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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | August 21,2014

As this season of the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series on Thursdays in Phoenix Park draws to a close, we did a little math. Once you add up nine seasons and account for the rain out dates, turns out this summer’s final show on Aug. 28 is also ...

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Opening Letters

Stop the Ride

what doesn’t kill you makes you queasy

As the Tilt-A-Whirl is about is about to unleash its madness, the announcer offers this reassurance: “If at any time you want to exit the ride, give the ‘two thumbs down’ signal, and the operator will bring the ride to a stop ...

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The Rear End

Squirrel City, USA

exploring Eau Claire’s tree-bound rodent population

Some people love squirrels. Some people hate them. Some think they’re cute while others see only big, fat rats with enormous, hairy tails puffed up with enough germs and bacteria to kill a Triceratops. They are rodents after all ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | August 21, 2014

learn more about this issue's cover art by Lauralee Stenzel

“I usually work on Arches cold pressed paper, but for ‘The Watchman’ I chose Arches hot pressed paper. I showed the effect of changing light on the color of the rooster’s feathers using a variety of dark valued pencils.  The background ..."

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Opening Shots

The Grass is Always Blue-er

back by popular demand, bluegrass festival rolls on

As many of you know already Eau Claire has part of the budding music scene here in Wisconsin since … well since The Joynt was a famous jazz club, if you really want to get technical, but only recently has reemerged as a blossoming area full of ...

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Rooftop Sounds

rooftop concert will raise funds for public school music

Who says rooftop concerts are just for legendary Liverpudlians? (That’s a Beatles reference for those of you not familiar with the band’s iconic 1969 rooftop gig.) The Eau Claire Music School will rock out for its fifth anniversary on ...

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Youth Theater Born Again

Menomonie stage group forges ahead independently

Blaine Halverson has a passion for helping kids express their artistic abilities, and he’s done a great job doing so through the founding of the Red Cedar Youth Stage. Also known as ReCYS (pronounced “ree-sis”), the Red Cedar Youth Stage is ...

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Hard-Working Stout Grad Illustrating Up a Storm

Since landing herself on New York Times’ bestseller list in the spring of 2013, children’s author and Chippewa Valley familiar Eliza Wheeler has whipped up a healthy batch of stories geared for young minds. In addition to writing and illustrating ...

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Stretching Boundaries

Michael Perry’s foray into young adult literature

Neil Gaiman, Carl Hiaasen, even James Bond author Ian Fleming are all famous authors of adult books who made the successful transition to writing for young people (Fleming wrote Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, in case you were wondering) ...

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Visual Art

Helping Hands Honored

UWEC recognizes service dogs with statue dedication

An often under-recognized helping hand (or should that be “helpful paw”?) was given a thoughtful nod by members of the Eau Claire community. On July 25, a bronze service dog statue was dedicated at UW-Eau Claire’s recently constructed ...

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Animation Donation

Pixar – yeah, that Pixar ­– gives software to UW-Stout

Soon enough, two computer animation labs at UW-Stout will start to churn out the likes of Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, and WALL•E – well, that’s the idea anyway. Beginning this fall, art and design students will be using the latest version ...

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Local Lit
Local Look

Fostering Success

new UW-Stout program aims to help foster kids reach college – and excel

For most college students, a free ride, a few bucks, or a shoulder to cry on are only as far away as a call or text to Mom and Dad. But that’s not the case for students who have reached college after aging out of the foster care system ...

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Memorable Joynt

famed tavern gets city historic designation

A notable bar on Water Street since it opened in the 1970s, The Joynt has been recognized as a local historic landmark by the city of Eau Claire’s Landmarks Commission. As of Aug. 4, the bar known for its jazz history and lack of light beer ...

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Questioning the Locals | Matt Carter

get to know your neighbors!

When it comes to local history, Matt Carter has it covered. After earning his degree at UW-Eau Claire, Carter moved from intern to executive director of the Menomonie-based historical group. While the region has a vast, rich history ...

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Ski Club Buys Hill for a Buck, Plans Upgrade

Who says you can’t get anything for a buck these days? Last we heard, McDonald’s still had a dollar menu. But if your tastes run toward rocketing off a ski jump instead of a gorging on one-buck McDoubles (cheese costs extra), the world still ...

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String Shop Tops Jump-Start Biz Contest

Entrepreneurial innovation was honored Aug. 6 at the annual Jump-Start Downtown Business Plan Competition. The awards, which are given out by Downtown Eau Claire Inc., are designed to stimulate business growth downtown. The big winner was ...

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Food / Drink

Tapping into the Past

lots of taverns have history, but the Amber Inn’s goes all the way back to 1881

If you have lived in or spent any extended amount of time in Eau Claire – especially in the Water Street area – you know how fast the appearance and location of architecture can change. One day your favorite burger joint is suddenly ...

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Pizza + Patio = Pizza Plus Patio

downtown bar/restaurant transforms alley into flexible, dynamic outdoor space

Benny Haas, owner and operator of restaurant and venue The Plus (aka Pizza Plus), always saw potential in the alley behind his business: He felt it could be transformed into a space where customers enjoy outdoor dining and open-air shows and ...

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A Fine Bridge to Dinner

Have you ever been sitting at home at the dinner table eating and thought to yourself, “I should be on a bridge right now.” Dreams do come true! Sponsored by Downtown Eau Claire, Inc., enjoy a three-course dinner while over a public bridge ...

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The Ice Is Fake, the Pizza Is Real

Geno’s combines tasty pizzas, summertime skating

Interested in a good-sized pizza for a reasonable price? If so, Eau Claire’s newest joint, Geno’s Slice N’ Ice Pizza Shack, should fall near the top of the list. Featuring all fresh, local ingredients and a killer homemade sausage recipe ...

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World-Class Kubb

Eau Claire players score silver at world kubb tourney

Hundreds of fans waited in anticipation for the final match of the Kubb World Championship in Gotland, Sweden, to begin, some even belting out the words to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA.” Eau Claire local Eric Anderson said he ...

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Carson Park Gets Crafty

vendors, music, and fun galore at Festival in the Pines

Pine-shaded Carson Park is an ideal placed for all kinds of recreation, from baseball to football to horseshoes. Each year in late August, however, hundreds of vendor tents are unfolded and thousands of eager visitors arrive to transform the park ...

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Special Sections

Eminent alumni

Do you think all the talented, famous, successful people in the world get educated at Harvard or Yale? Think again!

Do you think all the talented, famous, successful people in the world get educated at Harvard or Yale? Think again!

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Teacher Tell-all

High school students, listen up: If you want to stay on your teachers’ good side, check this advice about what annoys them — then don’t do those things.

Ask any high school student (or anyone who’s ever been a high school student), and you’ll hear some stories about how annoying teachers can be. Like the history teacher whose lecture notes about the Civil War were laminated during the Civil War.

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Mascot v. Mascot

They’re both blue, made of fuzzy foam, and have the job of boosting school spirit. But which Chippewa Valley university mascot would win in a fight?

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