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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Mar. 4, 2015

We were honored to be a part of the Downtown Eau Claire Inc. annual awards banquet at the end of February, where a number of community leaders gathered to recognize the progress downtown, including handing out awards to roughly a dozen ...

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Opening Letters

Roaming the Icy Rivers

learning and re-learning about the attractive dangers of river ice

At dusk, I take my two German shorthaired pointers for their usual after-work walk. They need this daily discharge of pent-up energy. Especially the puppy, whom my father has nicknamed “Zip-code” because of her penchant for pursuing far-off ...

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The Rear End

The End of a Cat

a furry Eau Clairian has come and gone

In January I added a weird thing to my daily to-do list. Right there between paying some bills and sending some emails, I’d added death. Yep, death. I needed to schedule some death. For my cat. Over the phone. ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Mar. 4, 2015

learn more about this issue's cover art by April Moriah

“‘Unobstructed Views’ was a piece inspired by a rushed speed walk through Phoenix Park to the transit center. I wanted to capture what it is like to experience a Wisconsin winter after the holidays have passed. This piece was meant to express ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Mar. 4, 2015

A FIREY FUNDRAISER. On Feb. 27, The Fire Ball – UW-Eau Claire’s annual drag-tastic fundraiser for the Women’s & LGBTQ Resource Center – brought together fierce local drag performers and headliners from RuPaul’s Drag Race ...

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Brett Newski

EC native tours globe, works with ex-Violent Femme

In 2011, Eau Claire native Brett Newski traveled Southeast Asia on his own, while writing music for his first LP. His tour included Thailand, Korea, and the Philippines. He then lived in Vietnam for two years doing odd jobs such as voice-overs and gu

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Sign of the Pine

The Millenium strips down tunes for new release

It seems to me that there’s always something curious happening behind the doors of Pine Hollow Studios. It’s a hot spot for local musicians to experiment with new sounds, creative ideas, and work with other artists in the area. For the guys ...

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Classical Passion

EC Chamber Orchestra explores Grieg, Sibelius

The Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra always “tells” interesting stories. Its upcoming concert, “A Passionate Evening,” is no different. A Norwegian farm boy’s life as a metaphor for the Norwegian people’s identity, a swan that survives the threat of ...

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The Magic of Mary Poppins

ECCT production is much more than a replica of the classic Disney film

‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” Odds are when you read that to yourself just now, you also recited the classic melody from one of Disney’s most classic films. Mary Poppins, the magical nanny we all know and love, will soon be flying ...

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Sister Act

humor, sadness mark Little Women musical

The March family is no ordinary family, and Little Women is no ordinary musical. Based on the book-turned-movie, The Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild will be putting on its own production of the Broadway musical this month ...

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Wisconsin 'Whydunnit'

book examines infamous 2004 deer hunter murders

Those living in Wisconsin – or anywhere else that deer hunting is a cherished autumn ritual, not a mere hobby – undoubtedly remember the horrifying news that came out of the northwoods on Nov. 21, 2004: Six hunters were shot and killed ...

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Paranormal Romance

magic, death entwine for novel set on UWEC campus

Ann Noser graduated from UW-Eau Claire in December of 1993. Last summer, publishing her first novel, How to Date Dead Guys, was in many ways a flashbulb-memory homecoming to the throes and romantics of campus life. For Noser’s undergraduate ...

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Visual Art

Art Will Rise in the Phark

Attention artists of Eau Claire! The JAMF Nation Global Foundation is soliciting proposals for original works of sculpture art to be displayed at Phoenix Park near the new office of JAMF Software. The final selection will be chosen by a jury ...

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A Minimal Mark

Brock expresses his vision in charcoal alone

David Brock is finding freedom in limitation. In the small mint-green room at the Haas Fine Arts Center that he calls both office and studio, he has been drawing all winter. In final preparation for the opening of his show at the ...

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Local Lit


Two days after my mom’s funeral, I realize the silver hoop I’ve had in my upper ear cartilage since 1985 is gone. Mom hated the line of six earrings I wore in my left ear. When I was in high school she said, “Talk to your gym teacher about what ...

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Local Look

They Wood If They Could

coalition wants to make better use of city-cut lumber

If a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound? We’re still pondering that philosophical question. However, we do know what happens when a tree falls in Eau Claire, at least on city property: It’s turned into wood chips ...

