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Note from the Editor | April 3, 2014

Whew. Glad that’s over. You don’t see a lot of local elections like that one. Thankfully. Obviously we at Volume One were pretty fired up about it all, and of course we’re now thrilled with the outcome. While it’s still not a done ...

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Opening Letters

Working for Women

national conference fosters ideas for aiding Valley women on economic edge

I made my way up to the seventh floor of a Washington, D.C., museum and stood in the back of the crowded conference room. On stage was Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, seated on a crisp brown leather couch, engaging the crowd as she ...

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The Rear End

Look to the Lefse

it may not seem like lefse season but ... I just don’t care

When my mom makes lefse, she doesn’t use Potato Buds. Because Potato Buds are for amateurs, y’all. The path to darkness is paved in sticky slabs of Potato Bud asphalt. People, if you’re not boiling up a bathtub-load of actual potatoes on ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | April 3, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by Gregg Rochester

"Konwn primarily for his colorful landscapes, Rochester shows another side of his work connected to his passion for bicycling. His “Tour d’Art” show, recently displayed at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library in Eau Claire, features ..."

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Opening Shot | April 3, 2014

FROM THE TOP. Milwaukee’s Vic & Gab performed at UW-Eau Claire’s The Cabin on Saturday, March 29. Vic & Gab was named one of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Bands To Watch in 2014.

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Passion Project

after much toil, Island of Dr. Lee releases its debut

Jaime Hansen wanted to write a metal record and tried valiantly, but it just didn’t work out that way. That’s no reason for him to hang his head, however: The outcome of this musical endeavor yielded The Island of Dr. Lee, a fearsome force of ...

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Music of the Mid West

Though it’s across the border and on the other side of the Mighty Mississip’, Winona, Minn. isn’t actually that far away. And that’s good for us because every year the small college town plays host to the homegrown Mid West Music Festival ...

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Back to the Roots

Once local singer-songwriter, turned Nashville star, Anna Johnson has a new album entitled, Here. Since moving to Nashville in 2009, Johnson has produced three professional albums. She has had the opportunity to play with artists such as ...

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Goo Maid

this punk band is marked with contradictions that work

When a local music scene dies out – or never really took off to begin with – square one for the next band to step to the plate means letting the imagination run as wild and crazy as they see fit ...

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Jazz It Up!

47th annual Jazz Fest features outstanding soloists, ensembles

It’s that time of year: Get ready for the 47th Annual Eau Claire Jazz Festival! This year it will be held April 4-5. With clinics, master classes, and bands galore, you don’t want to miss this. Check out some of this year’s highlights below ...

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Dessa On the Mic

The Twin Cities’ first lady of hip-hop, Dessa – a solo artist and member of the Doomtree collective – is bringing a taste of the Midwest’s finest flow to Eau Claire on Thursday, April 17, with a performance that includes Rhymesayers special ...

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Retaking the Stage

after long gap, North HS revives musical theater

North High School Theater “saved” me … on the Advanced Placement Literature exam. Our teacher, Mr. Sampson, had us read Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights twice (once over the summer!) as both were books that could be used to answer over a decade’s ...

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Pain and Resilience

book describes long odyssey with chronic pain

It was a long time coming for Gary Weinkauf when he published his first book, Stop the Orchestra from Playing: One Man’s Odyssey with Pain ...

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City Poet Laureate Hosts Lit Events

City of Eau Claire Poet Laureate Bruce Taylor, now in his second term, is hosting ongoing events for poets and writers, readers, and listeners. Writers Read occurs at 7pm the second Tuesday of each month ...

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Visual Art

Wood and Water

EC woodworker’s furniture merges outdoors, indoors

Think of a table. Is it formica and chrome, glittering in the kitchen? A molded plastic folding table in the church hall? Is it your nicked-up old oak family dinner board? A sleek Ikea Oddvald? The new fused and laminated conference table ...

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Local Lit

This Time

This is the forever day, / the one you want to hold in your pocket / like  a lucky penny, / when you leap out of bed before sunrise / and throw those curtains open anyway ...

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Local Look


city voters reject a second referendum; county voters OK contribution to project

With two victories under their belt in the April 1 election, supporters of the Confluence Project are now preparing to take their message of community support for the ambitious endeavor to policymakers in Madison ...

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Kincaid Gets Another Term

Eau Claire City Council president defeats challenger Lewis

Eau Claire residents decided April 1 that they didn’t want a change at the top: City voters gave City Council President Kerry Kincaid a lopsided victory over challenger Monica Lewis. According to preliminary totals, Kincaid defeated Lewis ...

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Council Coalesces

body to oversee Confluence Center formed

Even as the public debate over the two Confluence Project referendums raged, a small group was quietly meeting to make plans for how the proposed downtown performing arts center would be operated. The Confluence Council Task Force, which was ...

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Werthmann Gets Earthy Honor

Earth Day is just a few weeks away, so it’s an appropriate time to honor one of the Chippewa Valley’s most recognizable environmentalists. Eau Claire City Councilman Andrew Werthmann will receive the annual Earthgreen Award – which honors ...

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Oxbow Music Fest Postponed

You may remember reading last fall about the possibility of a two-day music festival to take place next September in Carson Park. The Oxbow Music & Arts Festival, proposed by Wisconsin native (and Austin, Texas, music promoter) Nick Barbian ...

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Bus Report Calls for Chippewa Falls Route

What’s got 44 headlights and more than a million passengers? The answer can be found at a bus stop near you: Eau Claire’s public transit system. Eau Claire Transit recently commissioned a study to assess the quality of that system and determine ...

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