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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | July 22, 2015

Today the dust is settling after the inaugural Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival. Everything’s been packed up and the grounds are healing in advance of this weekend’s Country Jam action. It’s likely clear that we at Volume One have been pretty amped up ...

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Opening Letters

Little Shows, Big Entertainment

how local music can compete with the arena rock experience

Growing up in the ’80s, it was all about Big. Big hair. Big boom boxes. Big guitar solos at big concerts. Pyrotechnics! Shout-along choruses! Even throughout the ’90s, I liked big venues: Alpine Valley, Target Center, or, later, the rolling hills of Rock Fest. There was something communal about ...

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The Rear End

Camp of Approval

who’s afraid of the big, bad woods?

What’s up, campers? I’m looking at you, people who camp all year long, in any kind of weather. You camp in the muggiest of summers and the frostiest of winters. You brag about camping in the Rocky Mountains with nothing but a hand towel for a blanket and a wad of fishing line to snare dinner ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | July 22, 2015

“‘Tubing with the Victorians’ is a photo series done in collaboration with Eau Claire native Jake Lindgren, who did the styling. I knew he had access to the costume department, and I have many a fond memory of tubing down the Chippewa River in college.  I love playing with ...”

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Opening Shots

Enlarging Freedom for 25 Years

for millions of us, the Americans with Disabilities Act has improved life in big (and small) ways

As John Locke said: “The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.” The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is an amazing piece of civil rights legislation that has immeasurably increased freedom of access to the good things of life for the 19 percent of us who have disabilities ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Filling the On-Field Gap

Cavaliers kept baseball alive in Eau Claire, and they’re still going strong

There are at least a couple of generations of Chippewa Valley natives and longtime residents for whom the first words that come to mind when thinking of local baseball are “Eau Claire Cavaliers.” The Cavs, the underrated success story of America’s Pastime in western Wisconsin ...

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Wisconsin Sessions

a chat with Brad Kolberg about his WPR show, which highlights Wisco musicians

More Wisconsin-grown music is about to hit airwaves. WPR’s popular talk show Central Time is now airing Set List, a Friday afternoon, summer-long series of segments that showcase Wisconsin musicians. The series is produced by Brad Kolberg and Karl Christensen, former students at UW-Eau Claire ...

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Thinking of Waldemar

Reverii frontman plunges the depths of solo work

Clinical depression tends to run in Gabe Larson’s family. “Mom’s side of the family, everybody’s got it. Dad’s side of the family, everybody’s got it,” the singer and multi-instrumentalist told me. “Me and my siblings, we’ve always known that. We all just look around like, ‘When’s it gonna happen to me?’ ” ...

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Feel the Northern Noize

‘live from the 715,’ label mixes, masters, and promotes local hip hop

The task of tidying up your sound is one part of the recording process many startup musicians want to attempt a leap over, but end up knee-deep in a mucky product instead. Jordan Hoversholm is the gentleman placing his coat in the crosswalk as a musical stepping stone with Northern Noize ...

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Don't Underestimate Smokey J

You might not yet be hip to local hip-hop act Smokey J, but you might also be kicking yourself while retracing her tracks after hearing the rapper-producer’s veteran sound. The Kenosha/Eau Claire native is covering ground with her freshly released mixtape The Prelude ...

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Three Days of Fun, Five Dollars

three distinct headliners have nothing in common

Want to have a lot of fun and only spend five dollars? Ashley for the Arts, the three day festival in Arcadia, is coming up on August 6, 7, and 8. All three days are packed with an assortment of music and entertainment, which will feature some great headliners. Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons will be performing on Aug. 7. The esteemed music group which has an estimated 100 million records ...

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Bite-Sized Shakespeare

local playwrights cut The Bard into hilarious chunks

Who are Jim and Jane Jeffries? If you’re from Eau Claire you probably already know them from their annual Comedy Fair where they present their unique brand of original farce and hilarity. The theater company is called Jest Scripts. Jane writes most of the plot and characters and Jim adds the humor ...

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Wisco Library Group Loves Butler's Book

Chippewa Valley author Nickolas Butler has once again been honored for his best-selling debut novel, Shotgun Lovesongs. The book, which weaves a tale of old friends nearing middle age in a small Wisconsin town, was selected as the Literary Award winner ...

