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you know what they say – those who can’t be in a band ... write about it

With back-to-school season rolling in, allow me a moment to publicly complain about my older brother, Don ...

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The Rear End

The Power of Showing Up

take a chance – the Chippewa Valley is ready to listen

You know what my favorite movies are? My favorite movies are the ones where a ragtag group of misfits are assembled – by design or by chance – to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Movies where just a handful of people ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | August 15, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Ruth Lundblad

“This piece was commissioned by a friend who loves the colors and activities in our market. I tried to capture the sights and temper of the market as well as the beautiful building structure. The original is also textured with mat medium to ...

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Opening Shots

Biesterveld Album Features Ensemble Cast

Over the past few months Eau Claire-based musician Jim Ulwelling has been recording This Old Town, a compilation of his folk-rock tunes from his B Squat Woody and the Bicycle Kids days back in the ’90s. The solo project, which he ...

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Look to the Star

Eau Claire hip-hop artist $tarbound releases album

After talking to $tarbound, it’s hard not to be a little hopeful for the Eau Claire hip-hop scene. With the release of Supernova XII, his new, high-energy, electronic-infused rap album, he plans to take his music to the top and bring vibrant ...

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She's Got a Sax to Grind

new tunes from the Sue Orfield Band

The Sue Orfield Band is no stranger to the Chippewa Valley. Whether it’s smooth jazz or original rock, Orfield – who plays the tenor sax – is always busy writing music. Her band’s newest album, Fight the Good Fight, is a collection of songs ...

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Time for a Goddess

folk deity Dar Williams headed to State Theatre

There’s something to be said about a self-made singer songwriter. And that’s exactly what Dar Williams is. The folk artist only wrote music for herself for years as a young adult and went to college for theater before starting to play music live ...

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Next BareBones Show Will Baby Its Audience

What’s in a name? Well, a decent amount according to Baby With The Bathwater – a play by Christopher Durang. The local comedic theater troupe BareBones Ensemble will be staging this absurdist comedy Aug. 16-17 at The Grand Theatre on Grand ...

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theater group brings the Bard outdoors

Shakespeare in the Park is a national trend that has made its way to the Chippewa Valley. The Menomonie Theatre Guild is in its fifth year of presenting the Bard’s works at Wilson Park, a tradition that started in 2008 with Romeo and Juliet ...

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Local Author Hopes Own Experiences Can Help Teens

There’s probably no shortage of adult advice for teenagers. Do this, do that. Don’t do this, don’t do that. But local author Rebekah Palmer is taking a different perspective on advice for teens: Things she learned and documented as a ...

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Local Ball

book covers turn-of-the-century baseball in EC

The game of baseball has an unnatural pull. The rich history of America’s pastime attracts many people to embrace the culture beyond casual fandom or even diehard devotion, but as a lifetime pursuit ...

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Robin Hood 2.0

EC novelist’s latest melds classic hero, cybernetic future

Considering Jaron Lee Knuth’s blue-collar approach to writing – he labors at it eight hours a day, five days a week and has self-published six novels since 2009 – perhaps it was inevitable that he turned his attention to the original ...

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Visual Art

Something to Folk About

new CV Museum exhibit highlights region’s folk art

The brilliant thing about folk art is its liveliness. Folk art has a common life that high art lacks, its preciousness is a living one, in that the objects and skills occupy the everyday of life instead of being locked away out of regular life as too valuable to ...

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Local Lit
Local Look

More than Face Value

façade loans give city businesses an image boost

Even after the finishing touches are put on South Barstow Street in the coming weeks, downtown won’t be done getting a facelift. Several businesses are taking advantage of no-interest façade loans to spruce up their images ...

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South Barstow Open for Your Vehicular Pleasure

Last year the excitement on South Barstow Street came when you could drive both ways on it for the first time in decades. This summer, the excitement came when you could drive on the street period. On Aug. 9, a five-block stretch of South Barstow ...

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Special Sections

How Local is Local?

The Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market prides itself as a showcase for locally grown food. But some vendors are worried that a new rule mandating local ingredients in prepared foods might ...

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Whiteboard Confessional

these professors’ tales of students gone wrong can help you do it right in college

Students aren’t the only ones on campus who sometimes feel the need to anonymously vent. Professors have complaints, too, and they often involve students who aren’t willing to put in the work necessary to succeed but who expect stellar ...

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Undeclared? Who Cares?

the coolest, most interesting four-year schedule of college in the Chippewa Valley*

Does staring at the course catalog leave you feeling that something is lacking? Sure, there are plenty of practical (i.e., boring-sounding) classes that you should take to set yourself on a path toward a specific major. What’s the fun in that? Yes, it will ...

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Pro Tips: Local Study Nooks

By UWEC expert studier Emily Albrent and Stout expert studier Eric Koeppel

The Hibbard Hall Penthouse: Usually it’s pretty chill to just plant yourself here for a couple of hours, but who knows, rules change all the time. You might have to get ...

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Academic Etiquette

some tips on how to keep the professor-student relationship smooth

“Yo Teach!” That is how a student addressed me in an email once early in my teaching career. He added that his attached homework was “off the chizain.” I discovered the Urban Dictionary that day. His message has since become a funny ...

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Other Stuff

Swimmers Unleashed

local canines to make a splash at Doggie Swim Fest

Alright, pups. I know most dogs can’t read, but I’m just assuming your owners will read this to you. I have an exciting announcement for you and your canine friends: You get to go swimming. Not in a lake or a river or that inflatable pool you got ...

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