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Flexing Creative Muscles

Eau Claire YMCA to host seven day arts-a-palooza

The Y in downtown Eau Claire is dedicating a whole week to the arts. Running Oct. 7-13, children, teens, and their families are invited to explore a wide range of artistic activities – free of charge – covering seven different mediums ...

2013 Best of the Chippewa Valley: The results!

Every year we turn to you, dear reader, to tell us (and your neighbors) what’s on your mind. We ask you to tell us the best places to eat, the best bands to check out, the best shops to visit, the biggest news stories and plenty more tidbits of ...

How I Do This

what I’ve learned from filling this page with words for nine years

As you read this, I’m probably doing something awesome like soaking in a bathtub full of essential oils and flower petals as I sip expensive liqueurs and sample exquisite cheeses and listen to a jazz quintet quietly improvising over in the ...

Shedding the Skins

Wisconsin has ditched offensive nicknames. Now the NFL should follow suit.

When you are a child, you oftentimes lack a good grasp on what is offensive. You hear a term in an ostensibly neutral context, and you think nothing of the meaning.  When I started following sports as a kid in the mid-1980s, I learned ...

Firsthand Account

A Holocaust survivor tells her story at UW-Eau Claire

While researchers and historians can write in-depth, detailed accounts of major historical events, no academic can truly capture the experience of living through something, of witnessing a piece of history as it happens. Gerda Weissmann Klein ...

Dinner in the Park

Fanny Hill presents classic comedy Barefoot In The Park

If there is one name in American theater that everyone should know it’s Neil Simon. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this man’s genius plays, you now have the opportunity to at Fanny Hill in Eau Claire. Through Nov. 3, Barefoot in the Par