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Meet the New Bosses

Eau Claire’s new top leaders say they’re ready to work with the community – and each other – to overcome obstacles

It’s a challenging time for the public sector, but Eau Claire’s new top leaders say they’re ready to work with the community – and each other – to overcome obstacles and move things forward ...

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Oct. 24, 2013

When we first started Volume One more than eleven years ago, I was mostly interested in the music and film sides of our coverage areas. I guess that was because at that time I was in bands and I made films, so that’s more where I was coming from ...

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The Rear End

Just Local Halloween

a whole bunch of really well-thought-out costume ideas

Well here we are – so close to Halloween you can almost taste the chewy, vaguely peanut butter-flavored candies wrapped in orange and black wax paper that no one you know actually ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Oct. 24, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Brendon McKenna

“Franz the Giant is a character I created in the summer of 2012. Since then he has evolved in both physical form and personality. He is the featured character of a children’s book I have been working on for the last year. Franz is my physical ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Oct. 24, 2013

“RAWR” SAYS CAPTAIN SPACE KITTY. UW-Eau Claire’s mixed-media exhibition “Animal Skins: Visual Surfaces” explores the many layers of taxidermy – as museum object, photographic subject, sculptural interpretation, and cultural phenomenon.

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Athletic Aesthetic

Do the Bucks Stop Here?

Wisconsin’s only NBA team may not be here too much longer

For many people, the end of the past NBA season was as exciting a conclusion as one can remember. The most-talked-about team in the league – the Miami Heat – held off the San Antonio Spurs ...

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New Poliça Album Features Local Ties

Poliça’s sophomore record, Shulamith, starts with a bang in the opening track “Chain My Name” – staccato synth notes ride above a heavy bed of bass and drums that create a ready-made dance track. The new album from the Minneapolis-based indie-pop ...

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Weird Hop

hip-hop duo releases Dream Feast album

After an hour of improv comedy at the Grand Little Theatre, rappers Wealthy Relative and Sayth wasted no time jumping up on a stage set up like a living room, complete with a raggedy couch, reclining chair and an old TV playing Fievel Goes West ...

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Free Flow

Hounds Before Lions tweak their sound for new album

Since releasing their debut EP last April, the members of local indie rock group Hounds Before Lions have barely skipped a beat, immediately recording their first full-length album – out on Nov. 8.

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Navigating Home

new music from alt folk songstress, Eau Claire transplant Lizzy Diane

Singer-songwriter Lizzy Diane grew up in and calls Sheboygan home, but her current home of Eau Claire has a special place in her heart. Her newest album – Encompass Rose – is a mix of alternative folk with dynamic acoustic instrumentation.

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Hang On to Your Hoods

Hurd’s latest music adds twists to traditional tale

Although the Confluence Project has been dominating local art headlines lately, that doesn’t mean the Chippewa Valley art community has taken a rest. Karen Hurd, a major advocate for the ...

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A Feisty Fun Time

over-the-top burlesque ensemble goes for naughty laughs

Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is a professional troupe of actors, singers, dancers and musicians based in Grand Rapids, Mich. Their blush-inducing shows are chock-full of unbelievably bizarre ...

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Michale Perry Broadcasts New Book of Essays

From radio show host to nurse to firefighter and even to New York Times bestselling author, Michael Perry has done it all and kept busy. As a humorist, he hosts Tent Show Radio and as a musician he tours with his band, the Long Beds. Tent Show ...

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Turning Pages, Turning Leaves

book melds poetry, natural science

Local author Joanne Linden describes her picture book, Fiddleheads to Fir Trees: Leaves in All Seasons, as a book for all ages, but especially for children. The inspiration for the ...

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A Catfight for Kids

children’s book explores sibling rivalry, feline style

Have you ever gotten in a fight with your younger sister or your older brother? Maybe you are a parent and you have kids who just don’t quite seem to click. Family discord is something every person can relate to. And Here’s Your New Sister ...

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Visual Art

Concrete Vision

engineer-turned-artist wants to share sculpture with students

To the Eau Clairian on the street, Dan Massopust is best known as the artist who won the People’s Choice award on the Sculpture Tour last year for his large concrete work entitled “Blind Spot.”

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Model Mayhem

gallery makes space for monsters, superheroes

The Janet Carson Gallery is being invaded by superheroes, monsters, comics, models, and more. Rob Mattison of Eau Claire is curating his third show at the gallery, which consists ...

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Local Look

Creature Comforts

zoo wants to build new home for smaller critters

I remember visiting the black bear cages at Irvine Park Zoo every summer when I was a kid. The bears paced cramped, smelly, den-like cages protected by giant, iron bars and wire fencing. They lived next to what seemed like an endless cave that ...

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Placemaking the Plaza

public input sessions will help shape Haymarket Plaza

Ever wanted to hold a greater stake in your community? Well, you can start by just being a good neighbor, voting in elections and paying attention. But a more concrete way you can jump into community involvement is by taking part in a couple ...

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Water Street Patio Plan Possible

Looking for a new place to relax and enjoy the river view near Water Street? Plans are afoot for a new public look-out spot over the river. Downtown Eau Claire Inc. recently gave a $5,000 grant to the Water Street Business Improvement ...

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Meet the New Bosses

Eau Claire’s new top leaders say they’re ready to work with the community – and each other – to overcome obstacles

It’s a challenging time for the public sector, but Eau Claire’s new top leaders say they’re ready to work with the community – and each other – to overcome obstacles and move things forward ...

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Kid Culture

Passing Down the Past

Menomonie authors’ new book encourages passing down family stories

At 9pm on a Sunday, Dick Edwards received a call from his grandson in Iowa. He had a report due the next morning and one request for his grandpa: “Tell me about your life.” ...

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Controlled Carnage

no flame throwers allowed at after school bot battle

Rev your engines and sharpen those blades, kiddos: It’s time for robot mayhem. A group of sixth-through-eighth graders from the Voyagers after-school program have been pouring ...

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