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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | August 5, 2015

Directly above my computer monitor in my office, I have a whole slew of Post-it notes, each with a couple of words written on them in black sharpie. Every one represents an idea or initiative I have in mind for Volume One and our varied endeavors ...

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Opening Letters

Out at Coon Fork

why we endure the voluntary isolation of camping with family

‘What do you think family camping will be like in 20 years?” my cousin asked. We sat in the middle of the road on folding camp chairs, because that was the only place we could find some shade. Camping weekend is always either too hot or too cold. This was a hot year, and the family all loitered ...

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The Rear End

Like Moths to the Name

why do we insist on giving each other stupid/awesome nicknames?

It’s time for a confidential confession from your good friend Mike Paulus. Many years ago, at Regis High School here in Eau Claire, people called me “Aqua Blue.” Shocking, I know. And like most nicknames, the origins of Aqua Blue are utterly unexciting ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | August 5, 2015

learn more about this issue's cover art by Susan Walsh

“Our empty nest has allowed me time to get back to art. ... I have had many hobbies over the years and have lots of various supplies on hand. A few years ago, I ran across art journaling on Pinterest. I loved the idea of experimenting and practice without pressure ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | August 5, 2015

HOT HOT HEAT. The Torch Sisters – a local troupe of fire spinners – heated things up on the Phoenix Park Labyrinth following the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series on Thursday, July 29.

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Crackle Pop

local dude Pat Keen folds his jazz background into short, lo-fi pop songs

Eau Claire native Pat Keen’s debut solo album, Leaving, is 10 tracks long, but the entire album clocks in at just over 20 minutes. Each song in the collection functions as a punchy snapshot, and once Keen has said everything he needs to say, the track ends ...

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'Strange Little Punk Odes'

stories explore emotional turmoil of Midwestern youth

In his short story collection Marcel, Eau Claire native Grant Maierhofer crafts a line that skillfully sums up the relationship between late teen/early twenty-something locals and their hometowns: “The sky was miserable and blue.” No matter how attractive the city, no matter how blue the sky ...

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Visual Art

Buzzworthy Stage Setup

EC’s Antic Studios lights up festivals all over the region

When the sun came down over the festival grounds a few weekends ago, you may have noticed an interesting glow coming from the riverside. During the day, those large, white letters weren’t much other than an indicator you were at the right place, the Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival ...

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Rich Fields of the World

a traveler interprets the world and paints with soul

Outside Osseo, in a studio folded into the green hills like a hidden hue in one of her paintings, Rebecca Crowell creates eloquent abstract work from the landscape around her. She came to Eau Claire in the early 1980s as an undergraduate studying painting at UW-Eau Claire and now ...

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Chalk the Walks: Chalkfest’s new location and more!

After seven successful years of sidewalk art extravaganzas, Volume One’s annual Chalkfest has finally outgrown downtown Eau Claire’s charming (but pint-sized) Wilson Park and has found a new home on the UW-Eau Claire’s central campus mall on Saturday, Aug. 15. Chalk art admirers ...

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Local Lit

Whitefish Lake, Fifth of July

All afternoon the ski-boats whomp / and roar, bow-waves curling the lake’s cut skin. / Ecstatic, the dog yelps, leaps from the slanted dock, / swims after her ball. Osprey call and pileated call, / loon crying again and again from its shadowed / cove: lake as asylum ...

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Special Things for Your Space

Spaced Out Furnishing specializes in classically niche design styles

Susan “Sue” Derfus has been passionate about furniture, living spaces, and putting them together with style since she was a child. She is the perfect example of the lifelong learner. From her early education in graphic design, she was called to write, and then to create and conduct professional training workshops ...

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Pretty & Pristine

Osseo's Vintage Vixen finds the beauty in worn out pieces

Amongst the rolling hills of Osseo, under the canopy of a pristine blue sky, I had the great pleasure of meeting Wendy Hageness, proprietor of Vintage Vixen. Immediately, I was struck by her crisp style and warm charm. Her work outfit is that of an experienced carpenter with excellent style ...

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Getting off the Ground

new consignment furniture, decor business grows fast

Megan and John Glass-brenner have always wanted to start their own business. And they also wanted it to benefit people who were in need while still providing themselves with an income to raise their children, now toddlers ...

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"Classy Junk"

annual foundry sale fills industrial building with eclectic goodies

If you’re the kind of person who believes the term “classy junk” isn’t a contradiction in terms, then the annual Foundry Sale is for made for you. Held inside an actual old foundry in downtown Eau Claire, this sale is organized by Mary Freeberg, who a few years ago decided to sell some of the collectibles ...

