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Note from the Editor | August 19, 2015

When we first started Volume One, it was very important to us that our coverage area included Menomonie. Between its busy little downtown, the Red Cedar Trail, and tons of great stuff at UW-Stout, there’s a serious heartbeat to that place. But for some reason all the great ...

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Opening Letters

Inspiring Art

living in the Valley’s art-friendly environment can spur anyone’s creativity – even mine

I never thought I’d find myself sitting alone on the southern shore of Lake Wissota at 2 in the morning with a camera – affixed atop a tripod – pointed skyward. But there I was, a few weeks ago, trying to make a permanent portrayal of the famously ephemeral aurora borealis ...

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The Rear End

The Shape of Things That Were

bow your heads to mourn the loss of goofy local landmarks

Let’s clear this up right away. I like the pagoda. I like it. The fake pagoda that used to sit atop the now-destroyed Woo’s Pagoda restaurant up on Hastings? Yes, I like it. I’m so glad the Chippewa Valley Museum was able to save it, and I hope they can do something awesome with it ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | August 19, 2015

learn more about this issue's cover art by Ana von Huben

Ana von Huben is a graphic designer and illustrator who combines digital and traditional art with work that has both delicate organic and bold graphic qualities. Ana’s love of travel and cultural fusion/juxtaposition influences her multilayered style, and she draws inspiration from ...

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Antlered Intimidation

when it comes to emulating a pro team’s logo, how far it too far?

In our modern world of smartphones and computers, we rely on icons to easily identify something we enjoy, be it an app, a game, a news source or a favorite sports team. Sports logos make for great icons: They are meant to be immediately associated with our fave franchise or college ...

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Passing On the Music

new owners excited to take helm at EC Music School

A last-minute road trip to attend the Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival in July has set the lives of Nick and Sara Poss on a new course. That weekend, they learned that their long-time friend Shawn Smets and his family were in search of a new owner for the Eau Claire Music School ...

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Music Quick Hits | August 2015

UW-Eau Claire’s activities commission just announced the brand new Local Aire Music Festival, a one-day concert event on Saturday, Oct. 3, in the Ojibwe Ballroom in Davies Center on campus, featuring some really awesome music acts with Eau Claire ties and roots ...

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Now with More Heroes

Eggplant Heroes’ new album features bigger sounds, new members

It has been about five years since the Eggplant Heroes released their debut album After This Time, and now the local folk band has released a follow-up, Better Weather. A collection of songs that travels through a series of seasons and emotions, this album is a testimony to how the band has changed ...

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Turtle Jazz

Equinox Jazz Group debuts their first album, Blue Turtle

Freddy Sklenar, a designer, artist, musician and founder the Equinox Jazz Group, is about to release the group’s first album, Blue Turtle. This straight-ahead jazz album features eight tunes that cover an array of emotions and includes cool jazz, standards, and blues ...

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Brian Bethke shares new album, Ghost Songs

Local singer-songwriter Brian Bethke has a brand-new album out this month called Ghost Songs. Before this album came together, Bethke was really starting to feel the mundanity of songwriting, but when he ceded some creative control to Evan Middlesworth at Pine Hollow Studios ...

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Renowned Musical Teamwork

Sue Orfield teams up with Ellen Whyte for CVCTV show

Eau Claire’s Sue Orfield has worked with Grammy-nominated musician Ellen Whyte since the two met in 1998. Whyte is from the west coast, but she and Orfield still make it a point to do a tour every year, this year being the ninth annual tour together. Whyte is a blues and soul singer ...

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Great Scots!

UWEC professor’s definitive book on Scottish cinema

If you happened to sit in on one of Bob Nowlan’s Scottish Film courses at UW-Eau Claire, you’ll quickly realize that this guy is an absolute expert on the topic. He not only looks at the particular style of Scottish films through an academic lens but also from the viewpoint of a huge fan ...

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Building on Ambience

Ambient Inks and Knorth Studios upgrade their HQ

Just a few years ago, Ambient Inks was just two dudes – Aaron Brice and Tim Brunner – screen printing T-shirts by hand in the garage of their rented college house in Menomonie. And it was cramped ...

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Locating the Latitude

downtown EC yoga studio will offer diverse classes

In the fall of 2003, Amy Erickson traveled from her hometown of St. Francis, Minn., and arrived on the UW-Eau Claire campus sight unseen. Going on the friendly reputation of the school and the Chippewa Valley, the eager undergrad fell in love with the community ...