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Visual Art

An Exhibit of Art, Healing

Galaudet Gallery’s new exhibit “My Medicine Art Show: Part Two” celebrates art as healing power featuring Native American Oscar Howe’s artistic medicine and Vicki Milewski’s rejuvenating art. “Self-discovery as health is what this exhibit explores,” explains Vicki, who co-owns the downtown ...

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Catching a Screening

Catching Faith, an indie movie filmed in the Chippewa Valley last summer, is coming back to premiere in Chippewa Falls. The Christian-themed sports movie stars Lorena York, Garrett Westton, and Bill Engvall, and features extras from around the Valley ...

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Local Look

Nowhere to Park

city struggles to find right spot for bike corral

Bicyclists sometimes have difficulty finding a good place to park their wheels while they visit, shop, or otherwise enjoy downtown Eau Claire. To address this problem, last year the city bought a bike corral, a specialized metal rack which can accommodate 10 bicycles in an on-street ...

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Lake Menomin: The Good, the Bad, and the Algae

UW-Stout program attracts undergrads from around the country to confront toxic lake problem

Lake Menomin and the surrounding watershed are intertwined with the animals, farms, and people of Menomonie. Like so many Wisconsin communities, the city shares a geographic, social, and economic relationship with the local water resources. Unfortunately over time, elevated levels of ...

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Harness the Wind

CVTC prepares for power-generating turbine

While on a road trip in California, driving from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, I came upon a stellar sight. As the landscape got drier, past the city limits and pushing into wide open space, I was greeted by miles of wind turbines at work. It was a beautiful sight; having never seen such a large display ...

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Let the Sun Shine In

two Chippewa Valley utility companies launch solar power programs

Most people love summer for the same reason: the sun. It warms us up after the harsh winters our state is notorious for – at least for a few months. But that great big burning ball of gas in the sky gives us more than a free tan: Many people are recognizing its ability to provide us with a renewable ...

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Curbside Compost: Garbage into Gold

new Eau Claire business will turn your kitchen waste into compost – and take out the trash, too

Red wiggler earthworms served as the initial inspiration for Zacharious and Jamie Pappas’ newly created business, Earthbound Environmental Solutions, which will offer curbside composting to individuals and families in the Eau Claire area ...

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Riding the Workforce Wave

retirement of Baby Boomers creates opportunities – and problems – for younger Chippewa Valley workers

True to its moniker, the Baby Boom generation is still making noise. This time, it’s in the local and national labor market. If you listen closely, the rumble you hear is the tectonic shift of this massive generation – which makes up about 30 percent of today’s workforce – entering retirement ...

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'I'm Glad You Fired Me'

losing an internship at age 20 has provided valuable life-long lessons

‘Today will be your last day.” These words randomly emerged from the recesses of my memory the other night. I was washing dishes and listening to a TED Talk. I was not feeling particularly nostalgic that evening, or thinking about anyone or anything in particular ...

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Savvy Secrets for Job Hunters

We talked to Chippewa Valley experts about what it takes to land the job you want.

"Many job-seekers look at job postings and underestimate their ability to do a job. Perhaps it is because the position is in an industry they lack experience in or the position is not exactly in the area they were educated in. Those job-seekers should ..."

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Struck by the Spear

The infamous storm of 1980 may have been one of the worst weather events in local history, but it brought out the best in Eau Claire’s people.

By 1980, radar technology had advanced sufficiently that local television stations could operate their own such machines. What used to be the realm of the military and the National Weather Service could now be erected where your TV weathermen did their jobs. That summer, one of these radars ...

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Food / Drink

Opening the Chatterbox

new talkative cafe is ready to serve and chat a bit

There are few things more characteristically Midwestern than chattering with friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or (if you’re in my family) anyone in hearing range. That’s the vibe a new local restaurant, Lynn’s Chatterbox Café, is going for at 1410 South Hastings Way (the former home of Chicken Unlimited and Delish Cuisine) ...

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Kid Culture

Chippewa Falls' New Playground

Irvine Park upgrades with fancy new playground

It’s got a zoo, a cave, a splash pad, and the most amazing Christmas light display this side of the North Poll, but somehow Chippewa Falls’ Irvine Park just managed to get even more fun: Earlier this summer, a huge new set of playground equipment was installed just across from the park’s duck pond ...

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The Pros of Cons

a new table-top gaming convention fills a new niche

Some of you may have been disappointed hearing that No Brand Con won’t return to Eau Claire next year. After growing too large, it was decided that the convention would take place in Wisconsin Dells, but don’t worry! Coming up on July 25, Clearwater Con will be coming to Eau Claire ...

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