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Food / Drink

Brewery Screwery

local brewing operation faces even more hurdles

There can’t be that many businesses that have faced more hardship and red tape than The Brewing Projekt. The experimental craft brewery headed up by “former” owner of The Fire House, Will Glass, has had to deal with everything ...

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Coast to Coast ... Almost

new owners will expand on tradition at Brackett Bar

When my husband and I were courting, departing his parents’ home near Foster, we’d head into Eau Claire for a night out. Afterward as we drove out of town, heading south on U.S. 53, past Oakwood where the speed limit is 65, then 55, we’d slowly ...

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Bringing in the Brew Crew

Minn. man plans brewery, distillery in Chippewa Falls

Look out Leinie’s, there’s a new brewery in town – or at least there soon will be. James Stirn of Savage, Minn., was searching for a place for his proposed brewery and distillery to call home when he stumbled across Chippewa Falls ...

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Trapping Your Tastebuds

Those looking for a quick sandwich in downtown Eau Claire need look no further than The Mousetrap Tavern, which is now serving crockpot favorites Wednesday through Friday from 11am until the bar closes. Having served burgers years ago ...

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Kid Culture

Kids Help Kids at CVYS Show

‘Pirates and Dragons’ benefits youth hunger charity

On Sunday, March 15, join the Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony in song and the spirit of giving as the symphony teams up with Feed My People Food Bank, an Eau Claire-based hunger charity ...

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Special Sections

Living It Up Downtown

Downtown Eau Claire Inc.’s annual Urban Living Tour showcases the coolest central-city dwellings

With new buildings popping up in the North Barstow neighborhood and more downtown lofts being renovated every year, there are always new things to see. Luckily, whether you live downtown, want to live downtown, or are just curious about the ...

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Living Above

living downtown can often mean living above something; we talked to a handful of residents about their experiences being the upstairs neighbor

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When to Buy and When to Sell

there’s no magic to the Chippewa Valley real estate market, but these simple tips can help buyers and sellers

Who wants to buy a house when the temperatures are below zero and the streets are swathed in ice? And who wants to sell one at a time of year when it’s hard enough keeping slush off the carpet, let alone maintaining floors pristine enough for an open

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Know Your Neighborhoods

Just getting acquainted with Eau Claire or thinking of moving off campus? Here are some ’hoods you should know.

Randall Park. You may refer to this as the “student ghetto,” but you’re wrong. The Historic Randall Park Neighborhood is home to thousands of students, but also some of the oldest homes in Eau Claire and plenty of families. Named after the park ...

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Will You Be My Good Neighbor?

‘renter’ can sometimes be a dirty word, but you can work to transcend these stereotypes

In some residential neighborhoods, the word “renter” is a dirty word. When some homeowners and property owners mutter the term it’s accompanied with a scowl and is unfurled off the tongue with a very specific intonation that screams pessimism ...

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What Is Mindfulness?

Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have infused our pop-culture. Even if you have not partaken in these practices, you may recognize yoga poses happening in a yogurt commercial or Buddha jokes in a print ad. Acupuncture has a place in chiropractic ...

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Her Holistic Way of Healing

a certified ophthalmologist gets meditative to nourish the spirit

If someone had told me a few weeks ago they could ease my stress and muscle pain by playing a Tibetan singing bowl, I would’ve called them crazy straight to their face. Fortunately for me, ophthalmologist, reiki master, and yoga teacher ...

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The Midday Reset

a few minutes of relaxation can provide daylong benefits

Research shows you can make yourself more alert and improve your mood and cognitive functioning with a “midday reset.” When we restart a bogged-down computer, the internal operating system works better. Putting aside five to 20 minutes around ...

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Group Mind

locals regularly meditate together

Sometimes the best way to escape the chaos in your mind is to get inside your head. For more than 10 years, the Eau Claire Buddhist Sangha, a local meditation group, has been inviting community members to join in their free meditation class, held ...

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Mindful on Campus

counseling at UWEC includes meditation workshops and sessions

On a bulletin board in a hallway of the Old Library building at UW-Eau Claire is a small white piece of paper with black print stating times when students, faculty, and staff are invited to practice Mindfulness Meditation. Lynn Wilson, director ...

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Other Stuff

Gettin' Scrappy

scrapbookers, stampers stampede to annual expo

Where can you experience nine scrapbook and stamp vendors from the upper Midwest in less than seven hours for only $4? Why, the 2015 Stampede Stampin’ and Scrappin’ Expo, of course. Now in its ninth year, the event will be ...

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