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The Shooting Range

sure, many hunters are content gunning for deer. But from snipe to porcupine, there’s a lot more than that to hunt in Wisconsin.

Bagging a big buck is the stuff of many Wisconsin hunters’ dreams, and the annual fall deer hunt (and its muzzle-loader, antlerless, archery, and other variations) is deeply ingrained in our state’s culture. Yet despite all this emphasis on Bambi’s family, hunting in Wisconsin doesn’t begin and end with the white-tailed deer. In fact, deer are just one the many ...

Raised Organic: Wheatfield Hill Beef

for Durand farm family, good soil and good grass equal great meat

If you’ve frequented the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market, you’ve undoubtedly seen the Wheatfield Hill Organics display, which typically overflows with a rainbow of beautiful produce, from asparagus to muskmelon, not to mention homemade fruit spreads and toffee. It’s a veritable vegetarian wonderland ...

Ticking Off the Hours

a visitor in the dark stretches of a summer’s night

My sister and I used to sleep in the same room up at our family’s cabin. My dad had built the twin beds himself, using his all-time favorite building material: the humble yet infinitely versatile 2x4. If I had a dollar for every 2x4 I had to yank from my dad’s pickup truck and heave over to his various ...

This One Is Special

Like an old photograph, the events took time to develop. I was an undergraduate working as an usher at yet another 1990s UW-Eau Claire commencement ceremony. The jobs were standard: Don’t let anyone use this door, keep this aisle clear, don’t let people congregate here, etc. But before the ceremony started, they called an audible. The photographer’s assistant was sick. They asked me to take his place ...

Graduates: Don't Be Afraid to Fail

As you enter the world, don’t worry that you don’t have all the answers. In fact, no one does.

Dear young(er) people – I’ve always wanted to write a commencement speech, but that usually requires being invited to a commencement at which to speak. And because I am not Jim Carrey, J.K. Rowling, or Oprah, I am not likely to be invited to commencement anytime soon ...

Celebrating Our Nature

Birds, Bugs & Blooms Bash kicks off with 30+ field trips

Being in the Chippewa Valley, we’re constantly surrounded by nature. Rivers, trees, trails, wildlife, birds, flowers, plants, prairies, lakes, bugs – we’ve got it all. Now, there’s a festival to celebrate all the wonderful nature our little valley has to offer at the Birds, Bugs & Blooms Bash – three days full of learning about our local outdoors ...

The Valley Gets a Taste of the Wild Wild Steampunk West

at the Chippewa Valley LogJam, all Playtrons (patrons who play along) are welcome

Imagine an event where Paul Bunyan meets Bonanza meets Doctor Who, and you’ll be at the first-ever Chippewa Valley LogJam Wild West Fest and Steampunk Spectacular. The new event, to be held the first three weekends in June in Chippewa Falls, received a joint effort ...

Cookies at the Door

Menomonie baker delivers cookies (and they’re warm!)

Everyone loves cookies baked with love, and that’s exactly what the Red Cedar Cookie Company is bringing to your door – delivering fresh, delicious cookies with cold milk. With nine different flavors of cookies, from classics like chocolate chip to creative flavors such as birthday cake and salted caramel oatmeal, Red Cedar has a treat for anyone and everyone ...

Homemade & Comfortable

award-winning Brazilian steakhouse transitions into homemade comfort food

The king is dead; long live the king! It’s true, the space that once housed Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse – Eau Claire’s No. 1 restaurant (according to V1’s 2014 Best of the Chippewa Valley reader poll) – has closed its doors. But when one door closes, another opens – and in this case, the old owner is also the new owner. That’s right. Mark Reams has decided to take his award-winning team and try something different ....

Summery Screenings

themed nights, big movies at UWEC’s Summer Cinema

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means; it’s time to stop freezing our bums off and take part in our favorite summer activities. Going to the beach, playing a little disc golf, enjoying a picnic with the family, or maybe watching a movie. Don’t think watching a movie is a summer activity? It is when the big screen is outside ...

Education Publisher Scores Book Award

Eau Claire-based PESI Inc. is known nationwide as a provider of continuing education – seminars, conferences, and the like – in the health care and behavioral health fields. But the nonprofit organization has a publishing arm as well, and back in April PESI Publishing and Media won three awards ...

New Altoona Butcher Steaking a Claim

Rump’s Butcher Shoppe emphasizes quality cuts

Bob Adrian readily acknowledges he can’t do anything halfway. When he decided to open an old-fashioned butcher shop in Altoona, he wanted to create a unique place to sell high-quality local meat. Over time, his dream grew to encompass a drastically renovated space, a wide range of grocery ...

Train in Vain

city has option to buy steam locomotive housed at Duluth museum

Since it first took to the rails in 1923, the Soo Line 2719 has traveled countless miles – and its journey may not be finished yet. There’s an outside change the historic steam-powered locomotive, which was once displayed in Eau Claire’s Carson Park before spending years as an excursion train and a museum piece in Duluth, Minn., could return to the Chippewa Valley. However, that plan faces an uphill climb.

City Considers Year-Round Public Market in West Bank Development

Once an industrial hub and the site of a cannery, Eau Claire’s West Bank neighborhood has been largely ignored and underused for decades. If city planners get their way, however, it could blossom anew as an integral hub of the Chippewa Valley’s burgeoning local food movement.

Opening Shot | May 27, 2015

Spotted in Eau Claire: uni-versal access. Seen roaring down Eau Claire’s Graham Avenue on a sunny day in May, this unicycle commuter keeps it safe with the proper headgear.

On the Cover | May 27, 2015

learn more about this issue's cover art by Emily Nau

“When I was living in Eau Claire, I could not afford cable TV, so YouTube became my main form of entertainment. One of the YouTubers I follow shared that he got a new puppy named Edgar Allan Pug. This news reminded me of a portrait assignment from a previous class ..."

Note from the Editor | May 27, 2015

Here we are in late May already, which means I’ve been working on my summer bucket list, since, oh I don’t know … January. These days, with a three-year-old (and a newborn) in tow, the character of the list is a bit different than it used to be, but not too different ...

Our 90-Day Bender of Joy

the last 10 years have completely transformed summer in Eau Claire, and now there’s no looking back

Let’s get down to business here and make an official declaration: It’s summer in the Valley. We may still see a chilly day or two, but for all intents and purposes, we’re mere days away from tumbling headlong into a 90-day bender of joy, aka Summertime in the Chippewa Valley ...

Lazy Monk's New Locale

all systems are go for the brewery’s new location

Lazy Monk Brewery has been approved to move from their current location near Banbury Place to a much larger space by the Chippewa River at the corner of Oxford Ave and Madison St in the old Charlson building. This last week Theresa and Leos were kind enough to take a quick break in the hectic swing of excitement to answer a few of our questions ...

Banking on the Future

plans proceed for West Bank redevelopment

A new plan for the redevelopment of Eau Claire’s West Bank neighborhood includes plenty of green space, trails, overlooks, and other ways to enjoy an underappreciated stretch of the Chippewa River just north of downtown Eau Claire. The city Redevelopment Authority ...

New Downtown Bus Loop Costs 50 Cents

A new circulator route will make getting around downtown Eau Claire easier this summer. On May 20, the Eau Claire Transit Commission approved the creation of a new route that will follow a five-mile loop around the central city each 20 minutes ...

Big Changes for Chalkfest 2015

annual summer chalk art event relocating to UWEC campus, adding amenities

This summer will see an entirely new approach (plus a new date and new location) for Chalkfest, Volume One’s classic chalk art event in downtown Eau Claire which thousands of people have been attending since 2008. To take the event to the next level and build its strength ...