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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | July 18, 2013

We recently launched a website for a citizen’s interest group called Community for the Confluence. These are regular, everyday people who support the vision and goals behind the Confluence Project in downtown Eau Claire – people who ...

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Opening Letters

Taking Time to Give Names

I have this little bad habit that might benefit Eau Claire

I just planted Crosby, Stills, and Nash in the ground. No, not the rock singers. They’re still alive and well. I’m referring to the new clump of three young birch trees in our yard ...

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The Rear End

There’s Always a Bigger Town

why are so many people always picking on Altoona?

Growing up, I remember my older sister referring to the fine town of Altoona. as “Tunaville.” This is one of the nicer names I’ve heard over the years. But it seems like there’s always a name. None of my sister’s friends, none ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | July 18, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Elizabeth Gengenbach

“I grew up playing in and around the Chippewa River, and in my years of travel it’s the one thing I missed most about life in the Valley. One downfall to living all over the U.S. is that, no matter where you are, there’s always something you ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | July 18, 2013

KUBB ... IT GETS UNDER YOUR SKIN. The 2013 U.S. National Kubb Championship took place in Eau Claire on July 13 and 14, with Eau Claire teams placing first (Kubbsicles) and fourth (Kubbitz). Above: Chris Hodges of Team Knockerheads from Des Moines, Iowa, which took third place.

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Phil Cook Takes It Solo Once Again

Former local Phil Cook, who you might know from Megafaun or The Shouting Matches, has increasingly been going his own way, releasing a solo record in 2011 and playing a handful of solo shows and showcases over the last few years ...

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Chigliak Label Releases Record Number Two

Last year after years of Eau Clairians reminiscing on days past, we finally got more Amateur Love. Well, not new Amateur Love, but at least reissued. The local indie-pop band that begat Megafaun and Laarks would’ve topped the charts ...

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Finished Project

Rambo’s long-awaited album ready for release

The first time I saw Michael Rambo perform, he was actually “Michael O’Claire,” the lead performer for the local “Irish” pub band, the Shillelagh Lads. My wife and I had the pleasure of attending their annual Christmas show at Houligans a couple of ...

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Taking the Block by Storm

local church hosts weekly music series

Eau Claire is buzzing with music this summer, whether it is in a park or outside a college dorm; everyone is turning up their speakers and enjoying what this sweet summertime has to offer ...

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Out of Left Field

new theater company puts on The Shape Of Things

Jake Lindgren is a guy who loves what he does. For years, the Fall Creek native has lived and breathed theater around the community. Now he’s taking it into his own hands ...

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Happy After All These Years

musical version of Happy Days comes to the State

For all of you who loved watching the original Happy Days TV show, the Eau Claire Children’s Theatre (ECCT) is putting on a musical with the same name based on this beloved sitcom. Happy Days is set in 1959 Milwaukee just as many of the ...

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Precocious Poet

recent North grad already has book under her belt

As a recent North High School graduate, Alexis Amenson is hot off the presses in more ways than one. She just published a collection of poems this May that cover a wide array of topics. She says she started writing at the ripe old age of eight ...

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Visual Art

Eau Claire’s Heroes

local comic artists aim to make local comic

Every city needs a superhero. With help from the fundraising website Kickstarter, a community member is taking saving the city into his own hands by creating a comic book that centers on Eau Claire ...

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Summer Doldrums

local illustrators share artwork together

Isaac Ruder and Dieter McCallum have both been creating art for as long as they can remember. While Isaac found himself inspired by American comics and has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, Dieter’s family recalls his early abilities ...

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Capturing Cray

documentary looks at Chippewa Falls’ computing history

Between checking Facebook every couple of hours and Tweeting to our hearts content, we forget that computers have a huge impact on our lives – and locally, on our community. As a reminder, the Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry and ...

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Summertime Seuss

another movie themed family night comes to Phoenix

While the Barstow Street construction will impede a true, daylong Summer Fest this year, you can rest assured that there will be another great family night. In fact, it is going to be Dr. Seuss-themed-great. This is not just for kids; we have all had a ...

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Local Lit
Local Look

River Project Finally Rollin'

Altoona’s River Prairie development is heating up

Where is the heart of Altoona? Is it along the tracks that inspired the high school’s Railroaders nickname? Is it in the historic but sleepy downtown? Is it in the busy but slender commercial ...

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Thanks for Asking | July 18, 2013

our local Jack-of-all-Facts tells you how it is

On a city street rain gutter/grate I saw that it was made by Northwestern Motor Company, Eau Claire. Can you tell me about them and why a motor company made city street rain gutters? And for how long?

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UWEC Chancellor Gets State Budget Surprise

Newly minted UW-Eau Claire Chancellor James Schmidt didn’t have much of a honeymoon before getting a rude introduction to Wisconsin politics. Schmidt, who most recently was vice president for university advancement at Winona State ...

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Kid Culture

Summertime Seuss

another movie themed family night comes to Phoenix

While the Barstow Street construction will impede a true, daylong Summer Fest this year, you can rest assured that there will be another great family night. In fact, it is going to be Dr. Seuss-themed-great. This is not just for kids; we have all had a ...

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The Return of the Rock-N-Roll Kickball Classic

It’s back, baby. After a year hiatus, the much-begged-for Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic will return this September in all its glory. The two day festival and kickball tournament will run Friday and Saturday Sept. 6-7 at Cinder City Park in Altoona ...

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Special Sections

Can I Recycle That?

dos and don’ts about what to put in the blue bin

If you’re taking the time to read this section of the magazine, you undoubtedly are the kind of person who takes pains to separate your recyclables from your trash. You rinse and sort ...

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Committee Aims to Bag Plastic Bags

businesses, environmentalists seek common ground on reducing, reusing, and recycling

The Eau Claire City Council stirred a bit of controversy earlier this year when it voted unanimously to form an advisory committee to explore ways to cut down on the use of plastic shopping bags. While many people – including council members ...

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Right Out of the Bag

why you should always have reusable bags

The Environmental Protection Agency has estimated between 500 billion and 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year ...

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Earth Friendly Legend

local superhero ReCyclone wants you to use the recycling bin

While other superheroes routinely save the earth by thwarting evil geniuses or slaying otherworldly monsters, the colorfully clad ReCyclone takes a different approach: She’s saving the earth one bottle, can, and corrugated box at a time ...

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Easier to Be Green

Sustainable Future Fest offers an earthy education

If you want to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint by changing your methods of consumption, diet, energy, and transportation, head to Sustainable Future Festival at the Eau Claire County Expo Center. “Several area organizations and businesses ...

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