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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | June 24, 2015

The staff at Volume One has been busy the last couple of months and now has an exciting announcement to make. We’ve recently launched an entirely new, stand-alone “sister” publication called Chippewa Valley Family. It’s a complete ...

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Opening Letters

Don't Go Changing

a handful of local businesses are totally acing the test of time

I apologize for bragging, and many of you probably know this already, but I was on the champion Parks and Rec 11-13 year old baseball team in 1992. It might have been 1991, or 1993, but either way it was a major event in my life and in the history of the city. Local baseball fans undoubtedly still discuss the skills ...

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The Rear End

Rocks and Rivers

the most fun you can have doing almost nothing

You try to find the biggest rock. Within reason. After all, you’ll need to carry it to the water’s edge, and you must toss it a visually satisfying distance into the deep. The “biggest rock” is not a boulder. It’s a size and weight you can handle. The biggest rock is just right ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | June 24, 2015

North country landscape artist Marcus Clark paints from old and new photographs. He works in a combination of styles – early American, combined with impressionism. His early works were done in oils, later in acrylics on fiberboard. This painting was one of his early Americana series. The idea was a farm in storybook setting.

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Opening Shots

Trepidation on the Trail

How do three late-middle-aged guys hike 30 miles? With a lot of second thoughts.

My buddy Gregg is sixty-something and has enjoyed backpacking since he was a young man. When he invited me to join him for a trip on the Superior Hiking Trail, which traces Lake Superior in northern Minnesota, I enthusiastically said “yes” while harboring some quiet reservations. He also invited a mutual friend, Don ...

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Guest Conductors to Lead Chamber Orchestra

Drumroll please! The Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra has selected three guest baton-wielders for its 2015-16 concert season as long-time conductor and music director Ivar Lunde Jr. transitions into retirement. Lunde will continue as musical director for the coming season. He will conduct half of ECCO’s opening concert “Just Beethoven” on ...

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Granite Rose Garage Rock

rockers embrace raw recordings and AC/DC

In his acceptance speech at the Grammys in 2012, Dave Grohl talked about his award-winning record, Walk, and how he and the Foo Fighters recorded it while playing live together in a garage. He spoke about how important the human element and embracing imperfection was in the music making process. I recently had the opportunity ...

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Into the Depths

Fathom strings together heart-heavy new mixtape

One of Eau Claire’s longest standing rappers seems bent on pushing characteristically anti-hip-hop material: the sort of push that traditionalists might shove back at. Cory Crowell, better identified by locals scanning show flyers as Fathom, isn’t bored with the conventional, he just knows himself better than to continue that route ...

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Stars Align for Country Fest

Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, Keith Urban are headlining

Let’s face it; country music and winter just don’t mix. Luckily, we’re in the thick of summer and that means there will be plenty of gigantic country music concerts coming up. Can’t afford the gas to drive hours away for a concert? Well luckily, there is one is taking place right down the road in rural Cadott ...

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Now in Technicolor

Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild tackles classic tale

As I sat in the back staircase of the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild with Katie Schumacher, we talked about the upcoming production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat, which she is directing. While we chatted, the sound of 60 cast members warming up their singing voices drifted through the staircase ...

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Breaking the Mold

Christian teen skit group tackles full-length musical

Put the words “church” and “theater troupe” in the same sentence and you generally conjure images of kids clad in old bathrobes portraying shepherds in the annual Christmas pageant. That’s not the vibe you’ll find with Eau Claire’s TAG Skit Group, a troupe of seventh- through 12th-graders who’ve been performing at churches, camps ...

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Improbable Success

teachers’ book explores Wildlands School’s approach

“The biggest difference between what Wildlands Charter School does and what traditional schools do is this: Wildlands teaches you how to learn, how to develop your own abilities and how to do anything, while traditional schooling teaches you how to be a student.” ...

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Ready to Go Nova

EC native’s sci-fi debut has national publisher

In the midst of an intergalactic war, 500 POWs are being sent home as part of a cease-fire; among them is Lia Johansen. A young woman whose parents died in front of her eyes, Lia is just a scared refugee uncertain of who she is or what she will do next. Or is she? Shortly after reaching New Sol Space Station, Lia’s memories coming ...

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Visual Art

A Little Piece of Marlene

a whole life’s worth of art for her family and friends

‘The thing about art or painting is if you are at it long enough, it consumes you. I don’t think of anything when I paint except what I’m doing.” Marlene Reppert is an amateur painter. Her artwork isn’t hanging in galleries all over world or renowned by the snooty art elite. Rather, most of her paintings hang in the houses and spaces of those ...

