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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | September 2, 2015

I love September. I challenge anyone to name a month superior to September. Can’t do it. It’s got a few last dashes of summer, a gorgeous glimpse of fall, and a shared kinetic energy of back-to-school, back-to-business, and back-to-basics. It’s that last one that I could use some extra focus on ...

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The Rear End

Melting Down the Gridiron

I just want everyone to know that it's ok if you don't like football

I can’t remember asking to be on the football team. I just remember getting all the pads and a special pair of pants that fit my pudgy body. I remember showing up on the field – Kessler Field between First and Second streets in Eau Claire, near the river. When I got there, I felt like something big and ugly ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | September 2, 2015

learn more about this issue's cover art by Michael Marcon

“For 12 years I worked as a production artist creating art for the commercial market. Recently I lost my exclusive publishing deal so I’m taking some time to explore my personal art. ‘Stagnation’ is an example of a direction where I’m exploring image appropriation and pure abstraction ..."

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Opening Shots

Hard-Earned Perspective

Sayth and North House take art rap into the future

The video for Sayth’s nostalgic hitter “Rare Candy” shows the Eau Claire native bopping around the Oakwood Mall and different neighborhoods in the summer with friends, sunshine, and his Gameboy. The video amassed a hefty 10,000 views on YouTube within a few days of its release ...

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Phil Cook's Connection

Chippewa Falls native has southern-fried solo album

In 2005, Phil Cook packed up and departed from his hometown, Chippewa Falls, and headed south toward North Carolina. He had been learning to pick a banjo, and the soul of Southern music had beckoned him. His wife, Heather, wrote that Cook “was diving deep into the used gospel bin at the record store ...

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Michael Rambo Pulls Out All the Stops for Upcoming Show

the two-hour show - called "Smashing Ideals" - will be broadcasted live to the web

The Michael Rambo Project has been making music in Eau Claire for a long time now, with catchy pop covers, old soul standards, and some infectious Rambo originals. But for his next upcoming gig on Sept. 12 at Peace Church, Rambo is teaming up with local filmmaker Alex Kolb ...

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We're Going to Party Like It's 1999

The Millenium’s next Eau Claire show is Y2K themed

Do you ever wish that you could live in a time that didn’t have selfie sticks and Buzzfeed quizzes? A world devoid of #YOLO and Fifty Shades of Grey? Well, none of that stuff existed at the turn of the millennium. For one night, here in Eau Claire, you could take a trip back to the year 2000 ...

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Cold Country Gets Raw on Debut Hip Hop Effort

On his brand new debut album as Cold Country, rapper Steven Lundy isn’t pulling any punches. The album, titled Life As A Drifter: The Love & Hate Project finds Lundy raw and unrelenting behind the mic. From harsh breakups to lonesome nights, Lundy uses dark imagery and lightning fast ...

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Accepting No Obstacles

young dancer battles ailments with awards

For high school students in the Chippewa Valley, summer vacation brings rest, relaxation, and in many cases, the opportunity to track down some cash by landing a part time job. For Katie Rhoten, her summer was spent attending one of the world’s premier summer arts programs for kids in grades 3 through 12 ...

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Visual Art

Sculpture Tour Seeks Local Submissions

Sculpture Tour Eau Claire – the organization behind the ongoing outdoor art gallery on the city’s streets – is seeking submissions from Chippewa Valley artists for consideration for next year’s tour. “In order to grow the tour, it is important that we encourage local and regional artists to submit ...

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Colorless Stimulus

UWEC grad’s art show – “STIMULI.” – threatens to disconnect in black & white

Betsy Olaussen is a recent graduate from the art program at UW-Eau Claire. She’s currently living in Minneapolis and starting her career, while polishing a number of breathtaking works of art for her upcoming show “STIMULI.” – the first show of its kind to display at the Volume One Gallery ...

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Local Lit

More So

Whoever they are, these friends of ours / seem not the least self-conscious / sharing the indiscreet details / of how they met and how they courted ...

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Make Your Escape

getting out of these escape rooms takes teamwork

As the door was locked behind us, the one-hour timer started ticking down. My friends and I began searching every nook and cranny of the room for any clues to help us accomplish the goal before us: Find the key to unlock the door before time ran out. Over the next hour, we solved many puzzles ...

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Let's Get It Started

Startup Weekend designed to make dreams a reality – in less than three days

After a false start last year, organizers of the Eau Claire Startup Weekend are confident the first-time event will dash out of the starting blocks this year – and maybe even get some new businesses past the finish line.

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Local Look

Buyout Blues

UW-EC and UW-Stout will lose 148 faculty and staff

One out of every four faculty and staff members offered early buyouts from UW-Eau Claire and UW-Stout have agreed to leave their jobs as part of the two schools’ efforts to deal with state budget cutbacks ...

