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Asking the Wedding Experts

talking to local photographers, florists, and more about all the crazy weddings they’ve attended

“I saw a bride’s wedding dress nearly get pooped on by her bare-bottomed toddler. I didn’t know the child was about to poop and ended up with a picture of the moment.”

In Wisconsin Can You Really Marry Your House?

A bunch of trivia websites claim you can do just that. We found out the truth.

While researching Wisconsin wedding laws (and by “researching” I mean “googling”) a year ago, I kept running across one of those “unbelievable but true” factoids that I decided was truly unbelievable. Reproduced on numerous websites ...

‘I’m Right There With You’

as she prepares for her fast-approaching wedding, Renee gives new brides tips for minimum stress

If you could just pay attention for one minute here and remove the god-forsaken glue gun from your hand (the wedding favors can wait), I want to give you all a written hug. This wedding planning stuff is for the birds ... unless you actually like it – then feel free to go back to Pinterest. This letter isn’t for you.

Looking Ahead 2016

2016 will be huge for the Chippewa Valley – here’s some stuff we’re looking forward to covering

There’s a lot in store for the Chippewa Valley in 2016. It’s certainly an exciting time to be here in the middle of all of it, and we’re just as psyched as you are for all the cool things happening around us. So let’s take a quick breather, shake out 2015’s cobwebs, and press in on what ...

Connecting With the 'Other'

when the news stokes fear of those who aren’t like us, good literature can help bridge cultural gaps

It is nine o’clock on a Friday night. I am wearing flannel pajama pants and the sweater I donned for work. On my iTunes I’m listening to George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass,” trying to soak in the spirituality ...

John Raymond Gets the Feels

State Theatre’s backstage series nabs rising jazz

The feeling is real, and it’s time to get your jazz on. John Raymond, UWEC music alum and award-winning jazz composer performs on Jan. 24 as part of the State Theatre’s Back Stage concert series. Part of a 25-city CD release tour, the concert will feature music from ...

Dark Winter Light

the cold curiosities we find hiding in the night

It’s so bright outside. In the middle of the night. I clicked off the little lamp on my nightstand, and now the bedroom windows are blooming with light. The shades are shut, but still it comes through. I think of movies where alien ships land in the backyard. But this is different.

Orchestra Has a Tale for Your Family

Want to introduce the whole family to the wonderful world of classical music? In the Chippewa Valley, there’s no better way than the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra’s annual “ECCO Tells the Tale” concert ...

Swing for the Fences

Jeffers Park needs donors to step into batter’s box

"Play Ball” will be heard by early May at the new 40-acre Jeffers Park Development Project, according to leaders of a public-private-volunteer partnership. The park will feature five ball diamonds surrounding a pavilion/concession building, as well as a playground and trails.

Roll Out the Barrel

Lazy Monk’s new location will offer outdoor seating, food, and plenty of beer

The new location of the Lazy Monk bier hall officially opened on Jan. 8. The 5,000-square-foot space at 97 W. Madison St. (at the corner of Madison and Oxford streets) has something for everyone, and in a great convenient location on the West Bank of the Chippewa River.

Cinematic World Tour

UW-EC’s International Film Series offers four fine films for spring semester

Each semester, the Woodland Theater at UW-Eau Claire screens a dozen or more hand-picked films spanning many years and countries of origin. These choices are made by the University Activities Commission (UAC), which chooses domestic films ...

No Place Like Home

artist remixes living spaces from around the world

For Michael Borowski, the concept of “home” has always been an important part of his work and something that he’s always examining. This remains the case for “Home Reports,” his most recent exhibit. “Home Reports” – one of his first exhibitions in Eau Claire ...

A Gritty Read for the City

if you’re in Menomonie, get your mitts on a free copy of True Grit

For the 10th annual Menomonie READS citywide literacy promotion program, the Menomonie Public Library will be handing out free copies of the classic Western novel True Grit (1968) by Charles Portis. The fun kicks off 9am to 9pm Jan. 14 with the book distribution. Events continue ...

Charmed, I'm Sure

romance novel stands out for male perspective, past-and-present narrative

Home Recording 101

new program at the Eau Claire Music School provides the basics to young, soon-to-be music producers and engineers

Eau Claire is a music city. There’s a palpable creative energy flowing through the Valley that makes people here want to create stuff. Music stuff. Really good sounding music stuff.

Getting His Ducks in a Row

craftsman transforms golf clubs into waterfowl

Other than one of them “accidentally” winding up in the nearest water hazard, it’s hard to see an obvious connection between a golf club and a duck. One local artist, however, has found a perfect marriage between the two, and his business is providing unique handcrafted gifts for golf and hunting enthusiasts alike.

Here's Your Slate of Spring 2016 Candidates

Six candidates, including four incumbents, will vie for five at-large seats on the Eau Claire City Council this spring. As of the Jan. 5 filing deadline, incumbent council members Catherine Emmanuelle, Eric Larsen, David Strobel, and Michael Xiong had filed paperwork to run for re-election ...

Coding with Civics in Mind

new group wants to take public policy and city data into the 21st century

Code For Eau Claire is a local group of civic-minded tech experts who aim to use their computer skills to do some good in the community around them. That means using the collective brainpower of the Chippewa Valley’s coding community to accomplish all kinds of cool stuff ...

Missing Madonna Mystery Solved!

sculpture found in woods over 2 years after vanishing

An infamous – well, locally infamous – art heist now has a happy ending: Sculpture Tour Eau Claire announced Jan. 6 that an $11,000 bronze sculpture titled Mother and Child ...

Closing the Book

library director Stoneberg retires after 38-year career

When John Stoneberg began his job in Eau Claire as a fresh-out-of-grad-school reference librarian in 1977, “We just had a long reference desk with absolutely nothing on it but a blotter and a black rotary phone,” he recalled. There were reference works, pamphlets, and microfilm at hand ...

Opening Shot | January 13, 2016

SPOTTED IN DOWNTOWN EAU CLAIRE. The sign attached to this coat (one of several) on Barstow Street says, “I’m not lost! If you need this to stay warm, then please take it. Be warm, and do something to help someone else today if you can.”

In the Chippewa Valley, Looking Forward

I find it particularly fun to envision what lies ahead for this community, the given year ahead and beyond. But it’s certainly fun (and much easier) to look back too, aided by the memories of friends and loved ones, as well as the historic photos to show for it all ...