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Making History

over the past 30 years, retiring Chippewa Valley Museum Director Susan McLeod has done more than anyone to shape how we remember our own history

Historical exhibits – and not those who create them – are the reason people go to museums. That doesn’t make curators, archivists, and others unimportant: In fact, their behind-the-scenes efforts are critical to how we understand the past ...

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Jan. 21, 2015

One of the more difficult things for me is to have an idea – a feasible, plausible, perhaps even (by my yardstick) brilliant idea – but not have the time I need to execute it. And while I’ve been fortunate to have the resources and ability ...

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The Rear End

The River's Breath

Here in the dead of winter, why do our rivers smoke?

If you live here long enough, you’ll see it. The river smoke. In the raw stretches of winter, when the air is thin and the sun is a cold, white fire ... the smoke will rise from the water. It hangs there, brooding along the river’s frigid spine.

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 21, 2015

learn more about this issue's cover art by Mike Guite

“This piece was inspired by the beauty of cardinals in the winter and was created for a close friend. It differs from my normal artistic style, which usually consists of more realistic drawings with little to no abstraction. I have recently ..."

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Athletic Aesthetic

Bowl-ling for Dollars

why doesn’t the Valley get in on the post-season college football action?

Did you feel as though in late December and early January, at least a couple college football bowl games were being played on a given day? Bowls have popped-up in Montgomery, Ala., and a baseball-only domed stadium in St. Petersburg, Fla., and if ...

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Party with the Prof

outrageous Minneapolis rapper to hit the House of Rock

If history teaches us anything about Prof, it’s that the Minneapolis party-rap all-star has a knack for selling out Eau Claire’s House of Rock with his unapologetic gusto. The recent Rhymesayers signee is back for his third Water Street bout on Jan.

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Music Quick Hits | Jan. 21, 2015

You might recognize some things about the new set of orchestral indie pop songs by Sufjan Stevens, called Carrie & Lowell. First off, in the album credits both Sean Carey (of S. Carey) and Ben Lester (of Aero Flynn) as having provided some ...

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Laughs & Beats

Standup Getdown brings the funny back to House of Rock

Last September’s “Standup Getdown” at the House of Rock proved to be a big hit for the Eau Claire stand-up comedy scene. With a huge lineup of comedians and several accompanying musical acts, the event drew a surprisingly large crowd, and left the...

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Meet the New Poet Laureate

UW-Milwaukee professor to spread the good words

Now that UW-Eau Claire professor Max Garland has set aside his mantle as the state’s emissary of the literary arts, another has lifted it up: Kimberly Blaeser will serve as the Wisconsin Poet Laureate for the next two years.

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Visual Art

Noteworthy Stitching

exhibit of fiber artists’ work evokes jazz

If the visual representation of jazz through a unique and interesting medium of art is something that piques your interests, then the Janet Carson Gallery’s newest exhibit will be perfect for you. The exhibit is titled Got Jazz and features ...

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Library Looking for Artists

Are you a visual artist who’s eager to share your creations with the world? The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire wants to help. The library’s Visual Arts Committee is seeking submissions of recent work from local visual ...

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Sketching the Glassworks Universe

young improv group is working on comedy pilot

When they’re not touring the country with their improv group, Glassworks, Mack Hastings and Elliot Heinz spend a lot of their time in their office. It’s basically just a cramped room in the basement of their Randall Park residence with two desks...

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Films from Abroad

UW-Eau Claire’s International Film Society has four fine foreign films for us

Each fall and spring semester at UW-Eau Claire, the University Activities Committee and the International Film Society collaborate to create a diverse film series for the on-campus Woodland Theater. I’m honored to be a Community Member ...

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Local Look

A New Game Plan

Eau Claire hopes to be a sports-tourism all-star

The Chippewa Valley is already a reliable player when it comes to sports tourism, but some extra effort can help propel it into MVP territory. That’s the message offered by a consultant hired by Visit Eau Claire and the Eau Claire Sports...

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Time for a Trivia Marathon

WHYS radio sponsoring a 24-hour trivia contest

Get your thinking caps on because a new local contest will have you scratching your heads for the better part of 24 hours. WHYS 96.3 FM is hosting a 24-hour trivia contest Feb. 7 and 8 called “Trivia on Ice.”

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Food / Drink

Downtown Market Goes for Tokens

Phoenix Park farmers market strives to benefit FoodShare patrons

On the heels of three successful summers of the Token Program, the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market is looking to bolster the benefits for FoodShare patrons in 2015.

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Toasty Times at the Creek

Beaver Creek’s Super Bowl Sunday breakfast is legendary

Mmmm ... a melted buttery, powdered sugary, maple syrupy French toast breakfast and activities at Beaver Creek Reserve on a winter’s morning just go together. The Beaver Creek Reserve’s French Toast Breakfast – on the first Sunday in February...

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Kid Culture

Winter at Camp Manitou

kids enjoy snowshoeing, hiking during two-day camp

If your kids like Camp Manitou’s swamp hike over the summer, they’ll love its Winter Camp over Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend Saturday, Feb. 14 through Monday, Feb. 16. Now in its fourth year, the camp offers outdoor activities...

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Winter at Camp Manitou

kids enjoy snowshoeing, hiking during two-day camp

If your kids like Camp Manitou’s swamp hike over the summer, they’ll love its Winter Camp over Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend Saturday, Feb. 14 through Monday, Feb. 16. Now in its fourth year, the camp offers outdoor activities...

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Special Sections

Step into the Snow

sweating in a gym not your style? Slip on some snowshoes and burn calories while enjoying winter

If your New Year’s resolution once again this year is to get more exercise, maybe in 2015 it’s time to consider a time-honored activity that is as versatile as you are and provides a workout you actually enjoy. If you prefer the sun peeking...

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