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End of Days

The United States will slide into the ocean at 3:45,
 / says my friend’s older brother, and he shows us the pictures / 
of land crumbling like a cookie dunked too long in milk.

Local Group Lobbys in Washington

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a national organization aimed to encourage lawmakers to take the environment into account with their legislation. Recently, a number of Wisconsin chapters have popped up, including one here in Eau Claire.

Mayo Eau Claire Wins Eco Award

Mayo Clinic Health System is one of the biggest institutions in Eau Claire, and it produces some of the biggest – and most impressive – recycling figures as well.

Popularity Dooms Yard Waste Site

Eau Claire County’s pilot program offering free disposal of yard waste has been popular – we mean really popular. Too popular, in fact.

Don't Stare at the Sun

CVTC is hosting a conference that's all things solar energy

Solar panels have come a long way since their invention in the United States by three American scientists in 1954. That panel had 6% energy conservation, while today’s panels can have efficiency levels of up to 18%.

Green Grades

our local universities take the lead on environmental issues

UW-Stout takes recycling seriously – so seriously that it reduced the amount of waste it sent to the landfill by more than 43 tons during the 2013-14 school year.

Promoting Diversity Underfoot

society and civilization depend on soil, and we ignore this resource at our own peril

I am, by training and education, a professional soil scientist. I don’t, however, feel much like a “scientist.” I lack the ability and the patience to be a scientist. A scientist can tease apart biological ...

Energy From the Earth

a newly popular way to keep the lights on can also keep our plants growing

Geothermal is exactly what it sounds like: heating using the ground. And it’s becoming pretty trendy for new homes to utilize geothermal technology as a sustainable, green way to heat their homes and save on energy bills.

A Double-Edged Sword

finding that magical place where you can love what you love

I do not own a sword. And to be honest, if I possessed enough disposable income to buy and display a truly fantastic dragon-slayin’ blade, I probably wouldn’t. I’m just not a buy-a-sword-and-hang-it-on-the-wall-over-my-family-room-couch kinda guy.

From Surf Rock to Indiepop

growing Ashley For The Arts music fest pulls in big names

You like the Beach Boys, right? I mean, everyone likes the Beach Boys. Now, what if I told you the Beach Boys are going to be here in western Wisconsin. You’d probably lose it, right?

Lasers, Anyone?

Action City preps brand new heist-movie-style laser maze

You’ve all seen the action film cliché, right? After pulling off a daring heist and before he or she can escape, the flexible protagonist is suddenly faced with a room full of ceiling-to-floor laser beams to bend and squeeze through.

Martial Arts Mastery

pankration instructor wins worldwide

I believe in impartial journalism. I really do. But when I got the assignment to interview a local man about to compete for a world pankration title, I had no idea that man was Josh Zimmerman.

A Different Track for Pinehurst

volunteers whip new bike park amenities into shape

As if the Chippewa Valley wasn’t already an all-you-can-bike buffet, a team of cycling enthusiasts is steadily developing a new dimension in hopes of broadening the region’s pedaling palate.

Shhh! Dîner En Blanc Is Here

swanky, secretive French dinner party hits Eau Claire

Part swanky dinner party, part flash mob, Dîner en Blanc is catching on in Eau Claire.

Sakura Sushi Rolls

housed in an old Wendy’s, Sakura rolls up ready

Part of me was apprehensive about the possibility of the renovated space being plagued with remnants of its mid-tier fast food predecessor, but let me tell you, there were no frosties in sight.

Grilling and Greening

new Community TV shows highlight meat, gardening

Fans of Chippewa Valley Community Television (CTV for short) attended its first-ever off-site Premiere Party for the season’s new shows at The Plus in downtown Eau Claire on Wednesday, July 9 ...

Character-Driven Art

C.J. Conner showcases an intriguing cast of subjects

C.J. Conner’s Characters and Curiosities hangs against the stripped brick and bare white walls of the Volume One Gallery like posters for a carnival, selling stories too good (or too bad) to be true. Conner has traveled all the way from ...

A Floral Collaboration

The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, inspired by the Art in Bloom event held in Minneapolis, is hosting the Fabulous Florals and Fine Art event in the Janet Carson Gallery Aug. 7-10. The event called for submitted works from local artists ...

Local Artist’s Bill Murray Tribute Gets Big Attention

Starting out as a privately commissioned project for a family friend, a Bill Murray tribute piece has turned into quite the conversation starter for Eau Claire comic artist Mark Lone. Jason Held came to Lone in early 2012 with the idea ...

The ‘Retired’ Poet

Bruce Taylor plays and prays in new collection

Turning the last page on a text: It’s a settling sensation of resolve for readers and writers alike. Most of them, anyway. In the case of Eau Claire’s poet laureate, Bruce Taylor, a thought marked incomplete is nothing much to get broken up over ...

Post EP, Stay Strong Drops Video for Big Single

Despite their debut EP’s name, Eau Claire pop-rockers Stay Strong know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to catchy guitar rock. That three-song EP, What The Hell Are We Doing? came out late this winter, and the band has now followed up ...

Yata Rocks

longtime singer/songwriter takes new direction

If you know Yata Peinovich’s music, the first notes of Y are a real kick in the pants. His newest record adds a true rock direction to Yata’s songwriting, with huge full arrangements and driving melodies ...

Eau Claire Bands Bound for Rock County Folk Symposium

Starting in 2010, the Rock County Folk Symposium used to be sort of a private thing. The Janesville arts and music festival used to cater to friends and such pretty exclusively. But this year, the organizers pushed to sell around 250 tickets ...

Sloslylove’s Haunted Grooves

chillwave producer goes dark and sensual for latest

“The process is the same; just keep making.” For Feng Vue, his new sloslylove record is business as usual. Fitting then, that that business is fixing to take flight … quite literally ...

The DIY Resilience of House Shows

as two basement venues close, more pop up

This spring, two of Eau Claire’s most active indie basement venues shut down, simply because their tenants moved out – it’s just what tends to happen ...

Park It Here

new parking ramp seen as key to continued DT growth

Continued development around Phoenix Park is gobbling up surface parking in the neighborhood, so – like the new buildings – parking in the North Barstow district will have to rise higher. The city of Eau Claire has long intended to build a ...

Why Art?

arts funding is crucial to the future of Wisconsin

“Art has the power to fill spaces in our souls that nothing else can,” said Alan Nugent, owner of Abode Art Gallery in Stockholm. I recently had an opportunity to learn about art and its impact on Wisconsin ...

Opening Shot | July 24, 2014

HANKY SELFIE. Eau Claire Express fans at a recent game in Carson Park (left to right): Andrea Phan, Sarah Morgan, Danielle Schweiss, Anne Brennan, and JJ Smieja. Photo by Janelle Krause.

On the Cover | July 24, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by Jane Foos

“I bike and run the Chippewa River State Trail frequently and find great inspiration in its quiet beauty. Bear Lake: Mile 28, and Bear Creek Bridge are two of eight scenes I created representing popular sections of the bike trail. Working from ..."

Note from the Editor | July 24, 2014

I’ve seen a fair number of concerts over the years. I started in high school with a few of the day’s mainstream big names – Dave Matthews, Bush, Live, etc. Arena-level gigs. Quickly after that my interests turned more “indie” and the shows ...

Signature Golf

exploring the signature holes of some great local golf courses

When golf-lovers hear the name TPC Sawgrass Golf Course, many immediately think of their par-three 17th island hole. For Harbour Town Golf Course, the 18th hole comes to mind with its iconic red and white lighthouse. These are the signature holes ...