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Jerry Gallagher: Staying Classy

after a dozen years of telling the Chippewa Valley’s stories, Jerry Gallagher has left the News 18 anchor desk

After a dozen years of telling the Chippewa Valley’s stories, Jerry Gallagher has left the News 18 anchor desk. Before hitting the road, he gave V1 the scoop about what’s true (and not true) about the ‘Anchorman’ stereotype, how Act 10 changed ...

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | June 26, 2014

Just this last weekend as this issue went to press, we at Volume One heard about the passing of the great local artist, mentor, and friend, Laurie Bieze. With her constant beaming smile and genuine warmth, she was loved by many in this community ...

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Opening Letters

The Galena Experience

the revival of an Illinois river city offers lessons for Eau Claire

I recently returned home from a relaxing vacation with my wife at Galena, Ill. It is a beautiful little town nestled between two tall hills along the Galena River a short distance from its confluence with the Mississippi ...

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The Rear End

I Got Here First

the quest for bragging rights is fraught with danger

I’m sorry to break it to you, guys, but I was here first. I was the very first person to read the words that you are now reading. Like this word right here. And these words down here. I know what’s going to happen before you do because ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | June 26, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by Christina Doffing

“My work is strongly influenced by issues concerning the conservation of the natural environment. The piece ‘Fragile Landscape’ is meant to reflect the balance between humans and the natural world. It specifically refers to the balance of ..."

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Opening Shots

Sayth Ain't So

hard-working art rapper set to make a statement

Clothed in a billowy floral-patterned long-sleeve button-down, a throwaway scarf used as a headband, and hiking boots, Sayth raps: “Macklemore made a mil off of gay rights / thanks dude, this is actually my real life” ...

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Rattle and Hum

diverse experiences, sounds drive Rattlenecks debut EP

After a solid year of writing, recording, and hanging out, The Rattlenecks have found their form with a self-titled EP, but it’s certainly not the quintet’s first rodeo. A new name for some familiar faces, The Rattlenecks created something ...

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What Happens Tomorrow?

find out in CVTG's musical sequel Annie Warbucks

Did you ever wonder what happened after little orphan Annie got adopted? Find out at Annie Warbucks, which is coming to the State Theatre courtesy of the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild. This is sequel to the hit Broadway musical turned Hollywood ...

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Taking the Initiative

Sick and tired of the United States’ political system? Fed up with our two national parties? Well, does Richard L. Freitag have a deal for you. The retired Eau Claire businessman’s newest book, The Citizens Initiative Party, details Freitag’s ...

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Kept In Suspense

native writer publishes romantic mystery novel

New Years Eve is a night to let go of the old and begin something new and fresh … or at least that is what western Wisconsin native (and UW-Eau Claire alumna) Ellen Parker wants you to believe in her new novel Starr Tree Farm ...

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Visual Art

Art at the Perfect Time

Galaudet Gallery is a new downtown showcase for art

In the heat of last year’s summer, artists Vicki and Mike Milewski found themselves in Eau Claire for a business meeting with some time to spare. Standing in the shade of a lofty old Victorian home on Farwell Street with a “for sale” sign posted ...

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Local Look

The Rail Thing

Carson Park’s mini-train an intergenerational treat

Riding the mini-trains in Carson Park is an annual tradition for innumberable Chippewa Valley families, among them the Kents of Eau Claire and Hudson. This year’s trip fell on Father’s Day, when three generations of the family gathered for the ...

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Honored Across America

National Civic League says Eau Claire among 10 best cities

As Midwesterners, we Eau Clairians typically stay humble about our hometown. If there’s ever a time to brag, however, it’s now: On June 15, Eau Claire was one of 10 winners of the National Civic League’s prestigious All-America City Award ...

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Jerry Gallagher: Staying Classy

after a dozen years of telling the Chippewa Valley’s stories, Jerry Gallagher has left the News 18 anchor desk

After a dozen years of telling the Chippewa Valley’s stories, Jerry Gallagher has left the News 18 anchor desk. Before hitting the road, he gave V1 the scoop about what’s true (and not true) about the ‘Anchorman’ stereotype, how Act 10 changed ...

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Food / Drink

Chef Nathan Berg's 5 Farmers Market Favorites

There are hundreds of thousands of chefs in the world, almost all of whom work incredibly hard at their craft with varying levels of success. But for the upper echelon of chefs — the very best of the best — you’ll find that they all have one ...

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Filming the Farm

a chat with Inga Witscher, host of local TV series Around The Farm Table

Around The Farm Table started as a Web show and after only one season has gained a regional following and national attention from PBS. We caught up with the show’s host and producer Inga Witscher about why you should support farmers, why soil ...

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Giving Back and Keeping it Fresh

Before moving to 320 Putnam Street five years ago, the Eau Claire Community Table premade all of its meals for those in need. But the organization has since then started an initiative to make everything from scratch using fresh food each day ...

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Harvest Schedule 2014

Get your food when it was meant to be gotten!

Get your food when it was meant to be gotten! Make sure you’re buying your stuff in season! Don’t know when that is? Here’s a handy chart that should last you through the summer ...

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Homegrown, Fresh Reads!

the best local looks at farm life and do-it-yourself cooking with the freshest of ingredients

Bone up with books on farming and get in tune with the farming lifestyle with the help of fantastic Wisconsin authors. Travel back in time with Bob Knopes to Janesville during the Great Depression as he reflects on a life of barns burning ...

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Ultimate Achievement

seven UWEC grads on team bound for world disc tourney

The Chippewa Valley has produced world-caliber talent in a number of fields, and once again the good people of the Valley can bask in the knowledge that we produce good stock. The latest opportunity to show off our region to the world comes ...

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A Sporting Chance

as American kubb evolves, serious competitors emerge

Heading into its eighth year, the U.S. National Kubb Championship is boasting its largest response ever. The yard-game-turned-competitive-sport has risen from just 35 registered players in 2007 to 310 in 2013, as the tournament sprawled across ...

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The Valley's Love-A-Fair

have fun (and funnel cake) at the Northern Wis. State Fair

The Northern Wisconsin State Fair promises to be a “family affair” featuring more music, entertainment, rides, exhibits, and fair food than you can shake a corndog stick at. Bank Mutual is sponsoring the annual fair in Chippewa Falls, now in its ...

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New Dog Park Coming Soon?

Dogs need exercise too – even in the dog days of summer – and that’s where dog parks come in. Eau Claire’s off-lease recreation area, also known as the Otter Creek Dog Park, provides pooches with nine acres in which to chase their own ...

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Special Sections

Keeping the Bowl Full

pets need food donations too

Pets are known to increase health, happiness, and overall quality of life, so when families find themselves in a financially troubling situation, the last thing they want to do is part ways with Sparky. Lisa Wenholz of Oakwood Hills Animal ...

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Hot Dogs and Cats

tips for keeping your best friend safe year round

We all love Wisconsin, right? Right? After last winter we may have lost a few Midwesterners to sunnier climes, but most of us have stayed on and are stepping into summer with vigor, and always at our sides for both summer and winter activities ...

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Top Dogs Turn Your Pup into an All-Star

Flyball – This competitive canine sport includes a 51-foot long course that requires four puppy participants to jump four hurdles, activate a spring-loaded box and catch a tennis ball. When one dog returns to the start/finish line ...

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Other Stuff

Now You See Them

EC tech start-up Invisible Connect has ambitious – but mysterious – plans

Invisible Connect is as appropriate a name as any for Eau Claire’s newest and most mysterious technology start-up. “Invisible” because its products-to-be are shrouded in secrecy and the company, so far, has kept a low profile; “Connect” because ...

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