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We Are the Champions

some of the Chippewa Valley's best in the nation since 1856

They carve snow and they write computer code. They crack whips and they catch Frisbees. They make cheese and they toss kubb batons. They are all from the Chippewa Valley, and they’ve all been crowned the best in the nation ...

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Editor's Notes

Note from the Editor | July 4, 2013

The Thursday night Sounds Like Summer Concert Series in Phoenix Park is off to a smashing start this year. In fact, we estimate it’s quite possible we exceeded 2,000 people in attendance for the first time ever on June 27. It was crazy ...

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The Rear End

Built to Spill

I’m not terribly gifted in the coordination department

Physical coordination. Sometimes I fall out of my chair just saying those words. No one has ever accused me of being a graceful human being, and I have no illusions of being one. To put it simply, I have the spatial awareness of a five-year-old ...

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Cover Art

On the Cover | July 4, 2013

learn about this issue's cover art by Kajsa Piatt

“My artwork is mostly spontaneous and intuitive, and generally abstract forms. This piece was made in an illustration course in my last semester at school and was one of my first somewhat recognizably representational pieces. I am comfortable ..."

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Opening Shots

Opening Shot | July 4, 2013

LOOKING FOR A SIGN? Several additional bicycle and pedestrian signs were installed in late June throughout parts of Eau Claire’s paved trail network. The trails wind around the city and on several paths throughout downtown along rivers and lakes ...

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Athletic Aesthetic

Into the Rough

hard times spell end for Hillcrest Golf & Country Club

A golf course disappeared this summer. Perhaps you noticed, though the best real indicators were the somewhat taller and unkempt grass and one of those red and white “Acquisition Realty & Development” signs near the front of the property ...

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The Lads Go Live

Eau Claire’s own traditional Irish music entertainment franchise,The Shillelagh Lads, has released its first CD, “Live!” Recorded live at Houligans Steak and Seafood Pub in Eau Claire, where the Lads are its official house band, the CD instantly ...

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Reckless Fools

Astrotone Collective drops debut album

In a sleepy neighborhood on the north side of Eau Claire comes the sound of buzzing guitars, high-hat hisses and a boy’s wail from a blue rambler’s closed garage door. Three cages of rabbits sit outside on the driveway; perhaps the garage is ...

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Staging Anything

classic musical helps build dramatic community

Anything Goes – the musical involving zany antics aboard an ocean liner sailing for London – will soon be performed at the Heyde Center on July 19-21, using the 60’s revision. Every summer, the Heyde puts on a community musical to get the ...

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New Fiction Out of Ashland

The word “mashkiki” means “medicine” in Ojibwe – a translation that plays into the plot of Eau Claire native Anne Miller’s new and first book, Mashkiki Rapids. After graduating from Regis High School and UW-Eau Claire, Anne settled in Ashland ...

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Relative Malice

new suspense novel set in Eau Claire

The city of Eau Claire has never been that mysterious. It has always been a quiet community. Sure, the city has had its moments, but deep down to the core, the Chippewa Valley area is a relatively subdued place to live. Until now.

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In the Beginning

local author looks back at ancient religions in debut

Almost 7,000 years ago humans were beginning to record their earliest beliefs and ideas for the first time; it was a momentous occasion. Flash forward to the present and enter John Mitchell, your average Joe (or John, I guess) from the fictional ...

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Visual Art

Stolen Sculpture Reward Boosted to $2,000

At the end of May some disreputable person or persons pilfered a bronze statue, Mother and Child, that was part of Sculpture Tour Eau Claire’s annual outdoor display. Now it’s up to some of us reputable folks to come forward with information to ...

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Library Looks to Acquire Storybook Sculpture

In an effort to continue its commitment to the area’s cultural life, The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library has fundraising efforts underway to acquire the 2012 winner of Sculpture Tour Eau Claire’s Best In Show award. Jack’s Story Time, a ...

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Of Buses and Art

art exhibit aims to rethink local mass transit

If you are like me, when you think of mass transit and art the first things that pop in your head are a song by Kris Kross (which always necessitates a YouTube pit stop) and the cool new murals on the sides of Eau Claire Transit buses ...

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Local Look

Eau Claire Transit on a Roll

bus system moving into future with new efforts

The folks who run the public buses around town are wasting no time in modernizing their services, rolling out several new initiatives and marketing strategies meant to add a little flair to your ride and ease your commute. An ambassador program ...

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Questioning the Locals | Jeff Rogers

get to know your neighbors

Jeff Rogers has always been about wellness. He grew up in a house where staying fit and healthy was a part of the daily routine. He began doing personal training and moved into group work, now hosting Pack The Park – an outdoor fitness ...

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Make Almost Anything in the Fab Lab

Just because school is out (or you haven’t been to school in years) doesn’t mean you have to stop learning or – in this case – stop creating. If you have ever wanted to learn how to take an idea and turn it into a reality, consider taking ...

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UWEC Ed. Building Now Centennial Hall

The building they’re building to educate the educators finally has been named a name: UW-Eau Claire’s under-construction academic building, formerly known by the blandly descriptive moniker the Education Building, now has officially been dubbed ...

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Stolen Sculpture Reward Boosted to $2,000

At the end of May some disreputable person or persons pilfered a bronze statue, Mother and Child, that was part of Sculpture Tour Eau Claire’s annual outdoor display. Now it’s up to some of us reputable folks to come forward with information to ...

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Food / Drink

They've Got Fire Power

Tutto Bene offers wood-fired pizza on location

When I flew back from my trip to Italy three years ago, I feared I might never taste authentic Italian pizza again. Well thanks to Tutto Bene, Italy has come to Eau Claire. Tutto Bene Wood Fired Pizza is a brand-spankin’ new pizza business that began ...

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Kid Culture

Block Party

EC children’s museum exhibit spurs creative, constructive play

What can you do with a roomful of giant blue blocks? Pretty much anything you can dream up ...

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Knocking Your Block Off

national kubb tourney brings lawn sport’s best to EC

The summer is the perfect time to play a little game of kubb. What’s kubb, you may ask? It’s an old Nordic lawn game that (according to legend) has ties to the Vikings – and not the purple ones from Minnesota. The object of kubb is to toss wooden ...

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The Search Is On

EC scavenger hunt will have you looking high and low

Whether you want to admit it or not, scavenger hunts are the best things known to man. What other activity makes it socially acceptable to dash around like a maniac searching for hidden treasures? The Family Resource Center for Eau Claire ...

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