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So A Girl Walks Into a Comedy Scene...

two women lead the way in local comedy

On the night of my first improv show with UW-Eau Claire’s The Backwards Thinkers Society, as I collected myself mid-show, I thought, “This is kind of funny.” I wasn’t thinking necessarily ha-ha-funny, but curious-funny. Improv uses no script ...

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | June 12, 2014

It was the first week of June when at the checkout counter of the Birch Street Ace Hardware I was quite excited to see a small cardboard display sitting right behind the credit card swiper – a little box full of those super lightweight wooden ...

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Opening Letters

Peaks and Valleys

curator’s mountain-sized mistake helps artist re-evaluate her own work

In 2008, I was thrilled to have my work exhibited in the former Terra Museum of American Art on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. I was still learning how to be an artist, and how to be professional. I arrived early with my three paintings, brother in ...

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The Rear End

Side Walking

when putting one foot in front of the other just isn’t enough

My son does not like to walk. He likes to ride. I know this because he always asks to go on “walks,” but as soon as we head towards the sidewalk, he races into the garage only to emerge on his bike or his sister’s old tricycle or his scooter or ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | June 12, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by Jonah Lemke

This work of art titled “Megs” is an 18” x 24” watercolor and ink portrait of Jonah’s wife, Meagan. It was given to her as a gift on their 15th anniversary more than 10 months ago. While it took patience, heart, and more than 30 hours ...

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | June 12, 2014

CURRENT STANDINGS. Just a little stand-up paddleboarding on the water of Braun’s Bay in Eau Claire’s Carson Park – an activity filled with (surface) tension.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Another Shot On Goal

soccer may be catching on in the U.S. – for real this time

One recent Sunday afternoon while at the grocery store, I caught a sight that piqued my interest: a guy wearing the jersey of an English Premier League soccer team. Not just any jersey – or, in the proper soccer parlance, “shirt” – but one in ...

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Of Dusk

Rivers releases thoughtful full-length debut

Eau Claire natives Rivers are emerging with their debut album, Of Dusk, thanks to the support of a successful Kickstarter campaign completed in late February ...

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Out of the Dark

A steady fusion of horns, woodwinds, and acoustic guitar binds together Eau Claire local Tony Rongstad’s debut album, Dark Third. Released March 1, the folk-inspired LP features all original songs and delivers an earthy, natural sound throughout ...

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Back Again

Meridene returns with b-sides EP, talk of new full-length

Eau Claire indie-rockers Meridene made quite a career for themselves over the years they were active, with two heralded full-lengths and an EP. But in 2012 they wrapped it up and decided to call it quits. Well, after a few years of other projects ...

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Three of Hearts

fluke voicemail leads to formation of indie rock trio

Heart of the Heart, or HOT H, is a true reaction of the eclectic, ongoing, and mutually integrated music scene that has come to be tradition in Eau Claire ...

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Hard Work Pays Off

local rap collective is finding success after grinding for years

Country-city boys and hip-hop fundamentalists representing the coasts from home in the Midwest: Eau Claire-bred Skotty Benz and Jake Lacoste sure haven’t been shy about representing during their Supermarket Sweep of influences ...

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Versus the Volcano

Downstage Left goes local with ‘Volcanic’ script

In their first show last year, Downstage Left hoped to bring a little depth to the Chippewa Valley theater scene. The new company’s first production was The Shape Of Things – a heady play dealing with themes of identity and love. When director ...

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So A Girl Walks Into a Comedy Scene...

two women lead the way in local comedy

On the night of my first improv show with UW-Eau Claire’s The Backwards Thinkers Society, as I collected myself mid-show, I thought, “This is kind of funny.” I wasn’t thinking necessarily ha-ha-funny, but curious-funny. Improv uses no script ...

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A Monster of a Legend

Chad Lewis explores Lake Pepin monster tales

After 20 years of probing the paranormal through thousands of investigations, hundreds of lectures, and 17 books, Chad Lewis is finally a believer ...

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Circle of Survival

touring musician publishes journal of life on the road

After years of touring across the country, Eau Claire singer-songwriter Phil Circle has decided to release his first book. Titled The Outback Musicians’ Survival Guide – Stories, Anecdotes & Philosophizing on a Life of Music, the journal-like ...

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Visual Art

Wine with a Side of Batik

What do a rooster, a Holstein cow, and elephants have in common? They are just some of the subjects of 16 batiks done by Chippewa Falls artist Sandra Churness on display through June 30 at From the Vine Wine Room, 2526 Golf Road, Eau Claire ...

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Everything Is Illuminative

Exhibit sheds light on professors’ artwork

Illuminative: The Art of Academia is an accessible look into the intelligent and imaginative work of local university art educators. The show contains the work of nine artists, all currently active professors of art in western Wisconsin and ...

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Hollywood Comes Home

a pro film is being produced in the Chippewa Valley

If you find yourself surrounded by a crowd of 30 to 50 strangers all carrying equipment, sipping water bottles and filming each other within various well-known Chippewa Valley establishments, do not panic. If you are on a pleasant walk through ...

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Local Look

Look to the Sun

two solar energy projects could dawn in region

The Chippewa Valley may be poised to become a hotbed of solar energy, and not just among sun worshippers reveling in the long-awaited summer weather. True, the two solar energy proposals on the drawing board locally don’t necessarily make for a ...

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Still Time to Join Shared Garden

Lacking space for a garden at your home or just worried that your thumb isn’t green enough to sustain one by yourself? Community gardens are designed for people just like you. While all the individual rental plots at the Forest Street Community ...

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Kid Culture

Totally to Dye For

DIY tie-dye shop offers art and a good time

It’s time to get creative in a whole new, colorful way. Started last October, Fun Dye Factory is bringing an accessible way to tie dye to downtown Eau Claire, and according to the staff, they’re doing so well that they’re ...

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Wings & Wheels

Menomonie fest offers air and auto adventure

The suffix “rama,” seen in words such as diorama and panorama, means a “spectacular display or instance of” whatever noun precedes it. So it shouldn’t be surprising that the aptly named Menomonie Airfest and Autorama has a schedule chock full of ...

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Local Tips for Buying Your New Bike

Now that the summer season has hit the Chippewa Valley, it’s time again for riders to take to their bikes and hit the trails! Volume One asked some local bike shops what they would recommend for young adults looking to get some fitness in now ...

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Rogcity's Downtown Workout Tour

You don’t always have time to get to the gym. And on top of that, sometimes it’s nice to get outside and bask in the beauty of your community. Luckily, our downtown is ripe with workout options that don’t require a treadmill or even a dumbbell...

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