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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Nov. 13, 2014

Here at the Volume One office we host a lot of group tours and talks. People like to poke around our old 1880s building and see how we’ve made it into a creative space for our staff and store. And they sometimes like to hear some of the V1 ...

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Opening Letters

Shopping Our Way to a Better Place

during the holidays, we all play a role in crafting both the aesthetics and economics of our commercial cores

The holidays. They’re here – well, sort of. We all love to complain about the commercial holiday machine gearing up just hours after Halloween draws to a close, and even though it can be a bit much, in general it’s good for a lot of local people ...

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Don’t Be Ashamed to Start Early

kicking the season off on Nov. 1 doesn’t deserve this much derision

As I’m writing this, it’s Halloween. Tonight is all about spooks, scares, and donkey sauce (I’m going out dressed as Guy Fieri). But first thing tomorrow morning, as far as I’m concerned, the holiday season shifts into full swing.

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The Rear End

Breaking Trees

sometimes the best part of the forest is the dead part

November is a great month for pushing over dead trees, perhaps the best. I spent years wandering the wooded acres of northern Wisconsin, tracing my dad’s footsteps along deer trails and over hillsides covered in shiny brown oak leaves ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Nov. 13, 2014

learn more about this issue's cover art by Travis Dewitz

“A John Deere combine kicks up dust as it rushes to harvest fields full of soybeans. This photo is from my ‘Portrait of the Wisconsin Farm’ series, one of many personal series that I work on. Some of my series are all photographed in a short ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Nov. 13, 2014

RUFF WEATHER. Even the cold, snowy weather on Monday, November 10 couldn’t dampen the spirits of Phoenix Park’s beloved canine statue, who still told passersby to “Have a Great Dane!”

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Athletic Aesthetic

When Losing Feels Like Winning

Royals’ World Series bid reminiscent of Brewers’ legendary (and losing) 1982 campaign

Brewers fans in the area probably felt conflicted watching this autumn’s World Series. There was Ned Yost, the former Milwaukee manager who managed to get canned with two weeks remaining in the 2008 playoff push, leading the Kansas City Royals ...

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Caveat, No Expectations

metal group gains traction, keeps pop senses

Once, as a kid, I rode along with a friend and his father to the dump and traipsed among the refuse, the snuffed light of memories, and, overwhelmed by the fickle rapacity of human appetite, felt the familiarity of the world fall away amidst ...

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Love Letter Songs

We Are The Willows latest inspired by grandparents’ WWII-era correspondence

Former local Peter Miller is the lead songwriter and angel-voice behind the now-South-Minneapolis-based folk group We Are The Willows. Miller hass always had a knack for writing heartbreakingly sentimental songs about love, death, and his family ...

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The Last Waltz Again

local musicians come together for annual tribute to The Band

On Thanksgiving Day in 1976, seminal roots rock outfit the Band hosted their farewell concert at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. The show featured a line-up of the era’s most prolific musicians ...

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Alien Ant Farm

early aught-rockers bring hits to Chippewa Falls bar

If your high school days were anything like mine, you used to break into a moonwalk (or at least some semblance of one) when Alien Ant Farm’s “Smooth Criminal” would come on whilst you were getting ready for school in the morning ...

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Closing the Book

UWEC’s Max Garland reflects on his term as state’s poet laureate

Max Garland may have taught thousands of Wisconsinites about the power of verse during his soon-to-conclude two-year tenure as the state’s poet laureate, but for him the experience has been an extended lesson in geography. Since taking the post ...

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Words Out of War

EC writer uses knowledge of Mideast to pen thriller

After I turned off the lights on Halloween night, I was transported to another light … of the Mediterranean … “the turquoise sea” … “its waves sparkling like diamonds in sunlight as they caressed the shore” in Beirut, Lebanon – a city that had ...

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Visual Art

Blazing Photos

photographer chronicles Wisconsin deer hunting

Out with his debut publication titled, Blaze Orange, Eau Claire photographer Travis Dewitz is not only taking the Chippewa Valley by storm, but now the entire nation. His lavish photo book takes a look at the deep traditions of northern ...

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Getting In Touch With Your Artistic Side

Releasing your inner artist isn’t something that many establishments offer, but Craving Canvas & Ceramic Studio, 2759 London Road, can do just that and much more. This new studio gives anyone the chance to experience the artistic process ...

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Silver Screenings

Woodland Theater offers facilities, films the Valley wouldn’t normally get

I obsessed about films at a young age. Begging my parents for rides to the local video store, I would use my paper route money to rent VHS tapes of foreign films and “independent” releases – ones that were far beyond the scope of a typical pre-teen.

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Local Look

Digging In

EC’s south side will get its own community garden

The Chippewa Valley’s growing community garden movement will take root in another location next spring. The Eau Claire City Council recently unanimously approved an effort to create a Southside Community Garden in Fairfax Park. Eau Claire ...

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Kid Culture

Local Kids: What Does Santa Do All Day?

Over the years we’ve asked Chippewa Valley third-graders to ponder the season’s greatest questions, including “What does Santa do all day?” Here are some of the most creative peeks that young writers have given us ...

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Other Stuff

Behind the Beard

legendary Chippewa Falls Santa Chuck Card chats about candy canes, carols, and fake whiskers

For a quarter of a century, community booster extraordinaire Chuck Card has brought Santa Claus to life in Chippewa Falls. Whether you attend the annual Bridge to Wonderland Parade (mark your calendars for Dec. 6 this year), line up to sit ...

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