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Note from the Editor | Jan. 23, 2014

While we do cover the entire Chippewa Valley region from Menomonie to Chippewa Falls, we know that we cover downtown Eau Claire sometimes more than its fair share. Of course Eau Claire is the biggest city in the area, so there’s that, but when ...

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The Rear End

The Lengths I Will Grow To

a beard isn’t the exclusive grooming phenomenon it used to be

So this beard I’m growing is getting a little out of hand. Never in my entire life have my jowls corralled this much facial hair. I’m not bragging, as I know of people sporting far more impressive manes ... but this is a lot of beard for me ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Jan. 23, 2014

learn about this issue's cover art by Angela Clark

“The study of Ent origins, eNtymology, is rarely confused with the homophonic branch of science that studies insects. Ents, unlike bugs, are giant tree shepherds from Middle-earth. Twisty twigs, meandering lines and gnarled bark are ..."

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Less than Fantastic

fantasy football tears fans between real and virtual loyalty

Ever find yourself frustrated by Ted Thompson? You have good company, not only with fellow Packer fans, but with fans of every team everywhere. You might as well be general manager of your own team; millions are doing just that. Not that ...

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Hanging Up the Rags

aging organizers, audiences lead to ragtime fest’s end

Like the century-ago era when the genre’s syncopated tunes topped the charts, the Eau Claire Ragtime Festival has passed into history. Organizers announced during the 15th annual fest, held Jan. 10-12, that this year’s gathering – which brought ...

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Sad Ewok Infiltrates House of Rock

While this might be one of the weirder stories of the year, it’s not too surprising considering who it comes from. Minneapolis experimental band Marijuana Deathsquads (headed by Eau Clairian Ryan Olson) has a new video for their song ...

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North House Preps New EP

Eau Claire electronic musician North House is a workhorse. Alex Tronson, the 20-something UW-Eau Claire student behind North House, keeps his Bandcamp page active, constantly posting new tracks, remixes, and mixtapes that show a surprisingly ...

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American Heritage

piano prof. produces album of contemporary classics

While some audiences are apprehensive about a piano recital if the set list doesn’t include Bach or Chopin, UW-Eau Claire associate professor Nicholas Phillips thinks that his latest album, American Vernacular: New Music for Solo Piano, will ...

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Singing Memories

Durand inspires Ulwelling’s solo album

Whatever happened to Eddie Sabelko? I have to admit, this is the first time I’ve ever asked that question. I don’t even know Eddie Sabelko, but Jim Ulwelling of Biesterveld does. Sabelko is the topic of the aptly named ...

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Finding the Magic

young author Cayla Kluver launches new trilogy

Two worlds clash as faeries and humans meet, both hunting for something they want. Lives will be threatened, decisions will be made, and nothing will ever be the same.

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Visual Art

Seeing the Unseen

photo exhibit explores local nooks and crannies

Cities are constantly changing. Looking at what a city has built over its history is a good way to draw a picture of the life of a city, its people’s attitudes and assumptions, their dreams and their fears. What was built, what ...

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Creative Crawling

The Banbury Art Crawl is back, expands to new building

Banbury Place stands seemingly quiet after the closure of the Uniroyal Goodrich tire plant. But open the door and walk the hallways and you’ll find art studios, businesses and a growing cultural space that ...

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Ready for a Big Break

duo brings Ultimate Frisbee passion to screen with web series

Back in June, we shared a short story about two locals, UW-Eau Claire student Chris Schasse and his friend and UWEC alum, James Wagner, who were taking off to spend their summer vacation traveling the western U.S. filming a ...

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Hats Off to Film Noire

local independent film Fedora gets local premiere

Eau Claire-based film and video production company Down The Rabbit Hole Films is finally ready to release Fedora, a feature-length, independent film. Fedora is a black-and-white film noir that features all local actors and musicians, and it was ...

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Local Lit


in memory of Norma Deprez, poet

I can’t visit my graves in Indiana so I go with her.
 / She can’t find the right road off Omaha St.---
 / a cemetery with so many entrances---
 / one for one kind of Lutherans, many ...

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Local Look

Hotel Revival

JAMF co-founder’s property group buys former Ramada

Zach Halmstad may be best known in Eau Claire – and in tech circles worldwide – as the co-founder of JAMF Software, but he’s not just a software guru.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood, N. Barstow!

People who live in the newly redeveloped North Barstow area in downtown Eau Claire now have a neighborhood to call their own – or, at least, a neighborhood association. The North River Fronts Neighborhood Association recently “closed a gap” ...

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Referendum Rundown

Eau Claire voters may get three chances – or zero – to vote on the Confluence Project

Eau Claire-area voters could face a Confluence Project-related referendum – or two, or even three! – depending on upcoming actions by the City Council and County Board. And, confusingly enough, this could lead to a scenario in which voters ...

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Food / Drink

Lifestyle Diets

If you have ever been on a diet, you know that the effects simply don’t last once you resume your normal eating habits. In order to receive lasting benefits, you really need to change your entire lifestyle and relationship with food. So, to help ...

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Dancing Up a Storm

Dance like nobody’s watching. This statement is cutesy, trite, and meant to be a metaphor. But darn it, I’m taking it literally, and that’s why I’ve spent almost every Saturday morning for the last two months at Zumba class ...

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Yoga: More Than You Imagine

It’s not only for gurus and models: Yoga can benefit everyone, veteran teachers say.

There was a time in the not-too-distant past when yoga wasn’t as close as the supermarket check-out, when it wasn’t viewed as the province of well-toned magazine models. Having made the leap from millennia-old Indian spiritual discipline ...

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