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The Confluence: It's still up to you.

If you want to see it happen, now is the time to give to the Confluence Project.

If you want to see it happen, now is the time to give to the Confluence Project. The people of our community went to the polls in April and overwhelmingly gave their thumbs up to the Confluence Project ...

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | July 10, 2014

In a few weeks several friends of mine (and our kids) will be making the trek to the pizza farm near Stockholm. If you’ve never been there, don’t worry about it – it’s sort of a well-guarded secret that should stay that way! Only open on Tuesday ...

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The Rear End

Twenty Minutes

Driving in Eau Claire is not that complicated. Usually.

People, listen to me. It takes, at most, 20 minutes to drive anywhere in the city or Eau Claire. It’s true. If you leave 20 minutes before you need to be somewhere – and follow our fair city’s fine traffic laws – you will always make ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | July 10, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by David Brock

“The painting ‘Red Earth’ manifested itself when I was working towards my MFA. As much of my previous work dealt with the simplification of the forms of the urban landscape, I came into a bit of quandary when I moved to Bowling Green, Ohio ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | July 10, 2014

YEE-HAW, Señor Kitty. Just some of the fans seen at Country Fest 2014 out near Cadott. See more photos from June 26 & 29 with headliners Blake Shelton and Florida Georgia Line ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Thirty for Thirty

the time my mom got hit by a pitch – and other memories of three decades in the major league stands

Earlier this month, while at my latest Twins game at Target Field, an usher decided to make a friendly gesture. See, my significant other was attending her first-ever Twins home game ...

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Putting It Out There

Reverii eschews album in favor of performing

Boasting their very own makeshift in-home recording studio, Eau Claire’s newest indie/alternative rock group Reverii is putting together a compilation of original songs in no time at all. But ironically, it’s time that is getting in the way ...

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A Single Sunde

J.E. Sunde unveils debut solo album, post-Daredevil C. Wright

When The Daredevil Christopher Wright all but called it quits after their sophomore full-length, it put a hole in the hearts of us quirky indie-pop lovers looking for a little weird next to our acoustic guitars. Frontman Jon Sunde has now ...

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Field Reporting In

Former Eau Clairian Chris Porterfield made some waves with his first album as Field Report, picking up national press and touring the country many times over.

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Setting the Tone

World Flute Society gathering returns to Eau Claire

For the fourth time since 2008, dozens of world flutists and hundreds of flute music aficionados from around the globe will be attending the 2014 World Flute Society Convention July 16-20 at UW-Eau Claire’s Haas Fine Arts Center.

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Timber Tales

lumberjacks are the action heroes of Eau Claire author’s young adult novel

Much has been said in the past decade or so about a renaissance in young adult literature. Led by the Harry Potter series, and later by the Twilight and Hunger Games books, it would seem there’s hardly been a better time to be a young ...

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A Dad and the Undead

self-published author deals with fatherhood via zombies

Adam Oster deals with fatherhood a little differently. the Father of two’s latest novella tackles the topic head on ... and eats its brains.

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Who Even Needs Him?

UW-Stout student strives for single empowerment

Stacey Springob was having lunch with a friend one day her freshman year at UW-Stout. This friend was going on and on about all of her boyfriend problems when she turned to Springob and said, “You’ve got it made.”

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Visual Art

On the Make

exploring Menomonie’s new ‘maker space’

Maker spaces are popping open all over the world and there’s now one blossoming in our own backyard, The Hundredth Monkey Maker Space in Menomonie.

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It's Only Natural

Eau Claire duo creates unique jewelry from Amazonian elements

Welcome to the jungle; we’ve got fun and games. Well maybe that should be “arts and crafts.”

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Framing the Issue

UWEC students’ LGBT doc screened in San Francisco

As part of the Frameline38 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, a documentary short film created by three UW-Eau Claire students was screened June 22 at the Victoria Theatre in San Francisco. Housing First was chosen ...

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Local Look

Building It Better

new Water Street bridge will have classic look, bike- and walk-friendly design

A glance at pictures of the bridges that once crisscrossed Eau Claire’s rivers reveals that such spans of wood, steel, and stone can be more than simply utilitarian: They can be beautiful, too. Those who traversed above the city’s waters ...

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Food / Drink

Late Night Noshery

Menomonie eatery caters to night owls

There’s one ageless affliction we’re all familiar with: the midnight munchies. Maybe it strikes you after you’ve been at the bar with friends, tossing back peanuts all night. Or maybe you’re driving home from your second cousin’s third ...

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Special Sections

Fashionable Charm

talking clothes, vintage and collector culture with Jon Schemick, owner of Good & Sturdy Vintage

They say the closet is an extension of the personality, but it takes a knack to turn a hobby based out of your dresser into a business. Jon Schemick opened his (closet) doors for business in 2012 under the name Good & Sturdy Vintage, and has been ...

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Retro at Home

a Menomonie home straight out of 1960-something

Chris Williams’ Menomonie home looks like it’s straight out of 1960-something. We talked to her about how she was first inspired, how she finds her décor, and her struggles ...

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Founding the Foundry Sale

Initially started as a way to get rid of some things, Mary Freeberg and her husband began the Foundry Sale, a periodic, multi-seller, vintage and antique market housed in a old foundry near Banbury Place.

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Buyer Beware

stories of thrifting, weird finds, and hijinx from professional and amateur enthusiasts

“After you’ve kind of seen it all, you don’t get fazed very much. I think my taste is fairly strange or at least diverse so I have an appreciation for everything. I don’t know, gallstones ..."

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Hidden Gems

local appraiser finds value in the little things

The words “historian,” “antiques” and “PBS” generally don’t conjure up suspense and excitement, but if you’ve ever spent much time watching Antiques Roadshow you know exactly what I’m talking about. The long-running program brings in average ...

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Hard to Fill: Jobs that need workers

OK, eager job seekers: Have you got the skills to pay the bills? Apparently not, at least as far as many potential employers are concerned. Large shares of employers nationally and in western Wisconsin say that they’re having trouble filling ...

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Staying or Going: jobs for graduates

By the numbers, a healthy share of college graduates stick around Eau Claire after they’re done with school. Typically, colleges send out surveys to recent grads every year to keep track of things like how long it took them to find a job, whether ...

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Local Job Numbers

Unemployment statistics fluctuate all the time, but in the past few years they’ve (mostly) been fluctuating in the right direction: downward. Between May 2013 and this May – the last month for which stats are available – the share of the ...

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How Do We Attract Jobs?

Eau Claire’s economic development administrator Mike Schatz offers us an inside look at how the city attracts employers and boosts the local job market.

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