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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | August 1, 2013

Beer and Cheese. If you don’t love one you probably love the other. Or both. I don’t need to tell you they both play a substantial role in the life of many Wisconsinites. And it’s that cultural vibrancy that led us a couple of years ago to first put them ...

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Opening Letters

Economic Envy for Minnesota Arts

There’s one important endeavor in which Minnesota walks all over Wisconsin. In fact, it’s 50 times better ...

I recently spent two consecutive Saturday evenings enjoying theatrical productions in the Twin Cities. This is noteworthy for several reasons. First, as the father of a 2½-year-old boy, my typical Saturday evening cultural experience consists of ...

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The Rear End

Prolonged for the Ride

your awesome bikes don’t learn to ride themselves, kids

My daughter and I share the same affliction: we are often terrified of the things we want most. I’ll spare you my armchair psychoanalysis, my sage (though largely untested) parenting advice, and my super cute kid stories. Instead, let me say this ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | August 1, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Tony Liedl

“During a senior photo session at a friend’s farm, two Jersey calves were following us around, curious about what we were up to. They kept their distance at first, but soon warmed up to us, enjoying having us scratch their chins and ears. With camera in ...

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | August 1, 2013

“The balloon called me yeller.” The annual Eau Claire County Fair took place July 24-28 at the EC County Expo Center. This year’s festivities included a “Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition.”

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Athletic Aesthetic

Deliberate Distortion

Braun’s lies demonstrate how fans allow themselves to be duped

Feel kind of stupid, don’t you? Last year, when Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun was cleared of a suspension from a positive test for performance-enhancing drugs due to a shipping delay in ...

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New Single Sees the Light

Local prolific singer-songwriter Brian Bethke has always done things on his own, self releasing a number of records over the his career. But with his newest release he takes that to a whole new level. The Light, a new single from Bethke will be ...

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Feat of Clay

rocker Brice launches new acoustic project, Claytown

Everyone seems to love the summer months in Wisconsin, but when others complain about the snowy weather, Chippewa Valley singer-songwriter Clayton Brice makes every second count ...

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Wintersun for Summer Fun

Finnish death metal band headlines night at The Oxford

Eau Claire Uprising has done it again. The hometown collective, whose mission is to attract touring metal acts to our area and advance the profiles of local metal artists, who first found prominence by booking legendary Polish death metallers ...

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Gender Swapped

mixed up comedy features classic Broadway tunes

Have you ever wanted to see what your favorite Broadway musicals would be like if all the roles were reversed? Now you can! The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre is putting on its own production of Miscast 2013: Never Underestimate the Power of ...

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Perry's Visiting Tom Comes to Stay in Paperback

I think it’s fair to say Fall Creek author Michael Perry’s newest book Visiting Tom was a huge success. The book – which details the life and stories of Tom Hartwig, a local legend who’s known for his team of oxen and has a particular disdain for the ...

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Garland to Lead Talks About Poetry, Places

At first blush, poetry and geography would seem to be quite different subjects; the realm of verse is symbolic and almost mystical, while geography is literally down to earth. But poetry is often inextricably linked to a sense of place. UW-Eau Claire ...

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Testament to Stamina

UWEC grad’s run across the country inspires book

Jared Choate has an interesting bucket list: to play drums for 24 hours straight, to see a screenplay he’s written become a film, to pay off his student loans before he dies, and to fire a bazooka. His list got a little shorter two years ago when he ...

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Visual Art

UW-Stout Showcases Students' Summer Art

Just because it’s summer vacation doesn’t mean UW-Stout’s art students are resting. Gallery 209 at UW-Stout is hanging a student show called Exposing Our Underdraws throughout the summer featuring about 20 pieces of art across different mediums ...

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Looking and Listening

writers, artists inspire each other in The Vision and the Word

The visual and literary arts are often kept at arms length in the artistic world. Not so during The Vision and the Word, a major exhibit now in its fifth incarnation since 1997. Co-founder (and Chippewa Valley poet) Alan Jenkins said that the exhibit ...

