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Keeping the Bees

as honey bees struggle to survive around the world, a local group is working to make beekeeping easier in Eau Claire

When Josh Miller had to move his bee colonies out to his friend’s house in the country, it wasn’t his first choice of action. His honeybees had become unusually active and Miller, a hobby beekeeper for the past five years, was inclined to remove ...

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | Sept. 12, 2013

We recently held the draft for our first-ever Volume One office fantasy football league. I’ll just get it out there right away that I took Aaron Rodgers in the first round. They say you’re supposed to get running backs first, but I wanted at ...

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The Rear End

How Not to Wear a Scarf

if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s unnecessary neckwear

Are you, dear reader, a wearer of scarves? I’m not talking to you practical Wisconsinites out there who wrap up your neck against Old Man Winter’s bitter teeth. And I’m not talking to all you belly dancers out there with your shear swathes ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | Sept. 12, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Katie Jelich

“This piece was inspired by the local wildlife. When I moved to Eau Claire, one of the things I noticed was the large amount of squirrels the city has. For such small animals, they have a lot of personality. The way they fight and chase each ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | Sept. 12, 2013

ALL THAT PRE-KICKBALL YOGA TRAINING FINALLY COMES IN HANDY. Sept. 6 and 7 saw the return of the Chippewa Valley Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic on Altoona’s Cinder City Park. Sixteen teams started the two-day kickball battle/live music party, but ...

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Double B Plus

Double B’s songs have a certain bounce to them. The Menomonie rapper has a throwback style reminiscent to late ‘90s hip-hop, laying down narrative lyrics over live instrumental beats. These classic elements have gained Double B – or Brady Benn ...

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Local Darlings

three bands with local ties descend on House Of Rock

Local favorite indie-rockers Adelyn Rose are having a pretty great fall so far. They’re recently off an East Coast tour and were announced as the opener for one of Volcano Choir’s Eau Claire shows, but luckily you can get a chance to see them ...

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The Way Back Home

novel explores post-Iraq trauma, middle age

It’s not always easy for someone who has been through a traumatic experience overseas to come back and assimilate back into a culture that they have been away from.

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Visual Art

Darkness and Light

trio shows classical music’s contemporary colors

In a university setting where classical tradition is firmly cemented into the curriculum, three music professors are helping contemporary art music gain more exposure. As the Chiaroscuro Trio, UW-Eau Claire faculty members (and spouses) Elizabeth ...

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Together Now

Heyde gathers works from top Chippewa Valley talent

“A Gathering” is a major exhibit of local artists currently showing at the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls. Fifteen area artists of the highest caliber have gathered their work into a large show of some of the best visual art ...

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Raise Your Paws Up

Canine lovers, meet art lovers. Actually, you’ve probably already met since there seems to be vast overlap between the love of our four-pawed pals and a love of all things artistic. Tangled Up In Hue is combining those passions once again in the ...

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library art committee tries to attract new talent by exposing itself

The title of the latest art exhibit at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library – “We’ll Show You Ours” – is an attention-grabbing bit of double-entendre. The works on display are attention-grabbing as well: The show, which opened Sept. 8 and ...

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Helping with Hunger

documentary aimed at highlighting food insecurity

At any given time, there are thousands of hungry people in the Chippewa Valley – and they’re not people who forgot to pack a lunch. An estimated 1 in 8 Eau Claire County residents experience food hardship, and 1 in 5 children in the county face ...

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Cuba on the Big Screen

Eau Claire library to host Cuban Film Festival

Cuba. So close yet so far away. For a glimpse into Cuba, attend the Cuban Film Festival, which includes two upcoming screenings at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library at 7p.m. Mondays, Sept. 16 and 23 ...

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Local Lit
Local Look

Buy Just Local

Just Local Food now letting customers become owners

As its name indicates, Just Local Food Cooperative has always been a co-op. Effective this month, however, it’s gotten even co-op-ier.

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Not So Fast!

Landmark Commission vote could slow push for Confluence center

The proposed Confluence Project hit a detour Sept. 3 when the Eau Claire Landmarks Commission voted to pursue a historic designation for one of the buildings that would be torn down to make way for the multiuse arts facility, a move it took only ...

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Food / Drink

Buy Just Local

Just Local Food now letting customers become owners

As its name indicates, Just Local Food Cooperative has always been a co-op. Effective this month, however, it’s gotten even co-op-ier.

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Supper at Johnny's

throwback supper club opens on Eau Claire’s south side

The city of Eau Claire has a couple of high-end dining options, but with a population of about 67,000, a couple might not be enough.

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These Colors Do Run

Eau Claire’s Carson Park to host popular ColorDash 5K

A unique racing concept with a fun twist has finally made its way to the Chippewa Valley. After several successful events across the country, the ColorDash 5K will take place Sept. 29 in Eau Claire’s Carson Park. What makes the ColorDash ...

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