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Hot Yoga Studio Wins Jump-Start Competition

A new downtown Eau Claire yoga studio earned a major local business accolade within days of opening its doors. Amy Erickson’s Latitude 44 Yoga Studio won the grand prize – the Jim Mishefske Award – in the ninth annual Jump-Start Downtown Business Plan Competition ...

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Wells Fargo Building will Become Apartments

The downtown home of Wells Fargo will be converted into a high-end apartment building with commercial space below, the building’s new owner says. Brian Johnson of JCap Real Estate of Eau Claire finalized the purchase of the six-story building at 204 E. Grand Ave. on Aug. 25 ...

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Extra Big Block Party

United Way is throwing a family party with a purpose

The United Way of the Greater Chippewa Valley is stretching the definition of “block party” a little bit. OK, more than a little bit. Instead of just inviting a few neighbors, the United Way is throwing a shindig for everybody in the area it serves – Eau Claire and Chippewa counties – at Chippewa Falls’ Irvine Park ...

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Death Has a Bizarre Sense of Irony

"A sudden and singular death occurred Monday. Mrs. Catherine Welch, who resides at 716 Second avenue, suddenly dropped dead beside the casket of Mrs. Walker, 438 Hudson street, who died Saturday. She was aiding Mr. Williams, the undertaker, in preparing Mrs. Walker’s remains for interment ..."

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Food / Drink

Another Gouda Showing for Cheesemaker Marieke

The team of cheesemakers at Marieke Gouda in Thorp has collected a few more honors for its remarkable cheeses, winning four awards at the American Cheese Society Conference (a.k.a. the “Oscars of cheese”), held July 31-Aug. 2 in Providence, Rhode Island. Three Marieke Gouda varieties ...

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Keeping the Candy Handy

Chippewa Falls man opens his own unique candy shop

From clothing store to candy shop, 322 N. Bridge St. in Chippewa Falls has completely transformed into something unique. Chippewa’s one and only candy store, appropriately named the Chippewa Candy Shop, was opened by owner and first-time business proprietor Dan Sweeney in early August ...

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Expanding Infinity

EC winery, distillery plans move to former coffee shop next year

Infinity Beverages can no longer keep its success bottled up. Motivated by rising demand – as well as a desire to create new products and reach new customers – Eau Claire’s only winery and distillery plans to relocate to a newer and much larger space, says owner Matthew Rick ...

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Cranberries Revealed

tart berry, a top Wisconsin product, celebrated in lavish photo book

A coffee table book with luxurious photographs of cranberries in all of their possible shapes and forms followed by scrumptious-looking images of appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, salads, and desserts – all with recipes – was the farthest thing from Wayne Martin’s mind when he embarked on a five-year journey ...

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Bumper Crop Awaits

Wisconsin corn harvest expected to be near record

It’s not just your imagination: The Chippewa Valley’s cornfields are looking especially bountiful as the annual harvest approaches. So bountiful, in fact, that 2015 could be one for the history books ...

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Kid Culture

Traveling Public Art

kids' art get displayed on Eau Claire city buses

If you’ve ever tried to avoid awkward eye contact with a stranger on the bus by looking up, then you’ve probably noticed art that is on display instead of the regular old ads. “Art on the Bus” is a community public arts project that was started in 2000 by Paula Gorski ...

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Offroad Challenge

area 178 offers nearby haven for offroad bicyclists

There have always been trails around Chippewa Falls – trails that “kids and motorcycles made through the woods” and paths that lead to places you never knew existed in our little valley ...

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For the Love of Fournier's

for one night, relive the magic of the class EC dance hall

Step back to Fournier’s dance hall for a night in the 1960s as a benefit for the Chippewa Valley Museum. The evening will begin with a meal taken from a classic supper club menu: Beef stroganoff set on a bed of egg noodles, Waldorf salad, honey-glazed baby carrots, breadsticks, and pineapple upside-down cake ...

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Good Leaf: 5 Wisconsin Hotspots for Autumn Visuals

a guide to some of Wisconsin’s best fall drives

Autumn in Wisconsin is all about the color and getting out to see it. Here are five fall color tours within easy driving distance of the Chippewa Valley that are guaranteed to put you in a front row seat for Mother Nature’s annual show. Of course, you can always design your own fall driving tour ...

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... If They Stay Healthy

the eternal preseason caveat holds sway in 2015 predictions

Preparing predictions in the preseason can be perilous. A common saying is that “Team X will be good if they stay healthy,” which may prove particularly prescient for the Packers. As we prepare for the Fourth Annual Athletic Aesthetic Football Preview, understand that the guesses ...

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Working for the Big Leagues

a UW-Stout student recently completed an internship with the NFL

We hear plenty about cool places to work. Take Silicon Valley with the game-like atmospheres in the Googles of the world, or perhaps sliding into an investment firm on Wall Street and racking up commissions in the millions in your twenties. For whatever reason, many of us might overlook ...

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