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Old Town, New Life

what I learned about reviving Eau Claire ... when I went to Seattle

I recently finished a week in Seattle listening to the experiences of other cities working to revitalize and build economic opportunities for their citizens. More than 3,000 municipal leaders from across the country attended ...

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The Rear End

Christmas Architecture

the undeniable charisma of a church at Christmastime

don’t talk too much about religion. People like Garrison Keillor love to make pithy, knowing comments about the quirks and foibles of various Midwestern religious groups. Being a good Protestant ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Dec. 5, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Randy Lee

“This barn, as with most of my photographic art pieces, is a showcase of the regional area. This particular barn photograph was taken in Minnesota. I was drawn to the unusual color of the barn and the way the trees and snow completed ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Dec. 5, 2013

A group of friends enjoy open skating at Hobbs Ice Center on a recent Wednesday afternoon. Open skating is available for adults and children nearly every Sunday and Wednesday through the end of March. Call 715-839-5040 for details.

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Building the Song

old tunes find new life with help of basement studio

If there was one place to hold this interview, it’d be The Cabin – UW-Eau Claire’s smallest but coolest performance room. That’s where Greg Adams, as a college student in the ’90s, hung out and studied during the day ...

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Flying from Heartache

Hannah Connolly EP offers serene sad songs

I love sad songs. I’ve come to terms with this over the last couple of years, which is why I have been drawn to artists like Field Report, The Civil Wars, Johnny Cash, and now Hannah Connolly. When talking about the sadness of his songs ...

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Full of Feeling

singer-songwriter’s upbeat tunes have emotional depth

Local singer/songwriter Justin Hertz released his first full-length album, Someday You’ll Feel the Same, in October. At first listen, if you’re not paying close attention, the album might sound like a poppy mix of acoustic happy pills ...

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Making It Up All Over Again

Improv Fest returns for second year of ad-libbed yuks

The most important rule of improv is having a “Yes, and …” attitude. For example, if another performer points and says, “Freeze, I have a gun,” acknowledge that his index finger is indeed a gun, and say something like, “The gun I gave you for ..."

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Fantastical Follow-Up

In 2010 local author Travis Ludvigson released Yaré Darkness Bound, the first book in a three-part fantasy series, The Nephilim Chronicles. Now Ludvigson has unleashed the second book, Iron Song ...

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Occupying Aging

local author pens journal on aging, disabilities

As someone who has been educating the people of the Chippewa Valley about life with disabilities for years, it’s no surprise that Dr. Katherine Schneider is continuing to pave the way with her third book ...

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Visual Art

A Beast of a Talent

Stout prof/graphic novelist Erik Evensen

When you think of Menomonie, a few things might come to mind: the clock tower at UW-Stout, Neil Gaiman, or the Muppet Show song “Mahnah Mahnah” (which of course sounds eerily like the city’s name) ...

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Local Lit

Romance: A Parable

I live in a garden apartment. Upstairs, a woman I rarely see, / who keeps a huge leggy dog and a green parrot. Every day / an hour after she walks to work, the parrot calls from its cage

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Local Look

Holiday Parade Marches On

EC’s Christmas celebration makes switch to Sunday

Everybody loves a parade, right? There’s marching and music and fire engines and people handing out candy. A summertime staple for generations, parades have become more common during the Christmas season ...

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A Referendum and a Rally

action on Confluence Project heats up

Eau Claire residents may get a chance to vote in a referendum about the proposed Confluence Project. Or maybe they won’t. A petition drive will soon begin to put a public referendum on the ballot, but legal questions remain ...

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Food / Drink

Ready to Make a Splash

Water Street’s first wine bistro uncorking soon

Blistery winds and chilling temperatures are taking over the Chippewa Valley, but Liane Edixon-Olson and Andy Olson continue to have a sunny outlook on the future ...

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Serving Wisconsin for the Holidays

It’s borderline cliché to talk about the stress and anxiety that the holiday season can impart upon an otherwise calm soul. For me, I’ve come to find that inner peace during the holidays is far easier to achieve when ...

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Kid Culture

Building Their Brains

local team makes it to state Lego robotics competition

While it is frightfully cold outside, the house is warmed with a wood fire and the pent-up energy of eight kids who are excited to help their team ...

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