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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Oct. 16, 2014

There’s something so Wisconsin about this time of year. Something so authentic. Certainly more authentic than those other Midwestern states. Many writers have written better words than I about autumn’s color, chills, and traditions ...

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The Rear End

Ghost Stories

why I’m not afraid of a good frightful tale

Ghost stories are not common in my family. Sure, a number of different family members have lived in an old farmhouse where things have ... happened. Weird things. Shaking beds. Screen doors flinging themselves open ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Oct. 16, 2014

learn more about this issue's cover art by Levi Gilbert

"The Wolf Ranger is a digital painting created in Photoshop. Levi implements traditional painting techniques when working digitally and often combines traditional and digital media to create his artwork. Inspired by fiction, film, and folklore ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Oct. 16, 2014

TRICK-OR-TRICKED-OUT. Brent Knutson and his family take Halloween pretty seriously. With the entire place (and yard) decked out in the spookiest stuff, kids flock to it on Halloween. He said last year they had more than 500 kids stop by ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Falling Out of Love with Football?

abuse and concussion scandals are clouding our affection for the gridiron game

I’m in a complicated relationship with football. One recent Sunday afternoon, I turned on the Packers-Bears game, part of the usual weekend routine: watch the NFL, almost regardless of the teams on the TV. I occasionally caught a few ...

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Still On the Road

a new album and a big anniversary for the Drunk Drivers

“It’s my son’s first tackle football game today,” says the drummer known as Chicken (real name Chris Weise) beneath his omnipresent Green Bay Packers ball cap, “and I’m missing it to go play rock ’n’ roll. Yeah, Father of the Year, for sure.”

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The Next Big Fest?

Vernon-headed music and arts festival seeks approval to use Country Jam grounds

News broke a couple weeks ago about a new music and arts festival on the Country Jam grounds – primarily organized by Justin Vernon – which could see its time in the sun next summer.

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Ingrid Michaelson Heading to Zorn Arena

If you think Ingrid Michaelson sounds amazeballs over the radio, then you better get ready for some mind-blowing music when she comes to UW–Eau Claire’s Zorn Arena this November. As one of the biggest indie-pop musicians of her time ...

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Sage Leary: a debut album at age 14

How many people can say they released a debut album at the age of 14? For the young and very talented Sage Leary, this is something he recently accomplished with the release of his first album, Feel the Sound. This instrumental album ...

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Restraint and Rage

Jekyll & Hyde brings out the monster for ECCT

The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre explores the dark, Gothic world of Victorian London in its production of the musical Jekyll & Hyde, which runs Oct. 16-19. Based on the novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by ...

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Reigning Playwright

global cast to present famed UWEC professor’s work

Dr. Tess Onwueme may be one of the most unsung literary lights in the Chippewa Valley – at least to those of us in the Chippewa Valley. Around the world, however, Onwueme is renown as one of the most prolific and respected female playwrights ...

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Unflinching Self-Portrait

UWEC grad, novelist, and nonfiction writer headlines Book Fest

Debra Monroe didn’t start out to write a memoir. “I don’t even like the word ‘memoir,’ because it implies resolution and a Hollywood ending,” explains Monroe, a UW-Eau Claire alumnus and the author of five books. She loathes those ...

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Digging In

Menomonie librarian takes time off to write epic fantasy

Epic fantasy isn’t an easy genre for a new writer to break into. There’s competition from the classics, penned by Oxford gentlemen and loved across generations, and then there are the new, heavy-as-a-brick tomes that fans wait ...

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Reigning Playwright

global cast to present famed UWEC professor’s work

Dr. Tess Onwueme may be one of the most unsung literary lights in the Chippewa Valley – at least to those of us in the Chippewa Valley. Around the world, however, Onwueme is renown as one of the most prolific and respected female playwrights ...

