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Note from the Editor | May 29, 2014

By Eau Claire standards there seems to be quite a bit of change happening with our built environment these days. The much-discussed Woo’s Pagoda on Hastings Way, along with the former Wendy’s across the road, have come down to make way for new ...

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The Rear End

Chew On This

excitement over chain eateries: not the end of the world

Before he died, my grandpa liked taking my grandma out for dinner at the Dairy Queen right on the main drag in Siren. For a while, it was their favorite spot. I’m not sure what they ate there, but I believe the chicken strip basket was ordered ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | May 29, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by Victoria Zelinski

“Even cats grow lonely and anxious.” This piece is inspired by the author’s love of cats. She identifies as a “Cat person.” When asked to create a self portrait, this became the clear line of inspiration. This painting aims to display the more ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | May 29, 2014

THE PAGODA HAS LEFT THE BUILDING. On May 22, crews detached and removed the iconic pagoda from the former Woo’s Pagoda restaurant on Hastings Way. It now belongs to the Chippewa Valley Museum.

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Join the Jubilee

annual art event to keep party going with ‘AfterGlow’

Each June, Chippewa Valley artists and their admirers mingle at the Jubilee, an elegant evening of entertainment, art auctions, and fine dining at the Florian Gardens that raises money for the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council. Previous year’s ...

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Big Back Yard

local country cover band gets original on new album

It’s festival season in the Midwest once again, when country dominates the musical landscape. So there’s no surprise Eau Claire locals Big Back Yard are about to make a splash in their own backyard, the Chippewa Valley ...

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Time Well Spent

folk rockers Dames add third member on new full length

If two is company, then three is a crowd – at least that’s what the sonorous, genre-blending melodies of Eau Claire trio Dames would lead listeners to believe they’re hearing. And this crowd works well together ...

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Dave Powered

longtime local drummer hammers out his first solo

Dave Power is usually a busy guy. The recognizable mustachioed drummer (known these days for Adelyn Rose, PUNCHER, and Meridene, among others) constantly has his hands in projects of all shapes and sizes, holding down the kit for everything from ...

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Granite Rose to Tour with Saving Abel

Local musicians Granite Rose are making headway in upcoming tour with southern rock sensation Saving Abel. The opportunity was founded by dedication, a lot of hard work and ambition, and a modern resource known as networking. Granite Rose ...

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What's in Your Head?

student’s novel explores reality and the psychedelic

According to the Oxford Dictionary, axiom is defined as “a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.” So, circles are round and squares have corners. But is it always that simple ...

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Visual Art

Freshen Up with Art Tour

With spring finally here (and summer just around the corner) it is officially day-trip season. It’s a time to get your family and friends together, pile in the car, and get out of town for the day. What better way to kick it off than ...

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Community Supported Art Takes Root

new Eau Claire Regional Art Center program links artists, buyers

As the desire for wholesome, ethically raised, locally grown food has increased, so has the prominence of community supported agriculture. Members of CSAs pay in advance for periodic (usually weekly) boxfuls of vegetables, fruits, and other ...

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Local Lit

Jem, A Girl of London (excerpt 1 of 3)

Chapter 2—July 1757 | A Candle in the Window

Mr. Galt explained why he’d been so growly after the boy unloaded our goods and took his hired cart back to the market. Mr. Galt, who’d been standing in our doorway watching us arrange our bedding, said, “Mrs. Connolly, I hope you don’t take ...

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Jem, A Girl of London (excerpt 2 of 3)

Chapter 5—January 1758 | I Meet Mr. Franklin of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, America

Quiet and stealthy, I crept down the stairs. When I reached the ground floor, I peeked round the kitchen doorway. Mrs. Macintyre, the cook, whirled in the kitchen, stirring this and tasting that. She talked aloud to herself as ...

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Jem, A Girl of London (excerpt 3 of 3)

Chapter 6—February and March 1758 | My Brother, Played for a Pig, Becomes Ill

I had to watch James every second. His favorite thing to do was toddle from one stinking bit of trash to the next and try to stuff it in his mouth. I wished I could get him to stop, but he wouldn’t. We could have stayed inside, but ...

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Local Look

Gaming History

Chippewa Valley Museum collaborates with Stout program for an interactive experience

The wealth of resources the Chippewa Valley’s universities provide to the area is evident in some ways – speakers and concerts, employment, economic impacts – but sometimes it’s easy to forget. When the community and university come together ...

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Going National

Eau Claire is aiming to be named one of America’s best cities

On the gridiron or any other field of athletic competition, All-Americans are the elite. These players have been recognized as possessing qualities that put them ahead of their peers, making them champions to be admired – even envied – across ...

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Food / Drink

Sweet Memories

Eau Claire author and designer’s kiddie cocktail book mixes retro style with a splash of childhood fun

Eight ounces of ginger ale, half an ounce of grenadine, and a maraschino cherry – Shirley Temples have been the standard, beloved, and lone kiddie cocktail for many of us over the years. However, as demonstrated in the new book Kiddie Cocktails ...

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Hog Heaven

The Deutsch family of Osseo says organic farming, outdoor living are the keys to tastier pork

Years of big-budget marketing have convinced Americans that pork is “the other white meat" Jim Deutsch of Deutsch Family Farm begs to differ. “We say it’s the other red meat,” explains Deutsch ...

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Carving Out a Niche

new butcher shop aims for old-fashioned vibe

An old-fashioned butcher shop with a contemporary flair will soon open in Altoona. Bob Adrian, a commodity trader with a love for making sausage, is busy creating Rump’s Butcher Shoppe in a newly renovated building, 1411 Lynn Ave., in downtown ...

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Why Should Carnivores Stay Local? That’s All We Have.

Progressive plant-eating types may come off as a little high and mighty sometimes, but they do know a thing or two about sustainability.

It’s that buzzword you’ve seen pop up as an adjective for everything from campus buildings to farming to manufacturing – a buzzword that has almost single-handedly converted a generation of vegetarians. The word is also an Internet favorite that ...

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4 Eau Claire eateries serving odd meats

It turns out that the Chippewa Valley has quite the sophisticated palate when it comes to meat. From the rare to the downright unheard-of, we’ve got it all. Check out this list of some strange meats that we’ve discovered. They’re all being served ...

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Kid Culture

Stay Safe Out There

Mayo-sponsored kids’ camp focused on safety

Health care providers and other local experts will teach kids entering the fourth and fifth grades about safety topics at a free Safety Camp sponsored by the Mayo Clinic Health System. Topics include first aid (more than just a Band-Aid) ...

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

for these Montessori students, it grows at school

The Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School is inside an old building (the former Lincoln Elementary on Cameron Street), with few areas of interest for students on school grounds. As a result of this, parent and teacher volunteers came together ...

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You've Got the Look

celeb makeup guru wants to make you beautiful, darling

Celebrity makeup artist Brian Hauger, who has worked with the likes of Mariah Carey and Betty White, will bring his expertise to Eau Claire for the Hollywood Celebrity Makeup Event June 8 at the Metropolis Resort. The afternoon begins with ...

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