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Local Lit

First Guitar

My first guitar bore, as badge of its possibly dissipated former life, the ring a bottle might leave on a polished table top. At fourteen, I was sure it had been a beer bottle. Bought by my father for ten dollars from a musician buddy, it came strung backwards, left-handed, a practical ...

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Local Look

Up From the Ashes

business to use wood from doomed local trees

A 2014 meeting of the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce Green Committee raised concerns about the emerald ash borer’s toll on the Chippewa Valley’s many ash trees. Eau Claire City Forester Todd Chwala projected that 40,000 ash trees in the city will need to be cut down in the coming decade due to the impending invasion of ...

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Eau Claire's Big Plan Needs Your Input

Just as buildings have blueprints, so do cities, and in Eau Claire that blueprint is known as the Comprehensive Plan. That hefty document – which covers everything from land use to parks, from economic development to improving the downtown – is in the midst of a once-a-decade revision. Since last September, an ad hoc committee of ...

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New Water Street Landing for Tubers

Tubing down the Chippewa River in Eau Claire has exploded in popularity in the past few years. Tubers, who typically launch from Phoenix Park, enjoy lazy summertime floating in large numbers. One drawback has been clear, however: There aren’t many good places to ...

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Tewalt Gets City Council Seat

The Eau Claire City Council has a brand-new member: Tim Tewalt was chosen by his council peers-to-be June 9 to fill a vacancy representing District 1 on the city’s north side. Tewalt, who works as program director and instructor of industrial mechanics at Chippewa Valley Technical College, will hold the seat previously occupied by Councilman ...

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New Hotel Rising On U.S. 53

Altoona’s River Prairie isn’t the only place where development is popping up along U.S. 53. A few miles north, ground has been broken for a 90-unit Fairfield Inn & Suites in the new Princeton Crossing development, which is at the intersection of U.S. 53 and the North Crossing. Haselwander Companies, which is building the hotel, expects ...

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Food / Drink

Double Your Freshness

new program helps needy families get more for their money at the downtown farmers market

Over the past decade, nothing has come to represent the rising tide of the local food movement in the Chippewa Valley than the Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market. On Saturday mornings (and, to a lesser extent on Wednesdays and Thursdays), the pavilion at Phoenix Park is a bustling hive of activity, jam-packed with vendors ...

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Planning for Preservation

safety steps can preserve the bountiful produce of Wisconsin's summer

Spaghetti sauce full of the flavor of garden-fresh tomatoes. Strawberry jam bursting with fruit at the peak of ripeness. With the proper equipment and up-do-date recipes, these and other family favorites can be safely canned at home. “Preserving food from your garden or orchard can be a good way to combat the rising prices ...

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Kid Culture

Tiny Kids, Tinier Technology

You think your kiddos are small, with their itsy-bitsy fingers and teeny-tiny toes? You don’t know the half of it – or, to be more appropriate, the one-billionth of it. A new display at the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire will teach you and your young ones what it means to be really small – we’re talking nanoscale small. The touring “Nano” exhibit ...

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Other Stuff

Just Plane Brilliant

air show shenanigans include a jet engine in a truck

What’s that in the sky? It’s a bird … It’s a Blugold … nope! It’s the 2015 Chippewa Valley Air Show! The show takes flight at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport on July 4 and 5 with a first class (heyo!) line up of performers. Among the performers will be none other than the Blue Angels, with their stunning twists and flips. Making up a total 16 ...

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Doggone Better

the canine components of Mayo’s Paws Force help stressed patients, family members, and caregivers

Bella and Teddy, two little white fido furballs of fun, and their owners have experienced firsthand the benefits of pet therapy – for patient, pet, and volunteer – at Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. More pets and volunteers are needed now that Mayo’s Paws Force program is expanding to Mayo’s Barron, Bloomer, Menomonie ...

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Veterinary Visitors

voyaging vet service comes right to pet owners' doors

When pet owners need to get shots or other medical treatments for Fido or Fluffy, their options are usually limited to squeezing angry, anxious furballs into carriers and listening to them howl and yowl all the way to the veterinary office and back. The experience can be unpleasant for animals and humans alike. But what if – like the fabled ...

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So Hoppy Together

rabbits are America's third most-popular pet. longtime bunny lover Jennifer Hoffman tells us why.

Jennifer Hoffman has been in love with rabbits ever since she got one as a pet while stationed in Hawaii with the Army 17 years ago. Seeking a small household companion that wasn’t a cat (she’s allergic), she found a bunny in a pet store. “It was love at first sight,” she explains. Her first rabbit ...

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