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Local Look

Wheely Useful

the Chippewa Valley finally has a detailed bike map

With a fairly robust network of state- and city-designated bike trails, an increasing number of on-street bike lanes and “sharrows,” and a growing culture of biking for transportation and recreation, it’s somewhat surprising that one simple, useful tool has eluded the Chippewa Valley’s bicyclists until now: a good map ...

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Can You Help Find Mabel's Medallions?

As part of the yearlong celebration of the beautiful, historic theater’s 125th anniversary, the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts is holding three medallion hunts in Menomonie. What’s a medallion hunt? Essentially, it’s a treasure hunt during which clues are revealed daily to hint at the location of a prize ...

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Challenging Normal

exchange program to bring young people from Alabama to Eau Claire\

Everyone has a “normal,” whether we think about it or not. Our day-to-day routine is full of things we become used to, so much so that we might not recognize aspects of our society. This month a new program will take place that might shake up the “normal” for folks in the Chippewa Valley ...

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Food / Drink

The Leinie Life

Dick Leinenkugel talks about beer, brotherly advice, and his brewery’s big plans

Dick Leinenkugel may be president of the legendary brewery that bears his great-great-grandfather’s name – a brewery that now sells its products in all 50 states, a brewery that’s part of the second-largest beer maker in the nation, MillerCoors – but he’s not isolated in a corporate office far from Chippewa Falls...

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A Choice Projekt

the mad science behind the experimental flavors at the Brewing Projekt

Over the past decade, the Chippewa Valley has seen a serious boom in beer business. Between Leinenkugel’s becoming a major player on the national level and smaller craft breweries like Lazy Monk and Lucette finding their footholds in the area, it’s not hard to find a locally brewed beer ...

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Say Cheese!

a delegation of Wisco cheese producers showed their stuff in China

We already know that Holland’s Family Cheese over in Thorp makes some of the best cheese in the country. Well, the best. Their Marieke Gouda Mature was the Grand Champion in the 2013 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest. And since 2006, the cheesemakers have won more than 80 awards for their amazing cheese ...

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Honing Their Craft

UW-Stout hosts conference for Midwest's small brewers

UW-Stout has two great programs in Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management and Food Science. This complementary pairing was one of the main reasons that Anna McCabe, who works in of Professional Education Programs and Services at UW-Stout, thought that a craft brewery conference ...

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Suds & Slices

fuel your love of our classic consumable with these and other books from The Local Store

Bottoms Up celebrates Wisconsin’s taverns and the breweries that fueled them. Beginning with inns and saloons, the book explores the rise of taverns and breweries, the effects of temperance and Prohibition, and attitudes about gender, ethnicity, and morality. Contemporary photographs of unusual ...

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Bottom's Up!

online critics rave about our local brews

It’s one thing for us to say that we make great beer in the Chippewa Valley. It’s another thing to back up our claim by pointing to judgments by some of the thousands of users at two top beer-rating websites. So we checked out how our brews stacked up on and ...

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Building on Local Food

Forage, a community food space, will triple in size

While being interviewed about the current expansion going on at Forage owner Trish Cummins liberally uses the term “incubator.” The “Kitchen Incubator” is a center for catering, retail, and wholesale production – versions of which are already at work in Boston ...

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Kid Culture

Ready for the Road

big rig show’s got a parade, an ice road trucker, and ... Frozen

While it was once the month that kids suffered from the back-to-school blues, in recent years August has become a time that Chippewa Valley youngsters look forward to: It’s when a rumbling, smoking, and honking armada of semi trucks rolls through town. The sixth annual Eau Claire Big Rig Truck & Tractor Show ...

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Ready for the Road

big rig show’s got a parade, an ice road trucker, and ... Frozen

While it was once the month that kids suffered from the back-to-school blues, in recent years August has become a time that Chippewa Valley youngsters look forward to: It’s when a rumbling, smoking, and honking armada of semi trucks rolls through town. The sixth annual Eau Claire Big Rig Truck & Tractor Show ...

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Sawdust Serenade

chainsaw carving champs descend on Eau Claire

There’s about to be a strong buzz in Eau Claire in August, and we’re not talking about urban bees. The U.S. Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship will be held Aug. 6-9 at the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum in Carson Park. This unique competition – which raises money for the museum ...

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Hot Weather, Hot Wheels

more than 100 classics expected at St. James car show

Roll out your wheels for the car show at the St. James the Greater 24th Annual Summerfest. Held Sunday, Aug. 9, starting at 8am, the show is open to collectors, enthusiasts, or just anyone with a passion for cars. Enter to win a dash plaque, a “super trophy,” or a door prize. Car clubs are encouraged to attend ...

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