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Amplifying the Arts

Arcadia arts festival returns for fifth year of music and fun

The fifth annual Ashley for the Arts festival in Arcadia is not just any old art fair. This turducken of an arts event features hot air balloons, a car show, air park, youth obstacle course, 10- or 26-mile bike race, 5K run/walk, and kids’ activities ...

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Local Look

Economic Evolution

Sculpture Tour management deal could be sign of things to come for arts council

What do the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire and the State Theatre have in common? Yes, both are staples of Eau Claire’s cultural scene, but a more specific thread ties the two together: Both are now administered by the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center ...

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Livery Lot Gets (Temporary) Facelift

A newly paved, temporary parking lot built to accommodate downtown drivers has opened at the corner of North Barstow and Wisconsin streets. The lot, roughly across from The Livery, is on a vacant property owned by the city Redevelopment Authority ...

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Food / Drink

'The Plus' Subtracts Pizza From its Name

The restaurant long known as Pizza Plus, 208 S. Barstow St., changed hands last year, and since then proprietor Benny Haas has worked to change the focus of the restaurant to encompass more than just pizza. Now he’s changing the name from ...

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Mexico on London

new London Road eatery serves up authentic fare

While I speak Spanish and have been to Mexico a few times, I’m no expert in its cuisine (except for flan, which I can make from scratch). My cousin Dave is the Mexican gastronome. Folks in the Chippewa Valley know him as Señor Barnes ...

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Wine on Water

entrepreneur aims to open wine bistro amid Water St. bars

In the middle of a neighborhood full of bars and college students, one community member is determined to bring something a little different to Water Street. Liane Edixon is planning to open Splash Wine Bistro at 416 Water St. ...

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Beer Meets Cheese

local chef Nathan Berg pairs his favorite regional delights

Economically speaking, beer and cheese might not be Wisconsin’s biggest exports, but they – and the culture surrounding them – certainly transmit the strongest vibes kicked out beyond our border (a border that I’ve heard referred to my entire life ...

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Sconnie Beer Going Green

the Wisconsin DNR is offering breweries grants to get more energy efficient

Wisconsin has always had a past built on beer. While that deep-seated tradition may or may not contribute to the health of the overall population, it doesn’t have to hurt the health of the environment. Recently, five state breweries were given an energy ...

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we investigate some seriously cheesy local appetizers

Mogie’s Spuds O’Plenty
 Regulars are obsessed with this appetizer, and after trying them, you will be, too! The crisp outer breading serves as a great shell of just the right amount of ...

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More Monk Than Ever

Eau Claire’s Lazy Monk tap room greatly expands

It’d be easy to mistake the Lazy Monk Tap Room for a bar. For one, the bar – which has four taps of Lazy Monk’s brews. But the tap room is much more than a bar: It’s a community room. The tap room wasn’t in the original plans for Lazy Monk ...

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Suds & Slices

books about Wisconsin beer and cheese found in Volume One’s Local Store

Breweries of Wisconsin offers an in-depth look at the history of brewing beer in Wisconsin, how beer is brewed, and the key players in the Wisconsin brewery scene, from giants like Miller to newbies like Capital Brewery. Ending with a look toward ...

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Dancing the Can-can

aluminum revolution in craft brewing finds its way to the Valley

There might have been a time when drinking beer out of a can was looked down upon. Cans were for budget beer. Cans gave your beer a tinny flavor. Cans make you go blind. OK, maybe not that last one, but there was definitely a stigma against ...

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Kid Culture

Young Artists Sought for Pollock-style Project

Legendary abstract painter Jackson Pollock may belong to the art history books, but his spirit lives in Eau Claire. Artist and storyteller Paula Gorski is in the process of creating a large-scale art installation in Eau Claire that will be inspired by Pollock’s ...

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Banbury Kids Project Unleashes Creativity

Art is all around the Chippewa Valley, whether it’s the work of UW-Eau Claire students in the Foster Art Gallery or creations by acclaimed artists via Sculpture Tour Eau Claire. The Banbury Kids Project has added to that mix. The brainchild of artist ...

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