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Opening Letters

Neighborly Maintenance

wherein V1’s community-minded leader, despite his best intentions, frequently fails at the neighbor game

As it turns out, I’m not the neighbor I wish I was. And considering my role at the helm of Volume One – certainly a community-minded organization – what I’m about to confide is actually kind of embarrassing. My only solace is that some ...

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The Rear End

What Happened to Our Neighbor-stores?

a dwindling handful of properties deep within our neighborhoods still allow commercial use

So I was out for jovial walk with the family one evening, and while we merrily strolled through the neighborhood, I was struck (as I often am) by an all-encompassing urge. I wanted a tasty coffee-based beverage. Unfortunately, we were upon ...

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Sept. 18, 2014

KEEPING UP THE CURB. A man waters his front yard plantings as a young girl scoots by near Manz Elementary on Eau Claire’s south side. Something as simple as keeping your yard looking nice and tidy goes a long way toward making a neighborhood ...

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Power Chords

multi-tasking drummer takes solo, electronic plunge as White Dune

Dave Power’s easily one of the hardest working musicians in all of Eau Claire. When not drumming, managing and booking for Adelyn Rose, he’s drumming for the Island Dr. Lee, PUNCHER, and Meridene. Not to mention, backboning the rhythm ...

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Lyrical Locale

local bands shout out their ’hoods through the magic of song

“We’re at the Grand Illusion/Exile on Water Street ...” starts the second verse of “Fiasco A Go-Go.” Bandleader Jim Pullman sings the line over clanging guitars and drummer Joey Gunderson and bassist Eric Thompson’s tempered beats ...

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Fur, Metal, and Glass

Jaggernauts burst forth with second album

Like a snarling werewolf leaping from the bursting windshield of a crashing hot rod, The Jaggernauts are back with album number two. It’s called Safe, and whad’ya know – it’s their 10th year together, too. Noel and the ’nauts are in their ...

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Confluence of Sound

chamber orchestra starts season with profusion of soloists

The Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra’s first concert of the season features the debut of a new composition by someone who is no stranger to the ensemble: In fact, he’s its conductor and artistic director. “Sunrise Where Two Rivers Meet ...

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Diving for the Truth

Hollars blends fact and fiction for drowning tales

I’m not sure I trust B.J. Hollars anymore. It’s not that Hollars has done anything untrustworthy to me. In fact – and please forgive me for injecting myself into this story – the UW-Eau Claire English professor happens to be my friend ...

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Midwestern Heart

Hildebrand essays explore truth in everyday life

When asked for an interview via email, John Hildebrand was reluctant. Not because he didn’t want to discuss his new collection of essays, The Heart of Things, but because of family matters. The article’s rapidly-approaching deadline coincided ...

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Visual Art

Use Your Imagination

REiMAGINE breaths new life into vintage objects

If you like or Pinterest, you’ll love the newly opened REiMAGINE store, 1717 Western Ave., which has the tagline “a fresh take on THINGS.” The prices are reasonable and you can pick up, pay, and go with no shipping. Walking through ...

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Delight Your Eyes

exhibit of illustrator Selznick’s work a delight for kids, adults

Ask any parent to list the simple joys of being a mom or dad, and reading to one’s child will likely be near the top of the list. Granted, reading a kid his or her favorite book for the 100th time in a row can grow tiresome, but on the whole ...

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Taking Art to the Streets

intersection art mural proposed for Eastside Hill

Taking a hint from places like Madison, Racine, St. Paul, Portland, Ore., and Boulder, Colo., some Eastside Hill go-getters are taking steps to collaborate with Flynn Elementary School to transform a regular ol’ cross-street into a true work ...

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Trailing Off

tour through art and spaces of western Wisconsin

Feel like taking a nice drive with the family or some friends, following a trail dotted with local artists and various attractions to fill your day? You will get that chance during the inaugural Yellowstone Art Trail on ...

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Screenings Under the Stars

how one man’s driveway becomes an outdoor theater

Want to make family movie night special? Well, you could make some microwave popcorn. Or, if you’re like Wade Cain, you could move the screening from the living room to the driveway, and invite your friends and neighbors. A few years ago ...

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Local Lit
Local Look

Altoona’s New Front Porch

mixed-use development on track for River Prairie

Neighborhoods often grow arbitrarily: Some housing here, a few business there, a park (or not), streets that connect well (or not so well), with the rest of the community. Depending on the era, zoning rules (or misrules) and other laws may have ...

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YMCA, UWEC to Spot Each Other on Rec Complex

In a few years, members of the Eau Claire YMCA could be sweating alongside UW-Eau Claire students and staff in a new shared activity center. The Y’s board of directors voted recently to pursue an agreement with the university to partner on a new ...

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Eau Claire Wants You Healthy!

The City of Eau Claire wants you to be healthy (so does your mom, spouse, and kids!). Last year, the City Council adopted a new section into the Comprehensive Plan known as the Health Chapter, the goal being to promote overall public health ...

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They Raised the Roof

neighborly businesses pitch in to aid theater group

A 50-year-old roof and some serious Wisconsin weather have made life pretty hard on staff members at the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild, Eau Claire’s oldest community theater group, for the past few winters. Executive Director Ann Sessions ...

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Food / Drink

Meals On (Truck) Wheels

Is Eau Claire’s food truck revolution already underway?

When you think of your favorite neighborhood haunt, it’s likely the place down the road where you get your hangover grease on Saturday mornings or that cute, local restaurant a couple of blocks away that’s your go-to for a special dinner ...

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Kid Culture

5 Park-tacular Chippewa Valley Playgrounds

play-friendly starter spots in the area to get your kids moving

Just as monkeys need bananas and something to climb on, human children need, well, bananas and something to climb on. Here are just five of the many great playground spots in and around Eau Claire. Use this guide as a treasure map that you can foll

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Singing Together

YMCA offers karaoke nights for families and kids

Pretty much everybody loves to sing, but how we demonstrate that love changes with age. When we’re kids, we’re liable to belt out our favorite tunes any old time – appropriate or not. As adults, we generally get more reticent, reserving ...

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Other Stuff

More Than a Muir Concert

Beaver Creek show celebrates legendary conservationist

John Muir was one of the most influential naturalists and preservationists in American history. His influence on wilderness activism helped save places like Yosemite Valley and the Sequoia National Park, and he’s still remembered ...

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