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Note from the Editor | August 7, 2014

There’s some exciting news in this issue (page 8) about a major donation of land and money to UW-Eau Claire in the name of building a major event facility on Menomonie Street along the Chippewa River. It would be the kind of space that could ...

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The Rear End

Fun By the Truckload

amazing childhood memories about uncomfortable transportation

At one time, my entire family could fit into the cab of my dad’s mid-’80s Ford F-150 pickup truck. My dad, my mom, my sister, and myself – all of us nestled in, side by side on the truck’s vinyl-clad bench seat.

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Cover Art

On the Cover | August 7, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by Matt Duffenbach

"This locally designed art can be found on shirts and prints available at Wintership Tattoo and Art Gallery either in-shop or online at ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | August 7, 2014

CHALKING UP ANOTHER YEAR. Nearly 150 artists and thousands of connoisseurs of concrete art descended on Wilson Park in downtown Eau Claire on Saturday, Aug. 2, for Volume One’s annual Chalkfest.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Don’t think auto racing is worth watching? A visit to the track can change that.

Wisconsin is home to plenty of sports fandom subcultures. We have our kubb hotspot in Eau Claire, and you have to imagine there would be an audience for organized curling and speed skating leagues ...

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Softly, Dear Won't Settle

genre-defying indie rockers travel, learn, and get better

When I sat down with three of the members of Softly, Dear, I gave them a softball — albeit cliché — question: “How do you define your music? What genre?”

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Pit Wagon Rolls In

boozy folk trio keeps it simple and harmonious with songs invoking the countryside

The beer-soaked songs of new Eau Claire band Pit Wagon exist in the space where country, folk, and the blues all intersect. “It’s music made for porches,” said Matthew Vold, the primary songwriter for the band.

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Important Storms

stormy kids’ read has environmental message

Karen Wise, author of the newly released book Freebee the Grebe (pronounced “greeb”), knew she wanted to put the story of the grebe down on paper the minute it came into her head.

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True-to-Life Characters

collection of short stories puts Twin City life on page

In the midst of trying to publish her newest weave of short stories Six Months in the Midwest, author, blogging busy bee, and teacher Darci Schummer is on a roll of establishing herself as a veteran storyteller of the human experience.

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‘Shotgun Lovesongs’ film has a director

film on track as awards pour in for local novel’s author

Since Eau Claire native Nick Butler debuted Shotgun Lovesongs at V1 headquarters in March, he has won two prestigious awards and racked up miles on tour in the Midwest. We caught up with Nick by phone on his recent whirl through upper Michigan ...

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Visual Art

The Art's All Over

uncommon galleries around the Chippewa Valley

We know there are some great galleries around the Chippewa Valley, but what about when you blow through all those in a weekend and just need to see more art? Luckily, many public spaces have also been turned into full-on galleries.

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Ten Years of Funny Finds

Found Footage Festival celebrates a decade of long-lost VHS gold

Former local dudes Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher have been collecting weird and hilarious VHS tapes for more than 20 years, and for the last 10, they’ve traveled around the world showing their edited collection in theater shows ...

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Local Look

Finding Solid Ground

UW-Eau Claire gets $10M donation for event center with capacity of 7,500

A $10 million donation from a pair of UW-Eau Claire alumni will be a literal and figurative game-changer for the university and the community, providing a location for a privately funded 7,500 capacity multipurpose venue that will eventually ...

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Reflecting On the Past

retiring UW-Stout chancellor recalls highs, lows of 26-year tenure

Outgoing UW-Stout Chancellor Charles Sorensen once lost 25 pounds in a single month. He mentions this not to brag about some extreme weight-loss technique, but to explain the stress caused by the biggest crisis of his professional career ...

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Food / Drink

Getting Fresh with Menomonie

farmers market is more than fruit and veggie

By their nature, trends are transient, moving to the trash bins of our past once society deems them uncool (I betray my youth, but those oh-so-not-lovely neon colorblock jackets of the early ’90s come to mind).

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A Sustainable Show

Local food and music are converging into a debut benefit for the UW-Eau Claire Foodlums, a group devoted to local foods and sustainable agriculture education.

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Dutch Treat, American Dream

an immigrant cheesemaker in Thorp is beating the rest of the U.S. – and her old countrymen in Holland – at their own game

It took just seven short years for Marieke Penterman to go from being a novice cheesemaker to making the best cheese in the United States. Next up: Making the best cheese in the world.

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Beer-Based Television

a new Eau Claire-based web series tackles beer culture from brewery to brewery

When most people think of Wisconsin they think of cheese, cows, and drinking BEER. We’re not just good at drinking beer, of course: For generations, we’ve been masters at brewing it. It’s not just us Wisconsinites, either ...

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6 Beer Picks from Local Experts

local brewers choose their favorite beers

We all have our go-to beer. Whether it’s the specialty four-pack you are always on the lookout for or the 30-case that’s your go-to on grocery runs, it’s good to know what you like. With the explosion in specialty craft brewing regionally ...

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What Does the World Think?

we took to to find out how our local brews are viewed internationally

It’s easy to see that the Chippewa Valley and our surrounding Wisconsin regions make great beer, but we wanted to know what everyone else is saying about us. So we went to the international beer review site ...

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Unique Brewer, Unique Beer

brewing beer can be a bit of a boys' club, but not in Superior

Currently in the midst of a hectic second year as head brewer at the Thirsty Pagan, Allyson Rolph took the time to sit down and talk beer with the Volume One staff. Located in Superior, the restaurant/brewery boasts a wide variety of ...

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Kid Culture

Getting Artsy At the Y

Young Artists Studio provides an art ed alternative

Realizing that they already had quite a plethora of sports programs, the Y decided to add more arts programs this year.

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U.S. Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship

carvers compete by crafting chainsaw-ed wonders

Carvers, start your chainsaws! Eau Claire will live up to its nickname Sawdust City at the U.S. Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship Aug. 7-10 at the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum in Carson Park for the fourth year in a row. Ten of the world’s ...

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Come On An' Join the Convoy

annual Eau Claire Big Rig show adds tractor attractions

The earth-shaking, night-illuminating, eardrum-rattling truck-pocalypse you may have witnessed on an August evening last year wasn’t some sunstroke-induced fever dream: It was the annual Light Show Truck Parade, a highlight of the Eau Claire ...

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