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Visual Art

Accounting for Taste

JAMF fills new building with commissioned artwork

“Artist dies from exposure.” That’s how the joke goes. In the Internet age of Tumblr, Etsy, Kickstarter, and Pinterest, exposure is cheap and imagery is cheaper. With recipes and photo-shopped portraits jumbled in with Zombie art ...

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Wisconsin Film Festival Accepting Submissions

Got a film with Wisconsin ties that’s so good you can taste it, but you haven’t really shown it to anybody? Here’s an opportunity. The Wisconsin Film Festival is now officially accepting submissions for next spring’s fest in Madison ...

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Launching Learning

new film promotes program for CF kids

A new locally written, locally produced film, Remembering Neverland, was inspired by a Chippewa Falls project that builds connections between students, parents, and teachers. The film, which will be screened at Micon Cinemas Eau Claire ...

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Local Look

Learning About Your Money

Western Dairyland financial literacy specialist Adrian Klenz on the Valley's need for financial educational

Adrian Klenz wants change. As a financial literacy specialist at Western Dairyland Community Action Agency, his vision is a world where everyone is financially literate, they’re taught the basics of personal finance alongside math ...

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Food / Drink

Building a Brewing Building

experimental brewery finds temporary West Bank home

The Eau Claire Brewing Project is ambitious, forward-thinking and, frankly, it’s been kind of a hassle. Two years in the making and planning, with an expansive myriad of red tape (kind of) cleared, multiple partnerships dissolved ...

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Wine Gala Offers Variety, Quantity for a Cause

Don’t pass up the opportunity to give back to the community by sampling cheese and beer. On Friday, October 17, Gordy’s Valley Spirits is hosting its Fourth Annual “Uncorked” Autumn Wine Tasting Gala at Heartland Aviation, where all proceeds ...

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Water Street Burrito Haven Moves Down Street

El Patio is on the move but it isn’t going far. In a few months, you’ll be able to enjoy El Patio’s delicious burritos and refreshing margaritas at 408 Water St., just a couple of blocks from their current location. According to Alejandro Castro ...

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Bye the Willow: Open and Ready For Business

If you need a spot to host your private party, or are simply looking for a good way to spend the night with some friends, Bye the Willow, 501 N. High St., Chippewa Falls, is just the place you’re looking for. Need a venue for your wedding ...

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What Up, Dogg?

Dogg Haus offers affordable Water Street eats

Off-handed humor and building curiosity surround the supposedly “cursed” 416 Water St. space, in which three businesses have come and subsequently wandered away in the previous four years alone – each time leaving community ...

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Food of India

filling Eau Claire’s Indian food void from a spot in Oakwood Mall

As the chill sets in prematurely around town, consider warming up with the spices and sauces of Eastern Indian food. Using the Chipotle model of good-food-fast (not fast-food), Harpreet Singh and Ryan Rubenzer have opened Food of India right ...

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Kid Culture

A Swing and a Hit

Sport Warehouse offers indoor sporting space

In a time where obesity is a major national issue, it’s more important than ever to stay active. With a strong youth athletics presence currently in Eau Claire, it seems the city has a positive future ahead. But what happens if the presence ...

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Express Alum Pitches Big-League No-Hitter

Early in their history, the Eau Claire Express had back-to-back losing seasons in 2005 and 2006. The following year, however, brought a silver lining: Pitcher Jordan Zimmermann, who went 4-2 in 10 starts for the Express in 2006, became ...

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Ice Age Trail Expands in Chippewa County

Wisconsin’s 1,200-mile hiking marvel, the Ice Age Trail, just got a little longer, thanks to hard-working volunteers. Last month, 149 volunteers put in more than 3,700 hours of labor to build 1.5 miles of new trail in Chippewa County ...

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Other Stuff

Starting at a Sprint

going from entrepreneurial idea to reality in 54 hours flat

How long do you need to get your startup business off the ground? According to the organizers of Startup Weekend Eau Claire, 54 hours should do it.

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