. The exhibit, which opened Feb. 6, runs through Sunday, March 27 ...

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Galloping Away With Honors

Eau Claire painter wins Best in Show in Arizona

Eau Claire artist Terry Meyer is back from a trip to Arizona with some big accolades – as well as a great big blue ribbon. Meyer, who specializes in large-format oil and watercolor paintings of horses ...

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Another Dynamic Success

new firm flexes its muscles in fitness equipment industry

In a former life, I was a gym rat. Bar bells, weights, clangs, and grunts. Few women subscribed to this lifestyle then. The places were filled with testosterone and iron, black-colored equipment. They were dark, dank, and messy. Sometimes, this neatnik got a workout simply by putting things back where they belonged ... no matter how much they weighed ...

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Get Ready To Launch

UW-Eau Claire's entrepreneurial training program helps budding businesspeople prepare their plans for success

On a Tuesday evening, they leave their day jobs and families behind. They gather – this week, there are 14 of them – in a small classroom on the UW-Eau Claire campus, toting binders, notebooks, and – most importantly – dreams. These dreams of forming new businesses or expanding existing ones will be examined, amended, and honed ...

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Rolling With It: UW-Stout class helps farmer with fence cart invention

The Discovery Center at UW-Stout takes pride, among its varied services, in helping entrepreneurs flesh out ideas for products or businesses. “We have a good process – an initial feasibility study – that asks people the right questions. We can get a good idea if it’s going to fly or not,” said Roger Gehring, a development engineer with the Discovery Center ...

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Got An Idea? You Can Win Big

the annual idea challenge helps spur entrepreneurs

Have you got a great business idea burning a hole in your brain? Since 2007, the Idea Challenge, an annual contest sponsored by the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corp., has been boosting local entrepreneurs. If you’ve got an idea, you can submit an application to the program anytime ...

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Local Look

Eau Claire Library Has a New Director

An experienced library manager from southern Wisconsin is the new director of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library. Pamela Westby, currently director of the Middleton Public Library and 2016 chairwoman of the Wisconsin Library Association Board, has been appointed to the post. “I’m very pleased with the results of our recruitment process ...

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Cyberbullying Expert Will Talk for UWEC – and Public TV

UW-Eau Claire professor and nationally known cyberbullying expert Justin Patchin will deliver a lecture March 10 that will later be broadcast on Wisconsin Public Television. Patchin, co-author of four books on cyberbullying, will give a lecture titled “Addressing Cyberbullying: Promoting Teens’ Positive Use of Technology” ...

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Library, Museum Launch History Book Club

The latest James Patterson novel not your thing? Not interested in cracking open Wuthering Heights again? Still hankering to join a book club? The Adventures in History Book Club is made for readers like you. The new group, formed by a partnership between the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library and the Chippewa Valley Museum ...

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Unmasking the Violence

fundraiser masquerade raises sexual assault awareness

February is known as the month of giving candy hearts and fancy chocolates to those we adore. With love in the air, it is also important to learn the signs of unhealthy relationships. In recognition of this important cause, the Bolton Refuge House is hosting a masquerade ball to bring education and awareness to domestic violence ...

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Overcoming Enormous Odds

Dragonfly throws benefit for instructor hurt in car accident

Get down and give Josh Bafford 20 push-ups. On Saturday, Feb. 27, Dragonfly Dance and Wellness is holding a whole day of events to benefit one of their fitness instructors, Josh Bafford, who was left paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident last year. Despite the injury, Josh returned to work the morning following ...

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Food / Drink

Brewery Takes Off

K-Point getting own space inside Coffee Grounds

There comes a point in ski jumping when the hill changes and it’s time to leap, where risk becomes reward and the fun begins. K-Point Brewing is at that point, too. And after speaking to Lon Blaser and Tom Breneman, it becomes clear how the two men came up with the name for their new brewery located inside Coffee Grounds ...

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Cowboy Jack's Lassos a Spot in River Prairie

Calling all cowboys and cowgirls: There’s some boot stompin’, country lovin’ fun coming to the Chippewa Valley. Soon, there will be a new kind of bar and grill in Altoona, made for the country lover in all of us. Cowboy Jack’s is a small bar and grill franchise based in the Twin Cities with only nine locations so far, mostly throughout Minnesota ...

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A New Cafe From Awesome Thorp Cheesemakers

From time to time, we all need a cozy café where we can get a good bite to eat and sip on some warm beverages, especially with these Wisconsin winters. Holland’s Family Cheese – run by Marieke and Rolf Penterman who make award-winning, authentic Dutch cheeses – has just added on to their business ...

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Special Sections

Staying in the Moment

mindfulness expert Ann Brand sounds off on its many benefits

Many of us rush through our days mindlessly going from one place to another as part of a routine, without enjoying the experiences we partake in, and totally unaware of the remarkable things happening right in front of us. Then something happens – an accident, for example – and we are forced to slow down ...

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Happy, Mindful Employees

local companies factor mindfulness into normal business practices

When we feel threatened, our brains are naturally inclined to set off a full-scale panic response, better known as “fight or flight.” While this reactionary state once aided us in handling, oh, I don’t know maybe a bear-sized hyena, it does little to help us with what we would consider stress today – like hitting “reply all” on an office email ...

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11 Steps To Mindfulness

for super busy folks, living life to the fullest may mean doing less

The idea of being mindful – being present, being more conscious of life as it happens – seems a bit impossible to many of the super busy.But not only is it possible, I’d submit that it’s desirable, and that it’ll help the busy (and non-busy) achieve their goals and enjoy life more fully. If you are the super-busy type ...

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