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Local Look

Market Growth

Menomonie Market Co-op celebrates big new digs, looks toward future

The Menomonie Market Food Co-op’s brand-new store is the realization of a longstanding goal for member-owners of the 41-year-old grocery, which specializes in organic and natural foods. Constricted by a too-small location, the co-op worked for years planning, fundraising, and finding the perfect spot for a new store ...

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Questioning the Locals

get to know your neighbors, like Christina Wolff

Christina Wolff may be a funny lady, but she’s a busy one, too: In addition to being a mainstay of the Chippewa Valley’s burgeoning standup comedy scene (you’ll often see her on stage Tuesday and Thursday nights at The Plus), she works at Sharp Photo and teaches figure skating ...

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Startup Weekend Will Build Entrepreurial Muscle

Got an entrepreneurial inclination but don’t know how to begin? Eau Claire’s very first Startup Weekend is designed for you! The 54-hour marathon event – which runs Friday, Oct. 2, to Sunday, Oct. 4 – is a local incarnation of a worldwide movement to encourage dreamers, designers, and developers ...

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Your Chance to Hobnob with Public Radio Stars

Public radio hosts are more than disembodied, sonorous voices – they’re real, honest-to-goodness human beings. (Seriously, it’s true: I once met Garrison Keillor in the flesh.) If you don’t believe me – or even if you do – you and the rest of Wisconsin Public Radio’s western Wisconsin listening ...

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River Revelry

event focuses on Chippewa conservation, recreation

Pop quiz: What’s the most essential element that makes the Chippewa Valley the Chippewa Valley? Why, the Chippewa River, of course – a dynamic, elemental feature that has shaped our landscape, literally and figuratively, for untold millennia. On Aug. 28-29, river lovers will gather for the second annual ...

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Food / Drink

Sipping for Charity

painting and wine mix for fundraising event

From 5 to 7:30pm on Sept. 3, Chippewa Valley residents are invited to Menomonie’s Cottage Winery for the Corks & Canvas Fundraising Event. The event is the first of its kind for The Arc of Dunn County, a Menomonie advocacy organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities ...

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Food Trucks Now Welcome in Some Eau Claire Parks

The Eau Claire City Council recently took a small step toward spreading food trucks across the community’s culinary menu. On Aug. 11, council members approved a new policy that will allow food trucks to operate in three city parks: Eau Claire Soccer Park, Phoenix Park, and Owen Park ...

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Bridge to Become River-Top Restaurant for An Evening

It’s easy – especially in a place with so many of them – to view bridges as merely concrete, steel, and stone spans that help us travel from Point A to Point B. And yet some of them are architectural marvels that hang suspended above some of our most beautiful natural resources – or rivers ...

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Get On Board

skateboard event to raise funds for new skate facility

Eau Claire’s Lakeshore skate park is a modest-sized venue that’s persisted with a heavy-duty draw of local skaters. And even if it still feels like a fresh concept coming out of the wake of the rickety YMCA park’s closing, any local with a board in hand will assure you it’s well established in its third year ...

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Special Sections

City, Meet UWEC

even if you’re not a student, you can do awesome things on campus

My journey to loving Eau Claire came through a simply wonderful experience at UW-Eau Claire. As a non-traditional student I was amazed at everything there was to do and participate in on campus ...

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The Perfect Study Spots

with these secluded spots at UWEC, CVTC, and UW-Stout, you should find the serenity you need to blast through your schoolwork

Cramming. Hitting the books. Putting your nose to the grindstone. Whatever you call studying, it’s something every college student is familiar with. Whether you treat it like a part-time job or try learning everything an hour before the big test, you don’t get through college without studying ...

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Ten Things I Learned in College That Have Nothing to do With GPA

UWEC student Aaron White fills you in on what he’s learned in college outside of the classroom.

Take risks. I’m not talking about leaving your car on the wrong side of the street in the middle of winter. I’m talking about getting involved with an activity that scares you. One of the most important lessons I learned at UW-Eau Claire was the college is the most formative four (or five or six or seven) years of your life ...

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Mascot Smackdown!

They’re both blue, made of fuzzy foam, and boost school spirit. But which Chippewa Valley university mascot is the baddest of all?

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