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Note from the Editor | May 15, 2014

I’m often asked during various presentations why we started Volume One. The simple version is that we saw a gap in local media coverage of music, arts, and the culture of this community. To that end, our pages covered some pretty obscure ...

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Opening Letters

Blugold Bashers

Community should embrace students, not chase them away from voting booth

It’s commencement season, a time of nostalgia-tinged excitement for those graduating from colleges like UW-Eau Claire and UW-Stout and for all of us who value the positive impact students have on our community. But while we’re cueing ...

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The Rear End

Let's Blow This Joint

dislocating your shoulder is about as fun as it sounds

A month and a half ago, I dislocated my shoulder. First, allow me to say that shortly after it was dislocated, a medical doctor relocated my shoulder to its proper location, and if all goes according to plan, this will be its final location ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | May 15, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by Lloyd Fleig

“I have been in photography for many years and converted to digital in the mid-90s. In the last three years I had photos selected for the Beaver Creek Calendar, and in the recently published Capture Wisconsin book, five of my photos ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | May 15, 2014

STONE COLD INSTALLATION. Sculpture Tour Eau Claire installed its fourth round of sculptures downtown on May 6 and 7. This hefty beauty can be seen on the corner of Madison and North Barstow Streets.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Multiplication Problem

when it comes to high school sports, urban vs. rural may matter more than public vs. private

Dominance in sports comes for many reasons. In the pros, large markets with big-moneyed advertisers and high-dollar media rights can fund hefty salaries for top players. Other teams have particularly wealthy owners who do not mind spending ...

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A First from Past

longtime musician finally fronting his own trio

After being a longtime staple in the Eau Claire folk music scene, Larry Past has finally released an EP as a front man: The LP 3 EP.

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Smith's Stacker Songs

Terry Smith of Cornell who has been playing music for more than 45 years. It all started on February 9, 1964, when his brother dragged him to their grandparents’ house to watch The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. After this, he ...

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Land of the Free

Doks Robotiks mixes hip-hop with jazz to see what happens

Recording an EP before they ever hit the stage, Doks Robotiks – intentionally or not – seems to avoid convention on the Eau Claire music scene.

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A Youthful Tribute

symphony concert features Perry, honors veterans

He’s gone from the Long Beds to the youth symphony. Michael Perry, best-selling author, humorist, radio show host, and leader of the Long Beds, his down-home band, will be sharing his low, gravely, and folksy voice as the master of ceremonies ...

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Inside the 'Black Box'

250-seat theater proposed for Confluence would allow for flexibility, creativity

When JAMF Software pledged $500,000 to support the construction of a new community arts center as part of the Confluence Project, the company was given naming rights to the new 250-seat black box theater that will be built in the complex ...

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Music With A Message

touring African choir highlights plight of orphans

The kidnapping of more than 200 girls by a terrorist group in Nigeria recently brought attention to not only the plight of African children in areas of unrest but also to most Americans’ relative ignorance of issues impacting that continent ...

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Youthful Spirit

13-year-old pens fantasy novel, plans two sequels

A pair of twin sisters, Amira and Alicia, are plunged into the Spirit Realm – a place of stolen souls and a war over their fate. They are taken in by a group of people fighting to save the entrapped souls. The sisters discover that they were born ...

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Visual Art

Plein as Day

visual artists will descend on Durand for week of outdoor painting

Clean off your paintbrushes, grab your easels, and head on over to Durand: It’s time again for the Fresh Paint event May 18-24. Hosted by Imagination Nation, a nonprofit organization in Durand, Fresh Paint centers on what is known as plein air ...

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Local Look

Back to the Garden

community gardens a growing trend in Eau Claire

Community gardens are literally sprouting up everywhere (pun intended). There are six community gardens already flourishing in Eau Claire – quite a few for the city’s size. Two are kids’ gardens used for educational purposes by UW-Extension ...

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Goodbye, Pagoda. Hello, Pharmacy War

A legendary Eau Claire restaurant soon will be replaced by a brand-new drugstore. The Eau Claire Plan commission recently approved the construction of a 13,000-square-foot CVS Pharmacy at the northwest corner ...

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Healthy Applause for Health Chapter Author

The man who helped create the recently adopted health chapter of Eau Claire’s comprehensive plan – which focuses on improving citizens’ health through the physical environment around them – has won a public health award. Ned Noel, associate ...

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Bremer Banks on Bigger Branch

Bremer Bank, a fairly recent addition to the Chippewa Valley’s financial scene, has announced plans to build a new bank at the southeast corner of Oakwood Hills Parkway and Damon Street on Eau Claire’s south side. The St. Paul-based bank ...

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Food / Drink

Get Ready to Bug Out

The restaurant at 1920 South Hastings Way has a new name, a new attitude, and a new winking mascot – but don’t worry, they still serve pizza. Bug Eyed Betty’s Half Moon Saloon recently opened in the building that was previously ...

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It's Pho Real

Noodle Teahouse aims for real Vietnamese flavor

The Nguyen family at Noodle Teahouse takes absolutely no shortcuts when it comes to offering truly authentic, well-prepared Vietnamese cuisine to its customers. From the conscientious readying of the pho, the true pride of the restaurant ...

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